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Five star hotel for cars | Update

Add / Remove In March, we covered a five star hotel for cars: The Engine Room in Belgium. Besides offering secure and swanky warehouse storage for members’ automotive treasures, the Engine Room is also a private club. Recently, the engine people added a third offering: The Engine Room Challenge. For annual fees ranging from EUR […]


Add / Remove What blogs, citizen journalism and YouTube have done for media, CrowdSpirit hopes to do for product development. The Scottish-French venture’s focus is on harnessing the power of crowds to allow inventors and adaptors to take their products to market. By involving end-users in every aspect of a product’s life-cycle, CrowdSpirit aims to […]

Green cleaning service | Update

Add / Remove As you know, Springwise is all about spotting and sharing good ideas. So we’re always thrilled to hear from readers starting up a company (partially) based on something we’ve written about. Vincent Wek wrote this weekend to tell us about his new company – Home Sweet Home – which he was inspired […]

Mom-to-be, no time free?

Add / Remove As long as our spotters send us spottings like Babyplanners , Springwise will never go out of business. This newborn London-based company has managed to find yet another niche-market waiting to be penetrated: young, hard-working parents-to-be, who are willing to shell out some dough to have others deal with the endless shopping, […]

Summer storage for students

Add / Remove After last week’s post on dorm furniture for hire, another student-run dorm venture has been brought to our attention. Dorm2Dorm was founded by college students, for college students. According to the company’s co-founder, Matt Nelsen, Dorm2Dorm offers relief during a period of high stress – finals week. The service is simple: students […]

Transient shopping comes to Shanghai

Add / Remove Earlier this month, pop-up champions Vacant launched their first pop-up slash guerrilla shopping concept in Shanghai, giving the Chinese a taste of what has dubbed transumerism. The pop-up store consisted of a stretched Mini (the MiniVacant), filled to the brim with limited edition goodies like customer painted trainers and distressed denims. […]

Electro-fizz tablets for athletes

Add / Remove As any athlete will tell you, drinking water isn’t enough to stay hydrated while performing at top speed, force or endurance, and even mild dehydration can result in reduced performance. The key is to replenish electrolytes and other nutrients, as contained in popular sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade. But not everyone […]

Charmin’ brand space

Add / Remove Not quite as chic as the Parisian sanitary stop we featured a few months ago, Charmin’s public loos are nonetheless a great example of a brand space, combining the welcome relief of clean public restrooms with the most relevant space for advertising toilet paper. Procter and Gamble’s bathroom tissue brand will be […]


Add / Remove Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask us for ideas that don’t require hundreds of thousands of dollars, euros or pounds to get started. Look no further than the burgeoning arena of t-shirts. Bearer of profiles, of lists, of any kind of self-expression really, the humble t-shirt continues to bestow riches on creative entrepreneurs, or […]

Garden offices for lawn commuters

Add / Remove For everyone who’d like to escape office politics and the daily commute, iscape manufactures and sells purpose-built garden offices. The British company has created two modular buildings, or ‘iscapes’: Miana and Winola. Both are multi-use outdoor living spaces, but the Miana was specifically designed to be used as an office. Every garden […]

Denim doctors

Add / Remove Jeans can now go into therapy. Yes, you heard that right — New York’s Denim Therapy restores, rejuvenates and injects life into worn-out, tattered jeans. Playing on the fact that many consumers have an emotional attachment to their jeans, the service repairs jeans with unwanted holes, denim that’s worn, tattered or just […]

Dorm furniture for hire

Add / Remove As a solution to furnishing temporary dorm life, two students at Dartmouth College recently set up Evolving Vox, a temporary ownership network. Their company rents out furniture to students, enabling them to go through college without having to make large purchases for their rooms. They don’t have to worry about hauling furniture […]

Discount glasses online

Add / Remove Helping consumers see money left in their wallets, 23-year-old James Murray Wells has shaken the British prescription glasses industry. Managing director and co-owner of Glasses Direct, Murray Wells began his no-frills web store offering specs for as low as 10 percent of the price of many high street stores. The business idea […]

Korean froghurt frenzy

Add / Remove Dubbed ‘crackberry’ by some, Pinkberry is the latest edible craze to hit West Hollywood. So fanatical are consumers, that they’re willing to line up outside the shop to buy some of its famous yoghurt tang. Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt is made from real yogurt – fermented milk, and that’s it. Unlike many other […]

Rental gardens

Add / Remove Dutch Rent-a-Garden has come up with the perfect solution for garden owners in need of a quick garden fix, whether for their own pleasure, or to make a house sell more easily. The company offers a wide range of potted plants and outdoor sculpture. After discussing a client’s needs and wishes, Rent-a-Garden […]

Sitters with a creative touch

Add / Remove A singer, a dancer, a painter – take your pick, these are just some of the creatives that New York parents can hire as their child’s babysitter for the night. Eugenia Bachaleda, a musician, and Kristina Wilson, a performer, combined their talents to devise Sitters in the City for a modern twist […]

Steam bath for cars

Add / Remove Korean Seven CarWash manufactures powerful car washing appliances with steam jets that combine heat and pressure to clean. Eco-friendly, since it uses just one glass of water per wash and no chemical detergents or cleaners. The machines are safe, fully automatic and easy to use. They use high-pressure steam (maximum of 9 […]

JPG 2.0 | Customer-made magazine relaunched

Add / Remove JPG Magazine, a photography magazine that our sister-site covered as an example of user-generated content, recently relaunched. In its previous incarnation, the magazine allowed photographers to submit photos based on one theme per issue. While anyone could submit, JPG’s founders (Derek Powazek and Heather Champ) decided which photos made it into […]

Airport weddings

Add / Remove New at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: weddings to go. Whether a couple met on a flight to Bangkok or just wants to be able to go straight from ceremony to runway for their honeymoon, Schiphol offers travellers the opportunity to get married at the airport. Brides and grooms to be can pick from […]