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PAs for the rest of us

Add / Remove With a few notable exceptions (such as student-oriented Precious Time), concierge services and personal assistants are a luxury that tends to be beyond the reach of all but the most well-heeled members of society. Not so with Sunday, a request-based service that offers 24/7 personal assistance by internet or phone. New York-based […]

Preserving the artwork of pint-sized Picassos

Add / Remove Parents who are running out of space on refrigerators and bulletin boards to showcase their children’s artwork, but can’t stand the thought of parting with their creations, have a new option for preserving their tots’ masterpieces. Artimus Art publishes beautiful custom hardcover portfolios of children’s artwork and hosts online galleries to share […]

Website alerts residents to local building plans

Add / Remove One day you pass that quaint row of shops in your neighbourhood only to discover it’s being demolished to make way for a parking lot. If only you’d known about the tear-down plans well enough in advance you could have lodged a protest. That’s where comes in. The UK startup functions […]

Pay-what-you-want magazine subscription

Add / Remove Following Radiohead’s ‘pay what you want’ pricing scheme for their latest album, In Rainbows, indie pop culture magazine Paste is giving its readers the option of paying whatever they like for a subscription. For two weeks, anyone signing up for a new subscription or a renewal can name their own price for […]

Pop-up hair salons in pods

Add / Remove Hair salons on wheels aren’t particularly novel any more (to wit: Onsite HairCuts, which we covered last year), and most often they cater to office workers who spend their days in large industrial parks. Now UK-based HairPOD is picking up on that basic idea but bringing it out to the masses—wherever they […]

T-shirts that talk code

Add / Remove Last June, we wrote about a t-shirt retailer whose shirts are custom-printed with a unique text message keyword and phone number. Anyone wanting to contact the t-shirt’s wearer or learn more about the message printed on the shirt can contact the wearer via a text message. US-based Augme goes a step further. […]

Gyms for kids use gaming to keep them hooked — Update

Add / Remove Earlier this year, we reported on NexGym—a youth fitness franchise that keeps youngsters moving through video game-inspired workouts. It turns out they’re not the only players capitalizing on kids’ fitness by incorporating video games. Canadian Bulldog Interactive Fitness and Colorado’s XRKade are getting in on exergaming, too. Bulldog Interactive Fitness founder Holly […]

Recruiting MDs by lifestyle

Add / Remove Medical recruiting agencies, like many others, typically focus on the nuts and bolts of the job when attempting to match up doctors and positions. Missing from that model, however, are many of the factors that can have just as big an effect on the success of the match—lifestyle factors like the surrounding […]

Ads that clean streets

Add / Remove Guerrilla marketing techniques have been around for years, but they’ve also acquired a bad rep for sometimes defacing public property; city officials tend not to look too kindly on adverts scrawled in spray paint on city pavement, for example. Now Street Advertising Services is offering a less antagonizing—and more legal—solution by creating […]

Ordering a Big Mac by RFID

Add / Remove Working with SK Telecom, McDonald’s in Korea is testing food ordering by RFID (radio-frequency identification). A pilot program in Seoul’s Shinchon neighbourhood lets customers place an order by pointing their cell phone at the items they want. Actually, it’s not quite that simple—they first need to download software to their phone and […]

Taste strips for mass-sampling

Add / Remove Food and beverage marketers have long known that there’s nothing quite like sampling to convince a consumer to try something new, but the high cost and limited reach of traditional sampling campaigns are often prohibitive. Enter First Flavor, which converts flavours into Peel ‘n Taste strips that can be mass-distributed in a […]

Open source software for low-bandwidth consumers

Add / Remove Techies the world over know that open source computer operating system Linux can compete head to head with high-priced commercial counterparts such as Windows, Unix and Mac OS. While free is a great price for anyone, consumers in developing societies often don’t have access to a broadband internet connection. Which means their […]

Buy the car, lease the battery

Add / Remove The auto industry’s transition to alternative energy won’t just affect oil companies. It’s destined to disrupt and reinvent supply chains for fuel, financing and just about everything else that makes a car run. All of which translates into unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs. The latest evidence: Norway’s two-seat, electric-powered Think City car—set to […]

Pizzeria on antique wheels

Add / Remove We covered mobile pizza kitchen trucks back in 2005 with our look at Wisconsin’s Super Fast Pizza. Super Fast Pizza didn’t make it* but today the Big Green Truck has picked up on that concept and brought it into the Experience Economy. It all begins with a beautifully restored 1946 International Harvester […]

Ultra-premium wardrobe storage & valet service

Add / Remove New Yorkers whose closets are bursting at the seams have a high-tech solution for storing their off-season or special occasion duds—without having to worry their garments will be out of sight, much less out of mind. Garde Robe is a first-class, full-service wardrobe storage facility that not only provides a place to […]

Gravanity & the fruit roll-up factory

Add / Remove M&Ms began offering customized colour versions of its classic coated-chocolate candy some years ago, followed soon after by the option of adding personalized text. My Fruit Roll-Ups Factory from General Mills is taking the idea a step further by allowing consumers to customise its fruit-flavoured strips with not just text but also […]

Talking gift tags and CD cases

Add / Remove As the season of gift giving draws ever nearer, so too does the Herculean challenge of penning countless holiday cards, letters and notes to family, friends and colleagues near and far. is offering a digital-age alternative that could make such tasks a little easier by allowing consumers to record a personalised […]

Low cost grey water recycling

Australian invention recycles grey water at a low cost.

Swapping student debt for charity work

Add / Remove University students in the UK rack up an average of more than GBP 12,000 in student debt by the time they graduate, leaving them with a significant financial burden to cope with as they begin their professional careers. Do Good 4 Debt was recently founded by one such graduate with a two-pronged […]