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Job site for working parents

Add / Remove A couple of years ago we wrote about Yummy Mummy Careers, a Canadian classified ad site designed for moms seeking jobs.* Inspired by that story, an Australian entrepreneur–Kate Sykes–launched a similar site in her own country. Though it’s named for working mothers, CareerMums actually includes in its target audience all skilled parents […]

Mobile beauty salon makes everything transparent

Add / Remove We’ve already written about onsite haircuts, dentistry and nail services, and now another mobile concept in the world of health and beauty has built its business on transparency. Launched in April, Return to Glory is a platform for mobile beauty experts that brings a wide range of beauty, massage and fitness services […]

Pedal-powered taxis deliver free love

Add / Remove Pedal-powered taxis and free love have both been around for years, but it wasn’t until just recently that one of our spotters saw them combined. Specifically, Dublin-based Ecocabs now offers free eco-taxi rides throughout the streets of the city. Ecocabs are pedal-powered (but battery-assisted, when necessary) tricycles that can accommodate three people […]

Blind guides take sighted on sensorial walking tours of Lisbon

Add / Remove So-called dark restaurants, where sighted customers are literally thrown into utter darkness and served by blind waiters, have been around for nearly a decade. Since a seated meal goes only so far in giving people a sense of what it’s like to live without vision, Lisboa Sensorial organizes blindfolded walking tours of […]

Online baby journal keeps everyone updated

Add / Remove As if new parents don’t have enough on their hands, keeping friends and family updated on their little one’s weekly developments can feel like a full-time job. Enter Kidmondo, an online baby journal and organizer designed to help parents chronicle and share their child’s most important moments in a safe, secure and […]

Out-of-print books, printed on demand

Add / Remove We’ve featured examples of printing on demand for consumers who’d like to publish their own books, through services like Blurb. Instead of letting them print their own work, renowned British publishing house Faber & Faber now lets readers order books that have gone out of print. Faber Finds is starting off with […]

Shoreditch tricycle race benefits social entrepreneurs

Add / Remove On August 31st, the streets of Shoreditch, London, will be overrun by adults on kids’ tricycles as part of a new annual race to benefit local charities and social entrepreneurs. Thirty teams of up to three adults each will be invited to compete in the Shoreditch Grand Prix, based on the level […]

Consumers get paid for input on new products

Add / Remove When we wrote about crowdsourcing product-improvement site RedesignMe late last year, we wondered how ideas generated by users of the site would get translated into real-world products. Well, now we have an answer: last week the Dutch company announced a new program by which users of the site get paid for their […]

Niche tours focus on sustainable London

Add / Remove Last year we wrote about Urban Gentry‘s specialist tours of London, which included guided expeditions through the city focusing on art, fashion, interiors or shopping. Now recently launched Insider London has added a new niche to the mix with a tour focusing on London’s green side. Insider London’s “Cutting-Edge Green Tour” uses […]

Private Klusters help groups make decisions

Add / Remove Crowdsourcing platform Kluster has graced these pages on numerous occasions this year, including the related launches of Knewsroom and NameThis. Turns out Knewsroom was disbanded a few weeks ago—owing primarily to high costs, the Kluster team says—but now the company has introduced support for new private Klusters designed to help groups manage […]

Free tool for DIY font design

Add / Remove There may be thousands of fonts available online, but for truly dedicated members of Generation C—who live to create their own, fresh content—that’s sometimes not enough. Luckily, help is now at hand in the form of a do-it-yourself font-building tool from digital type retailer FontShop. FontStruct, which was opened to the public […]

Emissions-free motorcycle taxis take to the streets of Paris

Add / Remove We’ve seen (and written about) both green taxis and motorcycle taxis before, but never a combination of the two. Sure enough, though, one of our spotters recently came across an all-electric motorcycle service in France. Citybird’s Electri-City operates a fleet of 15 Suzuki Burgman 650cc Executive scooters from its Paris-based headquarters, as […]

London restaurant pops up in temporary country garden (butler included)

Add / Remove Guests visiting London’s Mandarin Oriental hotel at any other time of the year will miss out on the hotel’s latest dining experience: a brand-new outdoor restaurant that’s open only in the summer. Nestled in the shelter of the Mandarin Oriental’s north façade, The Park Terrace restaurant overlooks the southern meadows of Hyde […]

Try-before-you-buy urban chicken farming

Add / Remove A few years ago we wrote about UK-based Omlet and its hen-and-coop kits for urban or suburban gardens. Recognizing that a chicken-keeping venture can be daunting for those who have never done it before, however, an Australian contender is now offering a short-term rental option that lets customers try before they buy. […]

Recycling and free love at Roskilde Festival

Add / Remove Trash is always a problem at summer music festivals, and Denmark’s Roskilde Festival has typically been no exception. After the 2007 festival, it took more than 500 people several weeks to clean up the heaps of garbage left behind—at a cost of more than one million euros, the festival’s organizers say. That’s […]

Web channel for three-minute pitches | Update

Add / Remove Almost exactly a year ago, we featured a Silicon Valley company that lets entrepreneurs pitch their “next big thing” to potential investors via short web videos. Recently, a similar venture got started in the UK. describes itself as “Dragons’ Den meets YouTube” and besides letting start-ups pitch their ideas to […]

Instant-use phone by BIC

Add / Remove BIC, the French purveyor of billions of lighters, pens and razors, recently launched the anti-iPhone. No waiting in line, no activation, no costly plans and no frills whatsoever. BIC phones, which retail at EUR 49 and come in orange and green versions, are ready to go: the battery is charged, SIM card […]

Topshop customers snap their own model moments

Add / Remove Using its Newton Machine, UK clothing retailer Topshop recently gave customers the opportunity to explore their inner model by letting them star in their own iconic fashion shoots. Topshop created temporary photo studios in three of its London, Manchester and Dublin stores, using a set-up that fashion photographer Helmut Newton created thirty […]

Waste beer to power convention cars

Add / Remove When the Democratic National Convention descends upon Denver later this summer, a fleet of vehicles provided by General Motors for the event won’t be using just any ordinary fuel. Instead, the flex-fuel cars will run on clean-burning ethanol derived from waste beer produced at Molson Coors‘ Golden, Colo., brewery. Whereas most ethanol […]

Crowdfunding (and pitching) news stories

Add / Remove We’ve covered many of the twists and turns that have taken place in the world of journalism over the years, including the citizen journalism efforts at OhmyNews and Danish Avisen. Now a new experimental site in the San Francisco Bay Area is offering community control on a different level by giving readers […]

Instead of Styrofoam, fungus and rice hulls

Add / Remove Polystyrene products have been used for years as home insulation and Styrofoam packaging, but the petroleum-based materials are infamous for the toll they take on the environment. Ecovative, a Troy, N.Y., start-up, aims to replace such products with an organic alternative derived from fungus and agricultural waste. Rather than being manufactured from […]