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A neighbourhood matchmaker for rentals

Add / Remove Real estate may be all about location, location, location, as the old saying goes, but most rental apartment listings offer very little information on that critical point. A new apartment search website called Hubbuzz hopes to fill that gap by giving rental-hunters a way to get a better feel for neighbourhoods and […]

Ultra premium organic juice

Add / Remove While there’s no shortage of premium juice brands, Wild Bunch & Co. still caught our eye with its ultra premium approach. The Singaporean company, which launched in January 2007, sells 100% organic juice in distinctive bottles and offers home delivery within Singapore. Aimed primarily at busy and affluent professionals, Wild Bunch sells […]

Heineken’s new brew for women

Add / Remove We’ve covered alcoholic drinks for women before: beer from Germany (Karla) and Poland (Karmi), and wine from the Netherlands (Sophie & Sophie). Continuing the theme, Heineken is about to soft launch a sparkling cider brew for the fair sex. Christened Charli, the drink combines cider, barley malt and fruit flavours. Although barley […]

Skinvertising: pace tattoos for runners

Add / Remove Washington, D.C.-based PaceTat offers on-skin advertising in the form of pacing guides. Pacing guides are used by runners in marathons and races to help them maintain the speed needed to finish a race within their goal time. Existing solutions include paper or plastic bracelets, which have a tendency to chafe and get […]

Digital billboards revive empty storefronts

Add / Remove Nobody likes to see an empty storefront. If you’re a passerby or a nearby shop owner, the bare dark space could signal a neighbourhood in decline. And if you own the building, it means lost rental income. The folks at Motomedia have devised a way to help compensate for lost rent while […]

Crowdfunding a cultural hub

Add / Remove In 2008, Liverpool will be showcasing its cultural life as Europe’s Capital of Culture. While the city is spending GBP 3 billion on a ‘culture led transformation’, some believe Liverpool 08 would benefit from a community led alternative. Which prompted Mark Bowness, who previously founded crowdfunded ventures Tribe Wanted and, to […]

Sightseeing on the run

Add / Remove There are close to 40 million runners in the United States alone, according to Running USA, and it’s a pretty safe bet than nearly all of them travel at least once in a while. When they do, City Running Tours can show them the sights while helping them get in their running […]

Pintsized interns at Tokyo hotel

Add / Remove A while back, we featured a theme park that focused on giving children a taste of various careers by putting them to work for a day. While Kidzania is firmly grounded in the realms of make-believe, elementary schoolers in Tokyo had a more realistic option this summer. For a few weeks in […]

Quick loans by text message

Add / Remove Dutch consumers have a new way to take out loans: by SMS. Finnish Ferratum just launched its short-loan service in the Netherlands. Customers can borrow EUR 100, 200 or 300 for a term of 15 days, by texting Ferratum their name, date of birth, bank account and address. If they’ve pre-registered, the […]

Concierge goes to college

Add / Remove Forget the age-old tales of having to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get to class—college students at Syracuse University in New York don’t even have to coordinate their own grocery shopping, laundry or cleaning, thanks to a concierge service that aims to motivate them by giving them a taste […]

Free notepaper for students

Add / Remove Advertisers competing for the much desired attention of the college-aged set now have another opportunity to get their ads in the hands of students—and hold their interest for up to 90 minutes. FreeHand Advertising distributes free note-taking paper to students on their way to class. Each page is branded with the same […]

Financial literacy for kids

Add / Remove We’ve featured efforts by two banks—Postbank and Umpqua—to stimulate children to start their own businesses, but financial institutions aren’t the only ones interested in making children financially savvy. South-African Ka-Ching aspires to empower children with financial and entrepreneurial skills that will help them throughout their lives. The company offers courses that parents […]

Laundromats popping up at music festivals

Add / Remove Continuing the tradition of using shipping containers to house all things pop-up, a spotting from the Netherlands caught our eye. At music festival Lowlands, which took place this weekend, jeans brand Wrangler offered festival goers a much needed service: laundry. And at 18 meters wide and 9 meters high, the Wrangler Laundromat […]

Bands funded by their fans — Update: over USD 1 million invested

Add / Remove Last week, SellaBand celebrated their first anniversary with a ‘SellaBration’ in Amsterdam’s pop temple, Paradiso. Our description of the concept when they launched: aiming to empower independent artists, SellaBand has created a platform that enables fans to sponsor bands, and get a piece of the action in return. How it works: fans, […]

Crowd clout & Japanese auto parts

Add / Remove We’ve featured group purchase facilitators in the past, from Chinese Taobao to Malaysian Tumpang. A new start-up from Sydney is cleverly focusing on a product niche: parts for Japanese performance cars, aimed at owners with a keen passion for modifying, tuning and styling their vehicles. Every month, Auto Group Buy features a […]

Prepaid cab card: get home free

Add / Remove Launched in eleven Minneapolis suburbs this month, Get Home Free is a flat rate, prepaid cab card that gets its holder home safely. Mainly targeted at teenagers and college students, the concept’s initiators are aiming to help out kids who are stuck with car trouble, have been drinking, or whose ride home […]

Skateboards with a green and local edge

Add / Remove Eco-friendlier skateboards from San Francisco: a fun reminder that most brands will soon have at least one green twin. Comet Skateboards uses poplar and hickory from sustainable forests for a board’s core, topped with bamboo or maple veneer and coated with water-based paints. They’re also working with manufacturers and universities worldwide to […]