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Platform for healthcare 2.0

Add / Remove Last November we wrote about Jay Parkinson, MD, the physician who’s become synonymous with Web 2.0-enabled medicine. Now the good doctor is receiving a fresh round of media attention for his involvement in a broader platform that’s designed to bring the benefits of technology and transparency to physicians and patients far and […]

More eco-friendly bedding

Add / Remove A few weeks ago we wrote about Keetsa’s eco-mattress in a box, and since then one of our spotters came across another eco-bedding line from UK-based Sleep Limited. Sleep Limited’s line of eco sleep products features pure, unbleached cotton and 100 percent recycled polyester fiberfill made largely from recycled drink bottles. Included […]

Property tax advocates

Add / Remove Thanks to California’s Proposition 8, passed back in 1978, homeowners in the state can get a temporary reduction in their home’s assessed value—and, accordingly, their property taxes—when the housing market enters a slump. Recognizing that that applies to virtually everyone who purchased property in the state within the past few years, […]

Adopt-a-designer program for crowdfunded fashion

Add / Remove More crowdfunding! Just recently, Irish fashion portal Catwalk Genius joined the crowdfunded fashion fray with its new Adopt a Designer program. Catwalk Genius features fashion and accessories from independent designers. Through Adopt a Designer, supporters of a participating designer can buy shares (or “elements,” as it calls them) in their work for […]

Crowdfunded breweries

Add / Remove Earlier this year we wrote about nvokh, a crowdfunded and crowdmanaged eco clothing company. Now BeerBankroll is taking a similar approach to the creation of a new, community managed brewery. The British company has only partially fleshed out its site, but BeerBankroll aims to start a brewery and pub in which many […]

Pedal-powered coffee retailer

Add / Remove Mobile coffee carts have been around for a while, including those from Dutch MobiCcino, which we covered back in 2006. But whereas most such carts are motorised, UK-based Bikecaffe has come up with a pedal-powered and eco-friendly alternative. Using heavy-duty cargo tricycles, Bikecaffe travels emission-free as it serves up a range of […]

Wiki book publisher for collaborative writing

Add / Remove We’ve already written about both magazine and book publishers for the content-producing masses, but now a wiki-like site aims to leverage the wisdom of the crowds to create, rate and elevate into publication the best community-sourced content. Founded last year, Maryland-based is a free online publishing platform that allows writers, editors, […]

Community-focused deconstruction & salvage

Add / Remove Vacant, run-down buildings are usually viewed as a community liability, with quick demolition seen as the only solution. A more eco-minded approach, however, is deconstruction, which allows for the salvage of the building’s still-usable pieces. Buffalo ReUse is a New York-based non-profit organization that specializes in just that, providing deconstruction services, community […]

Product portal for independent retailers

Add / Remove Small retailers face the constant challenge of finding new and innovative products to sell as they compete with the big-box heavyweights. A new search portal from Initiate Commerce aims to make the process easier with a streamlined way to access the wares of more than 40,000 wholesale suppliers and distributors. Launched about […]

Archiving children’s drawings

Add / Remove Every family has a pile somewhere of their children’s drawings. Since culling out and saving the best works isn’t easy, two moms/entrepreneurs from New Jersey devised a solution: theART:archives. How it works? Parents send in their kids’ drawings and theART:archives team professionally photographs each one and sends back a DVD catalogue that […]

Free plans for eco homes

Add / Remove Incorporating green design principles into new or existing homes is increasingly de rigueur among the growing masses of eco-minded consumers, but figuring out the logistics isn’t always straightforward. Working on the belief that green design should be available to all, FreeGreen is a new site that offers free, downloadable green house plans. […]

News site lets users pick stories & share in revenues

Add / Remove Earlier this year we wrote about Kluster, the crowdsourcing platform designed to help crowds develop new concepts. As proof of its own concept, the Vermont-based site has just launched Knewsroom, a community-directed news publication where readers not only have a voice, but they get paid to use it. Now in beta, Knewsroom […]

District turns its own banners into bags

Add / Remove Recycling advertising banners to make shopping bags isn’t new, as Swiss Freitag and UK-based Banner Bags—among others—have been doing for some time. What’s interesting about a new effort from Vancouver’s Commercial Drive Business Society, however, is that the district’s advertisers themselves are the ones doing the recycling. Each year the Commercial Drive […]

Retailer unboxes DIY flat-pack homes

Add / Remove Plenty of companies sell log cabin kits. But Argos seems to be the first major retailer to market an attractive and affordable model that reportedly can be built in two days by just two people. The British retailer’s basic five-room cabin, measuring roughly 32×17 feet or 8×5 meters, costs GBP 10,999. An […]

Nagging service for dieters

Add / Remove Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight or improve their fitness knows that it can sometimes be tough to get motivated. For those who need a little extra help getting going, a new service called WeightNags will nag customers mercilessly until they get off the couch and get some exercise. WeightNags, which […]

Winery lets customers set prices

Add / Remove What works for alternative rock music, might also work for wine. You may remember how Radiohead got the world’s attention when it let listeners download its album In Rainbows, asking them to pay whatever price they thought the music was worth. Sales of the album reached USD 10 million. Since then others […]

Scheduling service for families with kids

Add / Remove There are few things more gratifying to us here at Springwise than seeing an idea we write about get picked up and used to create other new businesses. But that’s exactly what has happened to Cozi Central, the online weekly planner for families that we wrote about late last year. BusyBeesNYC is […]

More crowdsourced graphic design

Add / Remove There are numerous sites out there for crowdsourcing graphic design, including SitePoint, which we featured last year. A new entrant into the space, however, is adding a slightly different twist by having bidding designers submit completed concepts rather than just proposals in the competitive process. Launched earlier this year, Chicago-based crowdSPRING is […]

eBay feeder business for ‘pickup only’ items

Add / Remove We’ve written about eBay feeder businesses before, such as Zippi, which we featured last year. Now, another example has popped up in the UK focusing on the collection and delivery of ‘pickup only’ furniture and antique items. For prices beginning at GBP 40, Lots2 will collect and deliver items bought on eBay […]

More ultra premium grape juice

Add / Remove Not long ago we wrote about high-end grape juices by First Blush, and recently one of our spotters came across MonaVie, another ultra premium line of alcohol-free juices that could easily be confused with wine. Utah-based MonaVie offers both juices and concentrated gels made from 19 different fruits, all chosen for their […]

Motopower: solar-powered cellphone kiosks for Ugandan women

Add / Remove Mobile phones are connecting people around the globe like never before, but the simple fact remains that they don’t work without electricity. In Uganda, which has one of the lowest levels of electricity in Africa, Motorola has launched an initiative to provide solar recharging stations that can be run by local, entrepreneurial […]