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Miniature tennis for pint-sized players

Add / Remove We’ve written about workout gyms and even being spaces aimed at kids, but it wasn’t until just recently that we heard of a sport being completely resized for child players. Sure enough, though, a new outfit in Colorado now offers miniaturized tennis just for kids. Founded by Dorm2Dorm cofounder Matt Nelsen, Drop […]

At Inamo in London, fine dining with a touch of tech

Add / Remove The impatient and hungry tech-heads of London have been given a new treat with the launch of Inamo, a pan-Asian restaurant that has canned the traditional printed menu in favour of an interactive ordering system. An illustrated menu is projected onto the diners’ touch-sensitive table, which also lets customers personalize the décor […]

Greener driving with Fiat and Microsoft

Add / Remove Helping drivers think twice before putting the pedal to the metal, Fiat has developed a new system that gives customers the insight they need to drive in more a sustainable way. ecoDrive processes driving data collected via Blue&Me, an in-car communications device developed by Microsoft. Users plug a standard USB drive into […]

Team meeting space meets product testing ground

Add / Remove When we wrote about Meet a few weeks ago, one of its cofounders noted that the meetings industry has been in desperate need of some innovation. Continuing on that upward trend, office furniture manufacturer Steelcase is gearing up to launch a new meeting space in Chicago that will not only host meetings […]

Tony Player takes online playlists to the dance floor

Add / Remove Twones is a new online music service that automatically tracks every song a user plays while online—whether via iTunes, YouTube, or services—and then creates a single timeline of the music they’ve been listening to. Users can share their timelines and discover new music by exploring a friend’s musical history. The service, […]

Hotel search tool that’s all about location

Add / Remove While sites like TripAdvisor offer an extraordinary wealth of information about virtually every aspect of travel, sometimes the one-stop-shopping approach can make it hard to navigate through to the information one needs. When it regards hotels, SeeYourHotel aims to provide a quick and direct way to search by location and view hotels […]

More free photocopying, this time for charity

Add / Remove We at Springwise are always happy to chronicle the spread of a good idea, but never more so than when those doing the spreading are part of the Springwise community themselves. So it’s with great pleasure that we bring our readers one more tale of free photocopying for students, this time launched […]

Design your own baby shoes

Add / Remove It’s no longer a simple matter to rattle off all the “design-your-own” opportunities we’ve covered in recent years, so numerous have they become. Making the task even more challenging, one of our spotters recently alerted us to yet another one: a site that allows parents of small children to design their own […]

Using pictures to give directions

Add / Remove When it comes to giving someone directions to a particular place, traditional maps can be imperfect tools, abstract and two-dimensional as they are. A new application built for Google’s Android cellphone platform, however, incorporates pictures and personalization to help people answer the question, “Can you show me how to get there?” BreadCrumbz […]

Site connects advertisers with content producers

Add / Remove Product placements and paid sponsorships help make much of the world’s content economically viable, but creating the right match between advertiser and content producer isn’t always easy. PlaceVine, which just launched last week, aims to facilitate that process with a site dedicated to brand-integration opportunities. New York-based PlaceVine is a web-based information […]

Dry-erase basketball shoes

Add / Remove White consumer goods mesh nicely with the human desire to scribble on things, as we noted last year in a story on white board refrigerators. Now, expanding the idea beyond large appliances, Reebok has launched a dry-erase basketball shoe that facilitates the same type of thing. Released earlier this month, the ATR […]

Making medicine as ubiquitous as Coca-Cola

Add / Remove It’s a tragic fact of life today that one in five African children die before their fifth birthday from simple causes like dehydration from diarrhoea. Basic medicines could save those children’s lives, yet no means has been found to make them readily available. A new grassroots project, however, aims to tap into […]

Paying to break stuff at Sarah’s Smash Shack

Add / Remove Demonstrating that it’s possible to profit from any human desire, Sarah’s Smash Shack was conceived to relieve people who are stressed-out. Customers in San Diego can choose fragile tableware from the Smash Shack Menu–for example a set of three glass flowers for USD 10, or the House Special, which consists of 15 […]

Selling product blueprints to crafty consumers

Add / Remove Tapping into the make-it-yourself trend, London-based SomeRightsReserved offers a range of downloadable blueprints for objects that consumers can build, adapt and personalise. Products on offer include everything from cardboard Tetris furniture to children’s mittens. Some can be created using hand-cutting and home-printing, others may require laser cutting or rapid prototyping. Prices range […]

Using video games to make seniors safer drivers

Add / Remove We’ve written about brain gyms for baby boomers and insurance discounts for drivers of cars with GPS devices. Combining a bit of both ideas, insurance provider Allstate recently announced a pilot program that could ultimately lead to reduced insurance rates for senior drivers who play brain-building video games. Beginning in Pennsylvania–home to […]

Connecting online and off with rfid for the masses

Add / Remove The online and offline worlds are becoming increasingly interconnected, as our sister site recently noted. Now, a new venture from Alcatel-Lucent is using a version of RFID to give consumers the ability to make such connections for themselves. Released into beta earlier this month, tikitag uses short-range, high-frequency RFID to let […]

Eco cheap: green shoes for under $30

Add / Remove We’ve written about many eco-fashion initiatives in recent years, most of them undertaken by premium brands for distinctly guilt-assuaging prices. Like Wal-Mart’s Love, Earth line of environmentally conscious jewelry, however, a new line of affordable eco-minded shoes from none other than Payless ShoeSource vividly illustrates how far–and how mainstream–green fashion has come. […]

Desktop manufacturing, minus the special software

Add / Remove We’ve already written about Ponoko on two separate occasions, including its release earlier this fall of a tool to help shoppers and designers collaborate. Now, just a few weeks later, the New Zealand company has come out with another innovation that aims to make it even easier for consumers to get their […]

“Being space” for a microbrew

Add / Remove We’ve covered being spaces of many kinds, including examples for mobile warriors, mothers and seniors. Recently, Australian brewery Little Creatures added a twist of hops to the concept with two being spaces built around beer. Little Creatures has been microbrewing for years, but last December it expanded its Fremantle brewery site to […]

Online marketplace focuses on mid-century design

Add / Remove Bringing a sense of style to the Craigslist model, new online marketplace Lushpad aims to connect buyers and sellers of mid-century design. By taking users straight to what they’re looking for rather than having them trawl through columns of irrelevant goods, the Canadian website hopes to capture a lucrative niche. As the […]

Design competition seeks alternatives to museum shop coffee mugs

Add / Remove Looking to move away from the ubiquitous coffee mugs and provide museum shops with more innovative products to sell, Release 1.0 is a design competition that offers winning contestants a fair deal. Unlike most other design competitions, winners are promised a percentage of sales revenue, as well as the traditional good publicity […]