Innovation That Matters

2008 | This year's top 10 marketing & advertising ideas

Advertising & Marketing

We’re deviating from our regular schedule to bring you the best new business ideas spotted in the last 12 months. We’re convinced that these smart concepts will continue to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities in 2009! Next up: marketing & advertising. Trends that continue to push ahead in this arena? Tryvertising, experiential marketing and free love:

  1. Tennent’s Mutual — Prefunded, crowdmanaged music festival
  2. Matter — New spin on direct mail: a box of matter
  3. SOOPZ — Food blogger turned intermediary & purveyor
  4. Mindstorm’s iBar — Interactive touch bar combines drinks, ads & games
  5. IKEA — A nap hotel in a Stockholm mall
  6. Steelcase’s Workspring — Meeting space doubles as product testing ground
  7. Northland Professional — Billboards give away free love
  8. Pomme Bébé — Tasting bar for babies serves up tryvertising for tykes
  9. PlaceVine — Site connects advertisers with content producers
  10. Ecocabs — Pedal-powered taxis deliver free love

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