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Baby loves disco (and so does mommy)

Add / Remove When Heather Murphy had her first child she looked forward to visiting the zoo, the children’s museum and other family friendly places. But she was concerned that the junk food, gift shops and merchandising were overly commercial for children. And while the kids-only activities were fun for her son Max, she would […]

Jukebox by text message

Add / Remove Patrons at select pubs and restaurants in Israel, France and Australia no longer need to worry about change for the jukebox or bugging a dj to play their favourite tunes—they can queue up their music choices via text message from their cellphones. SMS jukebox technology, such as c|station by Australian Rippamedia and […]

Urban oasis for power naps

Add / Remove Back in 2004, MetroNaps launched sleep pods for bleary-eyed New Yorkers in dire need of a nap. New Yorkers who need to relax and recharge can now also duck into Yelo—a new sleep salon offering 20- to 40-minute power naps and reflexology treatments. Research has shown that napping can boost productivity and […]

Online exchange for parking spaces

Add / Remove is an online marketplace for parking spaces, enabling drivers to search for and book spaces before they leave home, and letting British homeowners monetize unused parking spaces by adding them to the Peasy network. To rent out a parking space, the owner needs to register and enter all relevant details, including […]

Sommelier, go away! Food pairing made easy

Add / Remove For consumers who aren’t interested in delving into a wine’s expressiveness or pinpointing whether a Mourvèdre’s hints of blackberry are outweighed by its overtones of black pepper, what matters most is how well the wine goes with their food. Making it as simple as possible, the Amazing Food Wine Company has launched […]

Sampling salons for cosmetics

Add / Remove With an overwhelming number of cosmetics in the marketplace and the high price tags on many department store offerings, it’s no wonder customers are wary of plunking down their hard-earned dollars without first trying a product. Department store make-up counters have long offered samples and testers, but not without a sales pitch. […]

Sightseeing guided by GPS

Add / Remove So, you’re in San Francisco, and you want to do a little sightseeing. But the thought of wrestling with maps, getting herded about with dozens of tourists, or asking random passers-by for directions just isn’t appealing. Luckily for tourists to the City by the Bay, there’s GoCar Rentals, home of the “first […]

The big city guide to going green

Add / Remove Consumers in San Francisco now have a handy resource to turn to for information on eco-friendly restaurants and retailers—and one that will save them money to boot! The Green Zebra Guide is a shopping guide and coupon book, offering savings of over USD 12,000 at more than 250 local organic restaurants and […]

Customized lingerie

Add / Remove When Chicagoan Jenny Dombroski spotted the NikeID website where consumers can customize sneakers according to their preferences, she knew it was a concept that could work for lingerie too. So Dombroski, who loves lingerie but knew nothing about the apparel industry, spent six months networking, asking lots of questions and working in […]

Product popularity polls:

Add / Remove Recently launched is a community-based website for product recommendations. Or, in terms a Valley Girl would be more likely to grasp, a popularity contest for beautiful things. Members can submit short reviews of desirable goods, with a link to where the item can be purchased. If enough other members like totally […]

On product publishing: magazine on a bottle

Add / Remove Around this time last year, we featured a new Australian magazine contained with the label of a bottle of mineral water. iLove claimed to be the world’s first magazine on a bottle, offering girls on the move something to read with their water to go. Now, Coca-Cola Belgium will be the first […]

Tagging repairs for local government: Neighbourhood Fix-It

Add / Remove We previously wrote about initiatives that are using the web to allow residents to report issues that local councils or city governments need to take care of. Things like graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting. Both London’s Love Lewisham and Amsterdam’s Google Maps hack were created by local government. […]

Web retailer helps find the perfect fit

Add / Remove Every body is different, and just five or six percent of bodies fit the model that most designers use as their standard. Which is why a women’s apparel retailer is using proprietary technology to customize selections to a customer’s individual shape. When signing up for their personal myShop, customers enter their measurements […]

Citizen spotters rake it in

Add / Remove Have you ever wondered where Springwise gets its new business ideas? No, we don’t just incessantly travel the world for the greatest and latest, we first and foremost rely on…YOU. Many of our readers have already joined Springspotters, our global spotting network, and we hope you will do the same. All it […]

Helping consumers cut medical costs

Add / Remove The health industry, a behemoth of rules, regulations and opaque pricing schemes, is in dire need of a shake-up. Three start-ups are attempting to shift power back to consumers by helping them negotiate lower medical costs. Vimo, a comparison-shopping site for health care, collects data on medical procedures, so that consumers can […]

Shoppers team up for better deals

Add / Remove The power of groups, the clout that crowds can exercise to get what they want, is nothing new. What is new, however, is the dizzying ease with which likeminded, action-ready citizens and consumers can now go online and connect, group and ultimately exert influence on a global scale. Our sister website […]

Incentive-based recycling

Add / Remove Going green has gotten a lot more enticing to consumers in communities served by Philadelphia-based RecycleBank. Households can earn RecycleBank Dollars, redeemable for discount coupons at select retailers, just for putting their recyclables out to be collected. But the incentives don’t stop there. It’s also great promotion and community recognition for participating […]

User-generated video for the corporate crowd

Add / Remove Let’s say you’re the CEO of a company that needs to motivate hundreds, maybe thousands of employees, to support a new initiative, such as a product launch or headquarters relocation. You know from experience that traditional ‘push’ communications, including newsletters, slide presentations and emails, just won’t excite employees or inspire the changes […]