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Women-only bus service in Mexico City

Add / Remove We’ve already covered numerous examples of women-only taxi services over the last year or so, and now the idea appears to be spreading to public transportation as well. In Mexico City, where millions of women bus riders have long endured groping and verbal abuse en route every day, a new, women-only bus […]

Personalised music mag

Add / Remove Customised content has long been held up as the Holy Grail of digital publishing, and idiomag is making that promise a reality with a personalised, daily digital magazine about music that is based entirely on members’ individual interests. Launched just over a year ago, UK-based idiomag uses a system of weighted tagging […]

Interactive wine bar

Add / Remove Ubiquitous computing is a trend that’s oft discussed and less frequently seen, but a shining new example just opened in New York City’s luxurious St. Regis Hotel. A restaurant called Adour now features a technology-driven, interactive wine bar that lets guests explore for themselves the wide variety of wines available. While the […]

New brand for a new sport

Add / Remove HOLZundEISEN—German for wood and iron—sells equipment for a new sport that’s taking off in cities around the world: urban golf. Also known as cross golf or street golf, urban golf isn’t limited to country clubs, and its players don’t have to fork over exorbitant greens fees (although a good personal liability insurance […]

Job site for high earners

Add / Remove We’ve always said everything can be upgraded (or premiumized, in our sister site’s current lingo) and the recruiting industry is no exception. To wit: TheLadders, a job site created exclusively for high earners looking for jobs paying USD 100,000 or more. TheLadders lists more than 35,000 new jobs each month—all of […]

Premium genome mapping service: Knome

Add / Remove Personal gene sequencing may be just beginning to make its way into the mainstream commercial world (see our post on Genome mapping services, as well as DNA-driven dating, which we just covered), but it’s already getting upgraded. Witness Knome, which is offering whole-genome mapping for USD 350,000. Launched in November, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based […]

Pricehub: Used cars & price transparency

Add / Remove Of all the markets that could benefit from increased price transparency, the one for used cars surely ranks near the very top. Pricing sites have emerged in one area after another—including Zillow for home buyers—but now used-car buyers finally have one of their very own with the launch last fall of PriceHub. […]

Custom-made energy bars

Add / Remove Last year we covered muesli that’s mixed to order, and now You Bar has brought another customizable food to the table with its design-your-own nutrition bars. Customers of You Bar can choose every ingredient that goes into their nutrition bars: the base, protein powders, nuts and seeds, fruits and berries, sweeteners, seasonings, […]

Crowd-managed TV production company

Add / Remove In the crowd-funded arena, one name keeps popping up: Mark Bowness. Tribewanted, the experimental island community he founded, is now the focus of a BBC documentary series. Two other ventures—VIPbandmanager and the Liverpool Culture Cafe—haven’t taken off as quickly, but Mark has high hopes for his latest project: Have You Got The […]

DNA-driven dating service

Add / Remove ‘Personal chemistry’ has long been a blanket term for all the things that make people compatible (or not), but until recently only science fiction films like Code 46 have taken the notion literally. As of December, however, Boston-based ScientificMatch is using DNA to assess personal chemistry for dating purposes. ScientificMatch uses three […]

Wine selling & storytelling

Add / Remove Products that carry a sense of place or provenance are coveted by consumers for a variety of reasons, from environmental concerns to shifting perceptions about what constitutes value. As people move away from mass consumption to unique products and memorable experiences, the importance of storytelling deepens. Which is a boon for smaller […]

Your very own requiem

Add / Remove Grand funerals and eloquent eulogies are all very well when it comes to marking the demise of the wealthy and well-respected, but as the royalty and nobility of days gone by can attest, there’s nothing quite like a requiem to cement one’s name in the annals of time. Fortunately for today’s moneyed […]

IKEA organizes furniture swap

Add / Remove Over the past few years, swapping clothing, books, music and movies has taken off around the world, with groups meeting for swaps offline and online. Now, flat-pack behemoth IKEA is organizing a furniture swap at its Amsterdam store: a husselmarkt. The swap, which will take place on February 9th, will let up […]

Matching donors & classroom needs

Add / Remove It’s no secret that many public schools are underfunded and lack supplies, but the enormity of the problem can easily overwhelm those interested in helping. aims to divide and conquer that challenge with a crowdfunding approach that matches potential donors with specific classroom needs. Created by a group of Bronx, N.Y., […]

More eco starter kits

Add / Remove In December and earlier this month we wrote about four US companies selling what we called eco starter kits. Like gift baskets filled with cheese and fruit, the kits contain an assortment of items, all with a ‘green’ twist: reusable water bottles and grocery bags, energy-saving light bulbs and eco-friendly cleaning products. […]

Light therapy for weary travellers

Add / Remove Anyone who’s ever travelled knows that it can be hell, particularly when long layovers and multiple time zones are involved. Thanks to the Aéroports de Paris, however, those travelling through the City of Lights can now experience light therapy to recharge their stamina during a trip. Light therapy, or exposure to full-spectrum […]

School for citizen journalists

Add / Remove Photos by Gwan W.S. Springwise’s daily servings of new business ideas wouldn’t be possible without our network of 8,000 Springspotters who send us news of new business ideas whenever they spot them. Little wonder then, that we’re especially attuned to developments in the area of citizen journalism. We first reported on back […]

Craft workshops for commitmentphobes

Add / Remove Based in North London, The Make Lounge holds classes on Saturdays and weekday evenings in knitting, decoupage and card making—crafting techniques that have been around for ages, but have seen a strong resurgence over the past few years. Boosting appeal to casual crafters, the classes last just one session. Participants learn a […]

Ski lift tickets at a discount

Add / Remove Now that consumers have gotten used to finding cheap flights and hotel rooms one the web, it’s time for more verticals in the online travel market. Catering to slope-bound travellers, Liftopia lets ski resorts sell discounted lift tickets online. Visitors simply choose dates and regions (such as Lake Tahoe or New Hampshire) […]