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ING application for G1 phone uses camera & compass to point to nearest ATM

Add / Remove Finding an ATM in an unfamiliar city or neighbourhood can be a real hassle. So it’s no surprise that various applications have been developed for the iPhone and other mobile devices, that use built-in GPS to map the nearest cash machines. ING Wegwijzer, a new application built for the T-Mobile G1 (Google) […]

Blogger helps connect consumers and brands

Add / Remove Almost a year ago we wrote about, a blog that helps food manufacturers distribute samples of their products to bloggers with influential voices. Working on much the same theme, WIN it gIRL is a new site gearing up for launch this spring that aims to connect consumers and brands. WIN it […]

The nutritional low-down on fast-food restaurants

Add / Remove With a few exceptions, few restaurants go out of their way to publish the nutritional information about their food, at least not in any obvious way offline. Much the way D+caf Test Strips have blown the proverbial lid open on caffeine content, however, Fatburgr is a new site that puts together in […]

Hyperlocal newspaper turns blogs into print

Add / Remove Dire reports from the world of newspapers and magazines may suggest the printed medium is on its way out, but a new Chicago start-up doesn’t think so. Rather, it’s beta-testing a plan to publish a raft of free print publications in local communities across the US. With a heavy emphasis on the […]

Borro: an online pawnshop for consumers in a pinch

Add / Remove Given the current state of the economy, it’s timely to see a makeover of an age-old form of personal loans. Borro claims to be the world’s first online pawnbroker. The company, which was launched in August 2008, offers short term loans to customers who cannot borrow from banks or have maxed out […]

Green Irene: green home makeovers for $99

Add / Remove It’s probably safe to say that most consumers would like to make their lives more “green,” but that the devil lies in the details. Much like the UK’s Green Homes Concierge, which we wrote about last year, New York-based Green Irene aims to help consumers reduce their homes’ carbon footprint. Green Irene’s […]

Rentobile: a Netflix for cell phones

Add / Remove Consumers longing to try out the latest mobile devices—whether for fashion or for function—must typically wait for their current contract to expire before trying something new. Aiming to make it possible to sample both more widely and more often, Rentobile provides a wide selection of the latest cell phones for rent on […]

DigiWall: computer game meets climbing wall

Add / Remove We’ve written about a number of games designed to get kids off the couch and into some exercise, but recently one of our spotters alerted us to one we hadn’t yet seen: DigiWall, a structure that combines a climbing wall with gaming. Designed for use in public places like museums and shopping […]

Yellow Treehouse: pop-up restaurant, 10m up a tree

Add / Remove We’ve written about pop-up innovations of many kinds, including Greenhouse by Joost, a cafe in Melbourne that was designed to showcase sustainable practices. That pop-up will soon disappear, but a new project in New Zealand recently opened the doors on a pop-up restaurant that was constructed 10 metres up a tree. Located […]

Vegawatt: powering restaurants with kitchen grease

Add / Remove Who said fat was bad for you? Vegawatt focuses on the upside of grease, turning restaurants’ waste oil into electricity and hot water. Vegawatt’s refrigerator-sized units are incorporated into a building’s existing system in the same way as a solar panel is retrofitted. After filtering a restaurant’s used vegetable oil, the unit […]

Staff schedules & notifications made simple

Add / Remove Web apps can be quite a boon for small businesses, offering them flexible applications that are accessible from any web browser, and often at a lower cost than traditional corporate software. Joining the fray and aiming to take the stress out of shift management, WorkWhen Notifier is an Australian site that distributes […]

Interactive, one-on-one theatre

Add / Remove Now that manufacturing, media and music have all been turned into bespoke, personalised concepts, it seems it’s time to overhaul the previously passive experience of theatre. Call Cutta in a Box is a theatre experience for one audience member at a time. As they enter a barely furnished room in a normal […]

‘Impossible Project’ aims to bring back Polaroid film

Add / Remove Polaroid may have stopped production of its analogue instant film last summer, but such is the strength of the product’s fan base that some have decided they won’t take “no” for an answer. Specifically, a group of aficionados in the Netherlands has bought an old Polaroid factory and plans to bring the […]

Green Grannies serve up recession-busting advice

Add / Remove Grandmothers are known for many virtues, not the least of which is their ability to knit spectacular socks. Perhaps even more admirable, however, is the older generation’s ability to make the most of limited resources. With just that talent in mind, Oxfam recently recruited a team of what it calls Green Grannies […]

Pop-up learning tool teaches in tiny bites

Add / Remove “Divide and conquer” is a strategy that can be just as successful for tackling a task as it is for gaining power: break it down into small parts, and you have a better chance of succeeding. Such was the thinking behind DailyLit’s books delivered in bite-sized portions, and a similar notion appears […]

Job contest spotlights Great Barrier Reef Islands

Add / Remove Tourist destinations around the world are no strangers to marketing, but many could take a lesson from Australia’s Tourism Queensland, which recently kicked off a very clever viral promotion. Specifically, the group launched an international recruiting contest to fill what it calls The Best Job in the World—a highly paid, 6-month position […]

Kits help patients fight off hospital germs

Add / Remove Although hospital superbugs may be infamous, we haven’t yet seen a branded, integral B2C approach to their prevention. Sold and marketed to consumers instead of to health institutions, PatientPak is a collection of antimicrobial and other hygiene items for those planning a hospital visit. Its aim: to kill 99.99% of bugs, including […]