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Magazine produced in 24 hours

Add / Remove Hard on the heels of our coverage of Kult—the vintage-arcade-machine-turned-3D-magazine—comes word of another paradigm-busting publication. Rather than breaking the mold on its form, however, this one shatters the norm by virtue of the fact that it was created and produced in 24 hours. The clock began at 3 pm Central European time […]

Twitter-powered truck sells ice-cream sandwiches

Add / Remove There’s a new truck roaming the streets of LA—just in time for summer—and it’s being followed by legions of devotees who track its whereabouts via Twitter. It’s not Korean barbecue tacos on the menu this time, however—rather, it’s gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Much in the manner of Kogi Korean BBQ, which we […]

Free mags for hotel guests via digital newsstand

Add / Remove Digital publisher Zinio has teamed up with Starwood to offer guests free digital copies of their favourite magazines. As of last month, a variety of well-known titles can be downloaded at Starwood’s Element hotels, with Aloft and Four Points by Sheraton joining at the end of the year. Zinio’s ‘digital newsstand’ can […]

An iPhone app for Barcelona’s bike sharing service

Add / Remove We’ve written fairly extensively about city bike schemes already, and Barcelona’s two-year-old Bicing is a shining example. Now, bringing the service into the iPhone era, Bicing recently launched a mobile application that consumers can use to get location-based information about bicycle and parking availability. Residents of Barcelona use Bicing by applying for […]

Local bottling makes for greener wine at Waitrose

Add / Remove Cutting both costs and carbon emissions, British supermarket Waitrose shipped its new range of ‘Virtue’ wines from Chile in 24,000 liter flexitanks and bottled them in the UK. One tank equals 32,000 bottles—or 16 tons of glass—that no longer need to be shipped. In addition, the bottles used are lightweight and made […]

Streamlined shopping for household goods, straight from manufacturers

Add / Remove Laundry detergent, toilet paper and toothpaste are not items consumers typically buy online, as the grocery stores, Wal-Marts and big box outlets of the world can attest. A new e-commerce site aims to change all that, however, by providing free shipping, streamlined reordering and a platform that allows consumers and manufacturers to […]

Foldout restaurant has solar power, will travel

Add / Remove There’s nothing original about canned food—except when it’s the restaurant that comes in a can. Sitting in Montreal’s old shipping port, the Müvbox is a standard shipping container that’s 8ft deep and 20ft long. The wonder moment comes when it is miraculously turned from a container into a ‘chic fast food’ restaurant […]

Reusable coffee cup in standard barista sizes

Add / Remove Our coverage of ad-supported FreePaperCups earlier this year sparked quite a reaction from eco-minded readers, many of whom very rightly pointed out the wastefulness inherent in using disposable cups. We’re happy, then, to present the KeepCup, a sustainable, reusable alternative designed to reduce the massive waste created when coffee cups are meant […]

Twitter the front desk at playful new Maastricht hotel

Add / Remove A midnight snack in 140 characters? Guests at a new Maastricht hotel won’t have to leave their Twitter stream if they’re feeling peckish—they can just tweet their requests to the front desk, @townhousehotels. (Correction: It turns out that the hotel doesn’t offer room service, but serves breakfast, soup and light snacks for […]

Custom banner ads in 48 hours for $49

Add / Remove As is true in so many business decisions, companies in need of banner ads typically face the choice between creating their own or hiring a professional to create it for them. Many do-it-yourself sites use templates, however—which can result in a cookie-cutter look—while using professionals can be expensive and time-consuming. Aiming to […]

Vintage arcade machine as touring 3D magazine

Add / Remove When Singapore creative agency Kult launched a self-titled art magazine earlier this month, it didn’t just produce print and online editions, as most publishers might. Rather, the group also created a touring, 3D version of the magazine crafted out of a vintage arcade machine. With a premier issue focused on the theme […]

Health care via SMS in the developing world

Add / Remove Cell phones may have changed the way people communicate in the developed world, but in developing countries they’re going far beyond simple communication to bring new opportunities to areas that sorely need them. Case in point: FrontlineSMS:Medic, a new initiative to improve health care in poor, rural villages. Due to a global […]

Personalised, hand-woven wedding runners

Add / Remove Brides-to-be the world over have long dreamt of their walk down a red-carpeted aisle. A new Irish company, however, has found a way to do the traditional floor covering one better: personalised, hand-woven wedding runners. Printed and hand-painted wedding runners have been around at least in the US for some time now, […]

Europcar teams up with Nissan for electric rentals

Add / Remove Europcar is teaming up with Nissan to offer electric vehicles for hire. Low emission rental vehicles are nothing new for Europcar (or many other rental agencies, for that matter); models such as the Toyota Prius have been part of its 225,000 strong fleet for years. However, it seems to be the first […]

Mobile app for optimal restroom breaks during movies

Add / Remove Two years ago, we covered a few mobile services that help users find the nearest public restroom. Focusing instead on when to go, RunPee is a web-based service and soon-to-be mobile app that maps out loo-break moments for popular movies. Users can choose from an extensive list of movies currently in theatres, […]

Curated marketplace shares one product story each day

Add / Remove Product life stories can be used to demonstrate sustainability—as in the case of Made-By, which we just recently covered—but they also simply make new products more interesting. Such authenticity-boosting status stories are at the heart of the Daily Grommet, a curated marketplace that highlights one such tale every day. Currently in beta, […]

iPhone game gets kids into the (hidden) park

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers may remember LocoMatrix, the location-based game we covered last year that kids play outside using GPS-enabled cell phones. Along similar lines, a new iPhone-specific counterpart aims to take kids on an eco-minded adventure through the park. Released early this month by Australian developer Bulpadok, The Hidden Park is a […]

Get a mortgage, give a microloan for a home

Add / Remove By taking out a mortgage with ING, Dutch borrowers can now help families in Bangladesh and India build homes of their own. Through its new Huis voor een huis (Home for a home) program, ING’s clients are given the option of donating EUR 300 when they sign for their mortgage, an amount […]

Europcar lists CO2 emissions on customer invoices

Add / Remove Showing customers the environmental impact of driving, French car rental company Europcar now lists CO2 emissions for its rental cars. The information can be found both on the company’s website, and on customer invoices, allowing conscientious drivers to take emissions into account when choosing a rental car, as well as reminding them […]