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In-hospital spa services for new moms

Add / Remove There’s no doubt having a baby is a joyful experience, but most moms would likely agree that it would be a whole lot more joyful if one didn’t have to start off so sore and tired. Aiming to transform the hospital stay into one of relaxation and rejuvenation, Go Home Gorgeous hopes […]

Short-term mall space for startups and minipreneurs

Add / Remove We’ve already written about several retail spots around the globe that offer shelf space to minipreneurs, and recently we learned of a like-minded effort that gives budding entrepreneurs a short-term way to try out their concepts in a traditional retail setting. Last fall Urban Retail’s Oakland Mall in Troy, Mich., began offering […]

Internet-connected pill reminder caps

Add / Remove No medicine can do its job if it’s not taken on the right schedule, yet only about half of people with chronic diseases adhere faithfully to their dosing regimen, according to the World Health Organization. Aimed at improving that statistic, GlowCaps are a line of electronic pill caps that use multiple means […]

App turns iPhone into a credit card terminal

Add / Remove As if phones didn’t already do enough, one of the latest mobile apps transforms iPhones and iPod Touches into portable charge card terminals. ProcessAway plugs into’s payment processing platform, allowing entrepreneurs to accept credit card payments anywhere they can access the internet. After downloading the app and (separately) setting up a […]

Design your own hat & choose your own knitting granny

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers may remember Swiss Netgranny and Danish, both of which sell knit goods handmade by real-life grandmothers. Now a similar contender has emerged in France that throws some design-your-own flexibility into the mix. Golden Hook is a company that lets customers design their own hat and then choose the […]

Restaurants page waiting guests on their cellphones

Add / Remove Providing a new solution to an old problem, ReadyPing lets restaurants notify guests by text message when their table is ready. The system aims to improve on restaurant pagers, which require a substantial upfront investment plus maintenance costs, and have a limited range. Restaurants don’t need to purchase new hardware to use […]

Haagen-Dazs ‘Five’ — just 5 ingredients

Add / Remove As a delicacy with relative affordability and universal appeal, ice cream is one of those products that serves as a barometer of the times. We’ve covered ice cream innovations at the high end—such as the Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Company and its locally sourced, hormone-free ice creams in flavours like ginger, […]

Urban tasting room plays host to eight local wineries

Add / Remove Encouraging consumers to try new wines is a goal that has united vintners around the globe for many years, as evidenced by the trial-sized tubes, wine-tasting games, and technology-enhanced wine bars and wine tastings we’ve covered. Working along similarly cooperative lines, a bricks-and-mortar tasting room recently opened in San Francisco that promotes […]

Sharing concert set lists by wiki

Add / Remove Although grabbing the set list from a favourite band’s gig is like nabbing a trophy, not everyone can get their hands on that sweaty and smudged piece of paper. Which is why was launched, a free wiki-site that allows users to upload and browse concert set lists. The process is easy: […]

Used shirts, reborn as bibs for adults

Add / Remove There are few products more eco-iconic than those that are stylishly but obviously constructed from other used goods. We’ve already covered a few examples—bags made from old airline seat covers, town banners or discarded wrappers, for example—but it wasn’t until recently that we came across the idea of turning previously worn shirts […]

A sommelier for every mobile device

Add / Remove If wine tastings can be conducted via Twitter, it should come as no surprise to find a wine-recommendation service that’s accessible by SMS. Sure enough, Hello Vino is a new wine pairing and suggestion tool that can be accessed both via the web and from any mobile device. Users in search of […]

Live theatre on the silver screen

Add / Remove When actress Helen Mirren portrays the character Phèdre this summer in a London production of Jean Racine’s tragic play by the same name, it won’t be only attendees at the Royal National Theatre who get to watch. Rather, theatre lovers around the globe will have a chance to see the production on […]

Manhattan retailer focuses on green home improvement

Add / Remove We’ve already covered a few examples of retailers that focus on green supplies for do-it-yourself home improvement, and recently one of our spotters alerted us to another that just opened in Manhattan: Green Depot, a store that aims to make green building and living solutions “accessible, affordable and gratifying.” Green Depot has […]

I’m a Mrs: name-change service for new brides

Add / Remove Planning a wedding may be a time-consuming task, but any bride who elects to take her husband’s last name after getting married soon learns that the process of making that name change can be nearly as laborious. Enter I’m a Mrs., a new site that gives Canadian women an alternative to navigating […]

Virtual world promotes sustainable living

Add / Remove The fact that Green Irene, Green Grannies and Green Groove have all graced our pages in just a few short weeks recently is a fair indication of today’s increasing focus on sustainability. Now joining that list is Climate Culture, a virtual world that combines guidance, community and games to help consumers reduce […]

Heineken offers first class airport lounge for all

Add / Remove Warm beer in airport restaurants resembling barns has, no doubt, caused many of us to wonder where air travel’s glamour got to. Helping revive the notion of classy business travel, Heineken has teamed up with design agency UXUS to create an airport lounge that offers a respite from the chaos of the […]

Connecting neighbours and landlords online

Add / Remove There’s nothing quite like a cold shower on a winter morning to encourage tenants to get vocal about their landlords’ accountability. Hoping to put their views to good use is Neighbo: an online platform that brings tenants, property managers and landlords together to improve relationships and efficiency, similar to New York’s LifeAt, […]

Author’s next thriller will be cowritten by the crowds

Add / Remove It was about a year ago that Pandora—the first community-sourced thriller from book collaboration site WEbook—was officially released. Pandora features the work of 17 different authors, and now a similar project from Random House and Borders Australia aims to combine the work of 29 authors in what it calls the world’s first […]

A layaway option for buying festival tickets

Add / Remove Back in 2007 we noted the return of layaway payment plans, and in today’s economic climate the need for such arrangements is clearly even greater. Completely understandable, then, that several upcoming music festivals are giving attendees a layaway option for purchasing their tickets. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, for example, […]

London diners pay what they want at Little Bay

Add / Remove Like the Ibis Singapore hotel we featured last week, London restaurant Little Bay is taking a leaf out of Radiohead’s book, letting diners set their own prices. While many restaurants are battling the credit crunch by offering 2-for-1 deals or other forms of recession pricing, Little Bay’s Farringdon branch will accept anything […]