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Customized wall planners for a personal year-at-a-glance

Add / Remove A while back, we spotted Bizzyboard, which helps families keep track of what parents and kids are doing each week by means of a giant whiteboard. New to the calendar game is YearMadeForMe, enabling customers to create a personalized wall planner. Customers use YearMadeForMe’s simple website to select a title, colour and […]

Thirsty New Yorkers invited to refill their water bottles at cafés

Add / Remove New York’s water-toting crowd has a convenient new way to be sustainable while staying hydrated, as a tap water refilling service officially launches in the city. TapIt is a community program that enables people to refill their water bottles at participating cafés, completely free of charge. TapIt aims to help people stay […]

Online invitations, upgraded again

Add / Remove When we wrote about pingg a little over a year ago, we noted that it was aiming to provide the upper echelon of online invitations, with an ad-free approach and premium design capabilities. Proving once again that there’s rarely a limit to such upgrade possibilities, Paperless Post has ratcheted up the category […]

More self-service at bars: a tap at every table

Add / Remove When heading out to their local watering hole for a drink, some customers prefer to serve themselves. We’ve highlighted Amsterdam’s Minibar and the table-top taps of Pilsen’s Unique Bars. Offering a self-service system that can be retrofitted anywhere is the TableTender by TableTap. The TableTender system, available in Britain and the United […]

Nike, Best Buy & others to openly share green product innovations

Add / Remove Remember the old proverb ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’? It’s something a small group of companies took to heart earlier this year, setting up GreenXchange for sharing of intellectual property for green product design. The initiative is hosted by Creative Commons, with Nike and Best Buy leading […]

Bicycle repair shops on wheels

Add / Remove With cycling gaining ground as a regular mode of transportation, flat tires and broken chains are on the up, too. Which creates an opportunity for bike-loving entrepreneurs: mobile bike repair shops. In the Netherlands, for example, we’ve spotted companies like Fix Fiets and Bikemobiel, both of which do house calls in vans […]

Putting a smile on household energy bills

Add / Remove Earlier this month, we spotted MyEex and Earth Aid, two initiatives that reward consumers for reducing household energy use. Taking a different approach is US-based Positive Energy, which compares households’ energy consumption, adding a social twist to being green. The company works with local utility companies, which use its software to add […]

Microcharity uses tangibility to target young donors

Add / Remove It’s long been recognized that tangibility and a sense of personal connection are key factors in encouraging potential donors to help those in need, as we’ve already noted in our stories about SmallCanBeBig, Rosa Loves, DonorsChoose and Family-to-Family. Working on the premise that such connections are particularly important to young givers, however, […]

100 flavours in new Coca-Cola soda machine

Add / Remove Developed on the assumption that there’s no such thing as too much choice, Coca-Cola Freestyle is a new self-serve soda fountain that can dispense up to 100 different drink flavours. The machine is being tested this summer at fastfood restaurants in California and Atlanta, with the intention of rolling out units across […]

More eco-friendly moving boxes

Add / Remove Back in 2007 we wrote about EarthFriendlyMoving’s Recopack containers, which offer an alternative to traditional cardboard boxes for moving. Bringing the concept out of California comes Frogbox, a Canadian contender that currently serves the Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., areas. Very similar to Recopacks, Frogboxes are green, industrial-strength plastic containers that are available […]

A ‘Google Analytics’ for mobile applications

Add / Remove With all the mobile app stores that have sprung up in the past year, developers and brands have a raft of new ways to reach mobile users. As is so often true, however, opportunity brings new challenges, and in this case it’s monitoring sales and performance across all those platforms. Enter Distimo, […]

Free rental cars in New Zealand

Add / Remove Rental cars need to be transported between offices. And travellers love freebies. Combine the two, and you get free rental cars, organized by Transfercar. The New Zealand startup works with major car rental companies including Europcar, Apollo and Ace. Each rental company has a host of ‘relocation cars’ that need to transported […]

Photo tarpaulins transform garage doors

Add / Remove On even the most tastefully appointed of houses, garage doors tend to be drab and monochrome eyesores, designed apparently without even the smallest nod to aesthetics. A German company aims to change all that, however, with large-scale posters that transform the doors through highly realistic 3D images.‘s photo tarpaulins are available […]

Razor blades by subscription, delivered to the door

Add / Remove Razor blade refills are one of those purchases that tend to irk many consumers, primarily for the frequency with which they’re needed and the relatively high prices at which they’re often sold. Aiming to salve irritation on both points, Raz*War offers subscription plans for home delivery at prices beginning at EUR 27.50 […]

Embracing slowness: the anti-energy drink

Add / Remove Out to help those looking for a quick relaxation fix, a new drink from Canada offers ‘an acupuncture session’ in every can. An antidote to energy drinks like Red Bull, Slow Cow was developed to help people de-stress. Under the premise that caffeine-packed drinks tend to increase anxiety, Slow Cow contains theanine, […]

Online auction for unused travel tickets

Add / Remove Airline travellers already have EUclaim and Miss Refund for help claiming compensation for flight delays and tax refunds on unused trips. Now giving them a chance to sell the tickets they can’t use is, a site also out of the Netherlands. About 40 percent of all airline tickets are transferable, Re-ticket […]

Modern wine paired with ancient Roman cuisine

Add / Remove Where the Amazing Food Wine Company, which we covered a few years ago, created its wines for pairing with commonly enjoyed contemporary American foods—pizza, pasta, etc—Madeinmilan Wines has taken the opposite approach, focusing instead on a historical meal. The Italian label includes three wines from northeast Italy: Brutus (Sangiovese di Romagna), Paparazzi […]

Hair salon offers Skype consultations

Add / Remove Realizing that both existing and potential clients might appreciate a chat about a haircut before visiting their stylist, Plan B Salon in Cambridge, Massachusetts launched a new service offering 15-minute video consultations. Prior to their appointment, customers can get an idea of what their options are or how receptive the stylist is […]