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Free karaoke for ‘Worthy Workers’

Add / Remove London karaoke bar Lucky Voice has already appeared on our pages once before, but we’re compelled to mention it again for an initiative it recently announced on one of our favourite themes. Specifically, through its new “Worthy Worker Mondays” program, Lucky Voice is offering two hours of free karaoke singing to registered […]

Novelty telegram service, $4.70 worldwide

Add / Remove There’s no doubt the internet has transformed the way people communicate; what’s less clear is that people are willing to let the old methods disappear. We’ve already seen companies that transform emails into paper letters; now, an Australian contender has resurrected none other than the classic telegram. Focusing on the role telegrams […]

Belts and bracelets double as survival gear

Add / Remove Helping consumers be prepared, SurvivalStraps are paracords disguised as bracelets, belts, watch straps, key fobs, anklets and dog collars. In an emergency, a bracelet can be unraveled to up to 26 feet of military grade nylon cord, while belts contain up to 200 feet of cord. The parachute cord can be used […]

Full-service bike station for commuting cyclists

Add / Remove We’ve written about urban bikes stations before, and are happy to see the concept popping up in other parts of the world. Spotted in Brisbane: Cycle2City, which claims to be the first full-service facility for bicycle commuters in Australia. Brisbane City Council and Queensland Transport teamed up to fund construction of the […]

Decision-making site offers customised advice

Add / Remove When it’s time to make an important decision, technology can help consumers on the research end, but it’s humans they typically turn to for practical advice. There’s no substitute for a trusted advisor familiar with one’s tastes and preferences—or, at least, there wasn’t until recently. Led in part by Flickr cofounder Caterina […]

Electronic business card forges online connections

Add / Remove When we wrote about RFID-enabled pokens last month, we noted that business professionals might prefer something slightly less cute than pandas on their keychains for exchanging digital contact details. As if on cue, Virginia-based Mingle360 recently launched the MingleStick, a small, sleek keychain device that serves as an electronic business card. The […]

Customised magazine from Lexus, Time & American Express

Add / Remove Much like the build-your-own-magazine concept from HSBC that we covered last year, a brand-new initiative from Lexus, Time and American Express Publishing is giving consumers a new way to create their own personalised magazine. Dubbed “mine,” the free magazine invites readers to choose editorial content from five of eight select Time and […]

Job contest lets bloggers become pilots

Add / Remove The deadline for the Best Job in the World may have passed weeks ago, but those looking for a contest-based change of career needn’t fear: a new one was just announced that promises the chance to become an airplane pilot. Malaysian airline AirAsia recently launched the “So You Wanna Be a Pilot?” […]

Eco-friendly yoghurt shop

Add / Remove Frozen yoghurt is a topic we’ve already covered on a few different occasions: first the Korean-style frozen yoghurt trend, as exemplified by shops like Pinkberry and Red Mango, and then the arrival of self-serve contender Yogurtland. Now adding further differentiation to the industry is Sno:la, a Beverly Hills-based shop that bills itself […]

Health tracker provides comprehensive view of wellness

Add / Remove Technology has already been used for some time now to help consumers keep track of wellness factors from diet to sexual activity, but a new application from California-based Health Analytic Services takes a comprehensive approach that aims to help users track virtually everything that has an effect on their health. is […]

Hotel rooms scattered across the city of Linz

Add / Remove The downside of a great hotel is that it makes it too easy for a traveller to stay inside and miss out on experiencing the local culture. The Austrian city of Linz is tackling that issue by scattering unique individual hotel lodgings throughout the city’s metropolitan area, in effect turning the entire […]

Amazon trades gift cards for used video games

Add / Remove In these budget-minded times, companies aplenty have begun offering cash or trade-ins in exchange for unwanted electronics, gift cards and gold. Now, from none other than Amazon, comes a program to offer gift cards in exchange for second-hand video games. To be eligible, games must be in good condition and include the […]

Playground for men features heavy equipment

Add / Remove Roller coasters and ferris wheels are all very well as entertainment for some groups of consumers, but for others, there’s nothing quite like the experience of operating heavy machinery. That, at least, is the premise behind Männerspielplatz, an amusement park for men that lets them get in touch with their inner construction […]

Donated site helps families keep their homes

Add / Remove There’s nothing like immediacy and a sense of personal connection to motivate people to help those in need, as charitable organizations like Family-to-Family, Rosa Loves and are increasingly recognizing. Adding to that list, is a new, donated venture that aims to make it easy for people to help local families […]

Garden offices geared for telecommuting

Add / Remove Back in 2006 we wrote about iscape, a British company that manufactured stand-alone offices for installation in the user’s home garden. The company since merged with rival Garden Lodges and has begun offering an expanded line, but now it’s also gained a new competitor: the OfficePOD. Whereas Garden Lodges aims its offices […]

Fitness class by Reebok & Cirque du Soleil

Add / Remove Fitness gyms have been nichefying for some time now, as we noted in a post back in 2005. Adding a new twist to workouts for women, however, is a class from Reebok and Cirque du Soleil that simulates the feeling of flying. Jukari Fit to Fly is a group exercise experience based […]

E-mail signatures with a fund-raising twist

Add / Remove If e-mail signatures can be put to work to help support a political candidate, just imagine the impact they could make for charity. That’s essentially the rationale behind Replyforall, a site that uses custom e-mail signatures to raise not just awareness but cold, hard cash for a select group of charitable causes. […]