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Adding *everyone* to a cellphone’s contact list

Add / Remove Austrian Herold, which publishes the country’s white and yellow pages, claims to offer a worldwide first. Customers can purchase Austria’s entire phone directory and plug it into their cellphone. At first glance, this may seem somewhat outmoded. Why use an offline solution when almost every modern phone has internet access? Well, looking […]

From posh fixture to punk art: custom chandeliers

Add / Remove Here’s a spotting that couldn’t help but catch our eye: Rock and Royal creates chandeliers with attitude, made to order. The company veers sharply away from the standard ring and crown shapes that adorn swank homes and hotels across the world. Fusing posh and punk, Rock and Royal’s chandeliers can take any […]

Being spaces for mobile warriors | Update: easyOffice

Add / Remove From easyJobs to easyPizza, easyJet’s founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou isn’t afraid to branch out into new industries. His newest foray piqued our interest, since it’s a concept we wrote about three times last year—flexible working spaces. easyOffice aims to bring flexible and affordable, serviced office space, allowing entrepreneurs to ‘match the space they […]

Customized daily vitamin packs

Add / Remove Sometimes it’s all about the (re)packaging. Miami-based Vuru sells nutritional supplements in personalized daily packs. Customers choose from over 2,000 name brand supplements and vitamins, select how many weeks worth they want to purchase and then have their personalized packs shipped to them. Vuru sticks each daily dose into a slick little […]

Stock picking for the YouTube generation

Add / Remove Described as “Rocketboom for Wall Street” and “Squawk Box meets Saturday Night Live”, Wallstrip offers stock advice in a format that’s second nature to viewers who watch YouTube instead of CNBC. Wallstrip’s daily videos are taped in New York, hosted by actress Lindsay Campbell, and feature one public company in every 3-minute […]

Key storage & delivery service in Manhattan

Add / Remove New Yorkers who have a hard time keeping track of personal items now have one less thing to worry about. For a modest annual fee, NewYourKey keeps copies of keys in a secure storage facility and can deliver them right away if customers find themselves locked out. Keys lost in a nightclub […]

Halal baby food

Add / Remove Two British companies are bent on closing a gap in the prepared foods market—halal baby food. Up until recently, certified halal meat-based baby foods weren’t available. Because of this, Muslim mothers often delayed the switch from milk to solids, leading to babies developing iron and protein deficiencies. This isn’t just a problem […]

Self-publishing via email

Add / Remove With Life Trackers, turning life experiences into a published book is as simple as sending an email. While self-publishing is nothing new, Life Trackers makes it easy to pull together travel journals, memory books and other keepsakes from just about anywhere a user has internet access. Best of all, there’s no cost […]

uWink Bistro | Where food & tech meet for dinner

Add / Remove What do you get when the founder and former CEO of video game giant Atari and the amusement-themed children’s restaurant Chuck E. Cheese takes on modern dining? Entertainment and restaurant visionary Nolan Bushnell has launched uWink Bistro, an innovative restaurant concept that combines modern comfort food with at-the-table entertainment. At uWink, customers […]

Cabs for and by women | Update

Add / Remove About a year ago, we covered the UK’s first women-only private car hire franchise: Pink Ladies. The company aimed to make rides safer for female passengers and female drivers. The concept is taking root, as witnessed by spottings of similar ventures in Moscow, Dubai and Teheran. Moscow’s Pink Taxi was launched in […]

Pod life: stackable homes

Add / Remove The Perrinepod is a self-contained, stackable housing unit that can be placed within a month of ordering. Mother in law moving in? Adding a home office? No problem for a Perrinepod dweller. Just order a second unit and plug it in. Buyers with large extended families will be happy to know the […]

A dentist for treehuggers

Add / Remove Recently spotted in Berkeley, Transcendentist is the first eco-friendly dentist office in the United States. Certified by the Alameda County Green Business Program, the office practices ecologically sustainable dentistry — from serving organic chamomile tea to using amalgam separator filters to prevent mercury entering the environment. (Transcendentist doesn’t use amalgam, but does […]

Workouts for body & mind | Connect18

Add / Remove While indoor bike rides through pre-recorded video landscapes are nothing new, Connect18 has added a twist: immersion learning. Not only is this a fabulous example of multitasking, but combining exercise and education makes them both more enjoyable. Connect18 Group Tours offers the opportunity for a team of riders on stationary bikes to […]

Grown-up ice cream van

Add / Remove Something to look forward to this summer: an ice cream van for grown-ups. Scoop, which appeared at The Old Truman Brewery as part of their ‘Sunday UpMarket’ sessions last autumn, will be visiting England’s festivals and weddings this summer. All dolled up with somewhere to go, Scoop sells frozen delights from a […]

Umbrella vending in Singapore

Add / Remove We previously covered an umbrella vending venture, British Umbrolly, which is going strong in the UK and is focusing on rolling out its new battery-powered mini-machines. Still, we’re surprised umbrella vending isn’t yet a universal feature at shopping malls and other high foot-traffic areas around the world. Which is why we were […]

Airport wine tasting & retail

Add / Remove Layovers at Washington Dulles, Seattle-Tacoma and Sacramento airports just got more sophisticated. Vino Volo, a play on the Italian words for “wine flight,” offers weary passengers an escape from the chaotic food courts and loud bars that are all too familiar at major airports. At Vino Volo, customers can sample wines either […]

EcoHangers | New in-home advertising outlet

Add / Remove 3.5 billion wire hangers are tossed into landfills every year, and that’s just in the United States. While the hangers are light, inexpensive and sturdy, they’re not exactly bio-degradable. Hanger Network has developed an alternative: a dry cleaner’s hanger made entirely from recycled paper. EcoHangers are sturdy and cheap. And because they’re […]

Insurance discounts for gps-guided drivers

Add / Remove In’s recent trysumers briefing, navigation is touted as ‘the new laissez faire’, since it’s less risky for consumers to try out new destinations, routes and neighbourhoods if their car is equipped with a Garmin or TomTom device. According to independent research presented today, personal navigation devices have another important benefit: a […]

Live opera on the silver screen

Add / Remove Starting this season, The Metropolitan Opera is going to the movies. The Met is broadcasting six Saturday matinees to movie theatres around the Northern Hemisphere, live from New York. Audiences are treated to high-definition video and surround sound, excellent sight lines and comfortable seating, all for a bargain price (around USD 18 […]

Driver, take me to a greener planet | Update

Add / Remove We’ve featured various eco-friendly car hire firms, from Boston based PlanetTran (which just launched in the San Francisco Bay area) to London’s greentomatocars. Green livery services continue to pop up everywhere, as demonstrated by three recent spottings from different corners of the world. In London, Ecoigo is encouraging passengers to ‘make the […]

Remote wardrobe service for travelling luggage-free

Add / Remove Door-to-door luggage delivery services have been sprouting up around the world (see Personal Porter, Luggage Forward, Virtual Bellhop), helping air travellers avoid the hassles of waits at baggage carousels, searches by security staff and lost luggage. Newcomer FlyLite takes the concept a few steps further. The company not only picks up and […]