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Translation cards for travellers with allergies

Add / Remove Travellers with food allergies or other dietary restrictions, who don’t want their diets to get in the way of enjoying international culture and cuisine, are now catered to by Canadian Allergy Translation Cards. The company’s credit card-sized printouts can be customized to suit a person’s dietary needs and travel destination—with information available […]

Business plan 2.0

Add / Remove While budding entrepreneurs can choose from a wide range of standard business plan software, PlanHQ is the first we’ve seen that allows for easy online collaboration. In the start-up phase, this means partners can work on a plan together from anywhere they can get online. Later on, investors and other stakeholders can […]

Dating cards fuse physical & virtual connections

Add / Remove In a variation on online dating, two new concepts allow people to connect online after first meeting (briefly) in the physical world. Canadian Admit an Attraction prints Attraction Tickets for members (CDN 9.95 for a twelve-pack). Members hand out a ticket to someone they meet in public. A ticket receiver can then […]

Free daily pays bloggers

Add / Remove Understanding that citizen journalists are just as happy to be paid for their work as editors on a newspaper’s payroll, the Swedish version of Metro newspaper recently launched get-paid-per-view blogging. Anyone can set up a blog at, which integrates blog creation tools with a system for micro-payments. As soon as an […]

Restaurant to close and reopen every season

Add / Remove A new restaurant recently opened on East 63rd Street at Park Avenue. Within three months, it will close. And reopen. And close. And reopen. With each season, what was formerly known as Park Avenue Café will be reborn as a new restaurant. Park Avenue Summer, as it’s currently named, is part of […]

White goods morph into whiteboards

Add / Remove When GE launched “Imagination at Work” as its new slogan to replace “We Bring Good Things To Life”, the most eye-catching part of its online campaign was a virtual whiteboard that visitors could sketch and scribble on. Apparently, someone at GE had the smarts to transfer the ad’s essence to the gleaming […]

Mobile loo locater

Add / Remove While some mobile services work towards such lofty goals as helping people find their soul mates, or making local government more efficient, others focus on more basic needs. Take MizPee, which offers one very simple service: helping users find the nearest, cleanest restroom when they need one. Customers simply go to […]

Coach service keeps gadgets juiced

Add / Remove Passengers on Contiki tour buses can now relax and enjoy their travels without stressing about their mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods or other portable electronic devices running out of juice. Australian-based Contiki has introduced Charging on the Go as a free service to customers. Starting this summer, the company is outfitting all […]

Viral music sales through widgets

Add / Remove Anyone can get in on the music business with GoodStorm’s MixTape, a hot new widget that users can add to their personal websites, blogs or MySpace pages to promote independent music acts—and make a cut of the profit for selling downloads. Music lovers who want to impress their friends by discovering cool […]

Motorcycle taxis rescue stranded business travellers

Add / Remove Business travellers stuck in traffic on their way to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport were in luck last week, as knights in shining leather were ready to zip them off to their flight on the back of a motorcycle. Three yellow bikes covered the busiest roads near Amsterdam between 7 and 11 am, and […]

Private airport garages

Add / Remove Over the past few years, luxury garage condominiums have been popping up around the US. Secure and climate controlled spaces that are larger than typical storage units, condo garages are used to store boats, expensive cars and other collections. Now, a Colorado company has carved out a new niche in the growing […]

Nutritionists on speed dial

Add / Remove Most dieticians agree that food awareness and healthy eating habits beat a fad diet any day. The problem is that most people don’t have the discipline, time or interest to continuously track what they’re eating and how many calories each meal or snack adds to their daily intake. A practical solution has […]

Solar-roasted coffee

Add / Remove Customers who want to start their day on an ecologically friendly note may want to fill their mugs with Solar Roast Coffee—a fresh new brew for java lovers that is roasted using clean abundant solar energy. Based in Pueblo, Colorado, Solar Roast Coffee uses only 100% organic or fair trade coffee beans. […]

Stress-free car shopping

Add / Remove Americans who are in the market for new automobiles, but don’t want the headaches of searching or haggling for the best price, now have an alternative that can help them sidestep the usual dealership woes—No Haggles, a new car buying service that promises to save customers time and money by negotiating all […]

Claiming compensation for duped passengers

Add / Remove According to European Union legislation that came into effect in 2005, airline passengers are entitled to financial compensation for delayed or cancelled flights, or if they’re bumped from an overbooked flight. However, passengers aren’t always aware of what they’re entitled to, or don’t have time to claim compensation. Which is where EUclaim […]

Wine commerce for amateur vintners

Add / Remove When we first covered Crushpad two years ago, this state-of-the-art urban winery was already making its mark by providing the grapes, equipment, barrels and know-how—all the essentials—to aspiring wine enthusiasts who wanted the experience of creating their own ultra-premium cabernets, merlots or other fine wines, but didn’t have the luxury of owning […]

Fighting piracy with free love

Add / Remove Backed by musician Peter Gabriel, British We7 is offering consumers free songs tagged with 10-second advertisements, which are played before the music track starts. Four weeks after downloading, We7 gives the user the option of downloading an ad-free, DRM-free version. Which makes for free music without piracy. We7 is currently in beta […]

Dialogue t-shirts

Add / Remove T-shirts have long been conversation starters, letting their wearers express bold political views, support their favourite artist or display their quirky sense of humour. Reactee takes the interaction to another level by harnessing the power of text messaging, creating t-shirts that “text back”. How it works? A customer picks a personal slogan […]

Tryvertising in a tube

Add / Remove Touted as Europe’s first beauty testing program, recently launched Brand New You Tube sends subscribers a tube full of beauty products to test. (The venture is related to Brand New You magazine, not YouTube.) Customers sign up for GBP 20 + 4.95 shipping and handling, and are promised at least four beauty […]

Tech support for minipreneurs

Add / Remove People who work for large corporations have long relied on company tech support to get them through computer snafus and service issues. But what about individuals, small businesses, contractors and others who are responsible for their own computer equipment? is bringing large-scale tech support to the small scale. Launched by SupportSoft, […]