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Music at market prices

Add / Remove Amie Street aims to make it easy and affordable for consumers to discover new independent music. What makes it unique? Every song sold at the ‘fly little music site’ starts off being free and the price increases to a maximum of USD 0.98 depending on how many people download it. The more […]

New instant print kiosks

Add / Remove While the major photography and printing brands – Kodak, Epson, HP – have developed their own digital photo printing kiosks over the past few years, an Australian start-up is convinced that it can grab a good share of a highly competitive market that HP has estimated to be worth USD 7.7 billion […]

Chichi cupcake delivery

Add / Remove Indulging London’s sweet tooth, Fru Fru specializes in delivering homemade cupcakes. The freshly baked chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are decorated with butterflies, daisies and stars, and packaged in black boxes tied with fuchsia ribbons. As Fru Fru says: “We all love to be sent beautiful bouquets of flowers, but just occasionally it […]

Mobile car rental, wherever it’s needed

Add / Remove Aiming to become more nimble, car rental company Europcar is introducing mobile car rental facilities in the United Kingdom. Small rental booths are hooked up to Europcar’s rental booking system and are manned by a representative during peak hours. During off hours, customers can drop off keys and make their own reservations […]

Personalized baby blankets, reborn

Add / Remove Personalized baby blankets aren’t new. Do a Google search and you’ll be presented with dozens of stores offering blankets with embroidered trims. Many department stores and baby retailers offer the same service. However, as we’re fond of pointing out, everything can be upgraded. Sonya Bebeblankee’s suitably cute website ( sells eight types […]

One-stop shop for transumers: Fractional Life

Add / Remove Transumers are consumers driven by experiences instead of possessions. For those seeking to free themselves from the hassles of permanent ownership, fractional ownership is a logical choice. We’ve covered various examples of this trend on Springwise, from handbag subscriptions to supercar sharing. With more and more opportunities for leasing and other forms […]

A being space for cinephiles

Add / Remove Launched in Portland last month, Living Room Theaters intends to create a more intimate and multi-purpose approach to movie going. The small complex has 6 screening rooms, each seating 38 to 64 audience members in home-theater style recliners and loveseats or at low-lit tables with plush chairs. Customers can sit down and […]

Mms-ing local government | Update

Add / Remove In March last year, we wrote about a city council project in Lewisham, UK that allows citizens to send camera-phone pictures to their local council to report stray garbage, unwanted grafitti, etc. Two new spottings show that the concept is catching on. The local government of Amsterdam’s Geuzenveld district just launched an […]

Suitcases & pad thai | Ordering food at Munich Airport

Add / Remove Bavarians flying home to an barren kitchen needn’t worry. While waiting for their luggage to come down the conveyor belt at Munich Airport’s Terminal 2, they can order food off a billboard and pick it up on their way out. The billboard (view a close-up) shows a pan-Asian menu and Mangostin Restaurant‘s […]

Art after life

Add / Remove Opening this Saturday in Graton, California, Art Honors Life is a gallery that will showcase the work of artists and artisans who create urns and other funeral vessels. The gallery’s owner previously organized exhibitions of funeral art and also runs Funeria, an online arts agency that promotes and sells original, finely handcrafted […]

Etsy labs

Add / Remove Creating an offline presence for a popular online destination, Etsy is setting up shop, er lab, in Brooklyn. Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods that we mentioned last year, features over 26,000 sellers from across the world. The website has been growing at a very healthy pace since it launched in […]

Poolside climbing walls

Add / Remove Scramble to the top and drop down with a splash. Made from fiberglass finished with a non-slip surface, AquaClimb climbing walls are a novel addition to public and residential swimming pools. A modular system of 3′ x 3′ (1 x 1 m) fiberglass panels allows walls to be configured to fit any […]

Open source business plan for gadget tattoo parlor

Add / Remove For consumers who want gadget personalization that’s more permanent than vinyl decals, Adafruit offers custom laser etching of laptops, iPods, phones, cameras and more. It isn’t the first company to offer laser etching (see Etchamac, Powerbook Laser Engraving and others), but it is the first to freely share its business model with […]

Selling wine by sms

Add / Remove After encountering a great wine in a restaurant or at a friend’s house, instead of vowing to remember the name and vintage, Dutch consumers can now dash off an sms to The online wine seller will then get back to them with a price and delivery details. In the US, WineZap […]

RSS connects consumers & online merchants

Add / Remove RSS is mainly used by bloggers and media companies to distribute their latest blog updates and news flashes. Adding to the mix, Offertrax is bringing Really Simple Syndication to the retail sector, offering consumers more purchasing intelligence and online merchants a new way to convert site visits into sales. According to Offertrax, […]

Coloured bubbles

Add / Remove Technological advancements don’t always have to be useful or change the world in a profound and meaningful way. Sometimes, they can just be fun. Like colored bubbles. A world’s first, Zubbles are the result of 10 years of kitchen sink experiments by chemist Tim Kehoe, VP of R&D at product design firm […]

Customized love songs

Add / Remove For romantics that can’t hold a tune, Canadian now offers the perfect service: customized love songs performed by professional musicians. Customers pick a vocalist and genre, ranging from experimental to folk waltz. The website then shows the default lyrics for the song they selected. While a demo of the song plays […]

Gravanity & Mii

Add / Remove Taking advantage of the hype following the recent release of Nintendo’s Wii console, Mr Cloud’s T-Shirt Emporium lets customers order a t-shirt with their Mii printed on it. For those of you who haven’t yet gotten your hands on a Wii, a Mii is a user’s avatar—a 3D caricature that can be […]

Top 10 retail ideas 2006

Add / Remove For all you retail buffs: 10 of the most innovative retail concepts we covered last year, both offline and online, and from across the world. (This is the last post in our series of top business ideas of 2006.) Enjoy! A deal a day: What’s the ultimate in curated consumption? Limiting your […]

Top 10 marketing & advertising ideas in 2006

Add / Remove We’re deviating from our regular schedule to bring you the best new business ideas we covered in 2006. Below, ten marketing & advertising favorites. Charmin’ brand space: Not quite as chic as the Parisian sanitary stop we featured a few months ago, Charmin’s public loos are nonetheless a great example of a […]

Top 10 lifestyle & leisure business ideas in 2006

Add / Remove We’re deviating from our regular schedule to bring you the best new business ideas we covered in 2006. Below, our lifestyle & leisure favorites. Dream job holidays: Taking a Vocation Vacation, potential career-changers can test-drive their dream job before taking the plunge. A few years ago, Vocation Vacations’ founder Brian Kurth left […]