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Food store for kids

Add / Remove Busy moms and dads who want to provide their children with nutritious organic fare, but don’t have the time or wherewithal to whip up all their meals from scratch, will love the Kidfresh concept. A children’s food store, designed by a team that includes an award-winning chef and dietician as well as […]

Free snail mail, sponsored by advertisers

Add / Remove Yesterday, we covered two companies that make it possible for consumers to send snail mail by email. More from the old school mail front: Dutch Gratis-Post lets people order envelopes with free postage for mailing within The Netherlands. Like most of the free love concepts we’ve covered in the past (from free […]

Send an email to post a letter

Add / Remove Using Postful, anyone with access to email can send a real, paper letter to anyone with a postal address. How it works? Send an email to [email protected], with the mailing address in the subject line, write the letter in the email’s message body, click send, and the email is printed and posted. […]

Hotel search? Video completes the picture

Add / Remove Launched a few weeks ago, Trivop claims to be the first online hotel video portal. Using Google maps to help users find hotels, the website gives them the next best thing to visiting a hotel in person—a video walkthrough. Each video begins with some street footage near the hotel. The video camera […]

Beer cans that sleep two – the ultimate festival brand space

Add / Remove In one of the more original interpretations of the brand spaces trend, Denmark’s Smukkeste Festival launched a novel concept for sleeping accommodations—oversized beer cans! The Can Sleep is a joint venture between the festival organizers and Royal Unibrew, Denmark’s second largest brewery. Standing at 11.5 ft (3.75) with a diameter of 7.2 […]

Supermarket tech & ease

Add / Remove “Shop happy!” is the motto at Bloom, a new chain of grocery stores recently unveiled by supermarket giant Food Lion. Bloom has incorporated both innovative technologies and customer-friendly practices to create ‘a different kind of grocery store’. With a swipe of their Bloom Breeze Cards, shoppers can get personal scanners to carry […]

Consumer-oriented building inspections

Add / Remove Home buyers and sellers increasingly circumvent real estate agents by finding each other online. And while many buyers can do a very adequate job negotiating a good price, home inspection is a different matter and best left to professionals. So, who should they call? In Portugal, Checkhouse gives independent buyers confidence by […]

In-flight education

Add / Remove Giving customers the opportunity to learn a few words of Korean or Portuguese while en route to Seoul or São Paulo, Air France introduced in-flight language instruction on selected flights this month. An interactive audiovisual language program developed by Berlitz, the service works on regular in-flight entertainment screens. Passengers can learn and […]

The perks of product testing

Add / Remove Women in the United States can now sign up to test-drive new products in exchange for their honest opinions and reviews at Similar to Cherrypicka, which we recently highlighted, SheSpeaks is an online forum for product reviews. Only at SheSpeaks, there’s no cost for product testers, and products are chosen for […]

Push & fizz bottling innovation

Add / Remove A patent pending package design, the VIZcap allows consumers to release vitamins and other supplements into water just before they drink it. The technology was developed in response to what VIZdrinks considers to be underperforming sport and health drinks, which lose their potency while bottles and cans sit on store shelves. VIZcaps […]

Voice to text dictation from any cell phone

Add / Remove Turning any cell phone into an eager personal scribe, Jott transforms spoken messages into text. After signing up for the service online and validating their phone number and email address, users dial Jott’s toll free number (877-568-8486), say ‘me’ or the name of a contact or group of contacts, speak for up […]

Fresh & frozen gourmet baby food

Add / Remove While organic and gourmet baby food aren’t new, they’ve mostly been limited to jarred varieties. Start-ups in two categories are widening the options for parents who want to feed their infants something fresh, but don’t have the time or talent to prepare their own gourmet purées. They also provide inspiring examples for […]

Shoppers team up for better deals – Update

Add / Remove Last month, we wrote about the Chinese phenomenon known as tuangou, or team buying. In a nutshell, people interested in buying a certain product get together online, and then storm into a physical store at a coordinated time to negotiate a bulk discount. Tuangou is a prime example of crowd clout: consumers […]

Eco assessment for homes & businesses

Add / Remove Sydney-based Todae offers businesses practical advice for cutting down energy and water usage and reducing their environmental impact. For AUD 399, a Todae consultant will come to an office or store and check everything from recycling to heating and cooling systems. The business is then provided with a detailed report that explains […]

World’s first folding guitar

Add / Remove Just launched at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt by Swedish start-up the DeVillain Guitar Company, the Centerfold guitar solves a problem that every guitarist has experienced: portability. The folding guitar is a patent-pending product developed by an airline pilot who’s also a fervent guitarist. Having a hard time taking his guitar with him […]