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Roaming ‘anti-restaurant’ hand-picks its guests

Add / Remove It’s been almost three years since we wrote about California-based Ghetto Gourmet, and the “wandering supper club” still seems to be going strong. Now, across the continent, a similar concept has been launched in the form of Charlie’s Burgers, an underground “anti-restaurant” in Toronto that hand-picks its guests and has nothing to […]

Printed greeting cards with a digital twist

Add / Remove Services that send print mail from an online application are no longer entirely new. What’s interesting about Enthusem is that the printed greeting cards it sends can include online attachments. Using Enthusem, which was launched last year by Florida-based Prospect Smarter, any company or individual can create and mail a printed, full-colour […]

Visitors to South Africa guided by GPS-driven audio tours

Add / Remove Out of South Africa comes Great Guide: a GPS-triggered audio tour that hooks up to car radios. The system was designed for visitors to South Africa, and provides informative and entertaining sightseeing commentary for ZAR 99 per day. Customers order the service on the company’s website, picking it up along with their […]

Luxury guitar rental, no strings attached

Add / Remove Combining try-before-you-buy with the luxury rental concept established by companies like Bag Borrow Steal and écurie25 is Guitar Affair, a service that rents out high-end and boutique guitars by the day or week. Guitar Affair refers to its rentals as ‘affairs’ to reflect the emotional experience that customers have with instruments. Customers […]

Social search engine taps contacts for subjective answers

Add / Remove Traditional search engines like Google excel at finding objective information in the vast network of pages on the web, but what about when you want a local restaurant recommendation? Going far beyond general reviews or even those of twinsumers with similar tastes is a new search site that aims to get more […]

Luxe upcycling: from cashmere sweaters to (very) soft toys

Add / Remove Of all of the examples we’ve seen of upcycling—turning waste materials into new products—teddylux is undoubtedly the most adorable. Each plush teddy bear, elephant and bunny made by the Georgia business is fashioned from a discarded cashmere sweater. Cashmere animals can be purchased straight from the website for USD 50-60 each, with […]

Bobba: a mobile Habbo for users 16 and up

Add / Remove Millions of teens around the globe are already well-acquainted with Habbo, the popular virtual world aimed at those aged 13 to 18. Now Sulake, the Finnish creator of the site, has launched Bobba, a counterpart designed for mobile phone users 16 and older. Launched into beta last month, Bobba bills itself as […]

Bad Times Bootcamp: free fitness classes for the unemployed

Add / Remove What to do after being laid off? For 26-year-old Alex Light, there was only one option: head down to the beach and get fit. After losing his job in Dubai real estate, he set up Bad Times Bootcamp to help unemployed people get fit and get to know each other. A qualified […]

Event-driven travel search asks when, not where

Add / Remove Hungarian travel site Joobili believes that timing is everything when it comes to planning a trip. Instead of asking users where they want to go, Joobili provides would-be travellers with inspiration by asking them when they want to schedule a trip, and then offers information about festivals, parties, sports events and other […]

Try before you buy at Hertz

Add / Remove In tough economic times consumers appreciate more than ever the ability to try before they buy, as we’ve noted on many occasions before. Similar to the initiative from Renault that we covered not long ago, rental giant Hertz is now giving consumers the ability to do an extended test drive before they […]

Swedish hotels serve healthy meals for kids, courtesy of Jamie Oliver

Add / Remove British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has already put children’s nutrition in the spotlight with his School Dinners documentaries and Feed Me Better campaign. Now, through a partnership with Swedish Scandic Hotels, he’s bringing his philosophy right to the table for travellers with children. The three-year partnership will focus on a different target […]

Easy photo sales, directly from anyone’s blog

Add / Remove Cash-strapped consumers are increasingly looking to their spare rooms, their backyards and even their furniture for ways to earn some extra money. Now they can offer up their photos for sale as well thanks to Fotomoto. Currently in invitation-only beta, Fotomoto enables anyone with photographic content to sell their photos directly from […]

Unlocking everyone’s ideas for the next big thing

Add / Remove Seasoned entrepreneurs know there’s a big difference between a great idea in the mind and a successful product in the hand. Here to bridge that gap is Quirky, a service that uses a collaborative process to actualize killer ideas that might otherwise go to waste. Anyone can submit their business plan and […]

Greener bricks, made from cow dung (Or, how Indonesian cows sh*t bricks)

Add / Remove We’ve covered the value of worm poop, and now it’s time for the merits of cow dung to come to the fore. EcoFaeBrick turns cattle waste into bricks that are greener, stronger and 20% lighter than regular clay bricks. The Indonesian organization was set up earlier this year to tackle the problem […]

An iPhone app for every band

Add / Remove It’s an increasingly mobile world out there, and a new service aims to help music bands large and small get in on the action. Specifically, Mobile Roadie lets artists quickly create their own iPhone applications to connect with fans on the go. Bands simply register their basic account information and choose a […]

Vending machines sell after-party shoes

Add / Remove Women who love their high heels may already be aware of ‘emergency’ flats that roll up and fit inside a purse in order to be slipped onto tired feet the end of a long night of dancing. Two new companies in England have taken the concept a step further by selling their […]

Hotel finder distills reviews from across the web

Add / Remove Good hotels can be hard to find, but not for lack of candid advice. The sheer number and dispersed nature of reviews on the web are what can make the process difficult, and that’s where Raveable comes in. Zeroing in more narrowly than the likes of TripAdvisor, Raveable aims to provide a […]

Wine Wipes remove tannin stains from teeth

Add / Remove Wine may make glad the heart of man, but when it’s red, its effect on teeth is much less attractive. Wine Wipes are a new innovation designed to quickly and discreetly wipe away the unsightly dark film red wine can leave behind. Each compact-sized container of Wine Wipes includes 20 orange blossom-flavoured […]

Smart thermostat is always online

Add / Remove Targeting consumers who want to consume less energy but also enjoy shiny new gadgets, Canadian Ecobee has developed a smart thermostat that enables easy remote control of a home’s energy use. Installation involves hooking up the device to a customer’s existing wifi network and then registering it online, so that users can […]