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Brands to take turns running airport store

Add / Remove Pop-up retail is a concept we’ve been covering for years, generally focusing on a store that opens for a limited time in an otherwise unused space. Turning that notion on its head, in some respects, is Planeshop, a permanent store opening soon in the Glasgow Airport that will be periodically taken over […]

Stray single gloves matched & sold to new owners

Add / Remove Much like socks, gloves have the tendency to lose their other halves. In the spirit of ‘waste not, want not’, environmental group Green Thing has launched a venture that pairs up single gloves and sells them to new owners. Matched by size but not colour, Glove Love offers unique pairs for GBP […]

Classic novels, personalised for anyone

Add / Remove From an online store that specialises in personalised gifts comes a literary appeal to anyone’s vanity. GettingPersonal sells classic novels—mostly as gifts—that let recipients and their friends star as the main characters. Taking a concept we’ve already seen applied to travel guides and stories for younger children, the company has chosen a […]

Jeans from North Carolina are 98% local

Add / Remove There are countless brands of jeans in the world, most of them actually *made* all over the world, with components sourced from multiple countries and manufacturing done in others. Aiming to present an alternative at the polar opposite on that scale is Raleigh Denim, a North Carolina company whose jeans are reportedly […]

Mercedes launches driving academy for kids & teens

Add / Remove Does teaching children to drive make them better drivers as adults? Mercedes-Benz thinks so. This summer saw the launch of its Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy in the UK, which teaches anyone over 10 years and 1.5 metres tall the basics of manoeuvring a car. With packages tailored to different age groups, the Academy […]

Filipinos can eat themselves happy at Van Gogh is Bipolar

Add / Remove It’s no secret that satisfying a craving for chocolate can instantly improve a person’s mood. It’s lesser known that a huge range of natural foods can stimulate longer-lasting ‘happy’ hormones than chocolate ever could. Knowledge that could become more memorable thanks to Van Gogh is Bipolar, a restaurant and cafe that opened […]

Minibars at Ace Hotel stocked with local liquor

Add / Remove Ace Hotel in Portland has partnered with local distillers House Spirits to stock their minibars with limited-edition artisan spirits. In addition to gin, vodka, rum and blended whiskey, guests can also get a cocktail kit including fresh citrus, bucket of ice, cocktail shaker, jigger and martini glasses. Plus cocktail recipe cards for […]

Portal for brand conversations, led by the brands

Add / Remove It should no longer come as any surprise to brands large or small that they are the subject of conversation online—whether they participate or not. Launched by Seth Godin, Brands in Public is a new site that aggregates all those diverse conversations and presents them through a unified public-facing dashboard that gives […]

Restaurant uses social media to compile wine list

Add / Remove Last year we reported on Bin Ends, who gave the public the opportunity to take part in wine tastings via Twitter. Last month, a London restaurant got in on the social media act by crowdsourcing their wine list selection. L’Anima, Time Out’s pick for Best New Italian Restaurant 2009, hosted a tasting […]

Augmented reality browser Layar wins 75K euro prize

Add / Remove Innovative startups managed to scoop up some hefty cash prizes in Amsterdam on Friday. In addition to RidgeBlade winning EUR 500,000 in the Green Challenge, augmented reality browser Layar bagged EUR 75,000 in Vodafone’s Mobile Clicks contest. Layar is a free mobile browser that displays digital information over the real world image […]

Crowds judge world’s biggest art prize

Add / Remove Judged by a select group of insiders, art awards aren’t known for their democratic approach. Uprooting that tradition is a contest that’s currently being held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. ArtPrize will award the world’s largest prize—USD 250,000—to the piece of art that receives the most votes from visitors. Aiming to “reboot the […]

Vending machines for healthy food, from Spain this time

Add / Remove Finding a convenient, healthy snack can be difficult in workplaces and schools where fruit trees are long gone and the best on offer now comes from a vending machine stuffed with junk food. Back in 2007 we picked out YoNaturals, a company that responded by supplying vending machines filled with organic produce. […]

San Francisco showcases city data apps

Add / Remove While the web is disrobing many businesses in the name of transparency, the City of San Francisco is happy to expose itself. A month since the launch of, a public archive of government data, Mayor Gavin Newsom has announced that the site will now showcase applications which manipulate that data to […]

Shares in New Zealand beehives help protect Manuka trees

Add / Remove New Zealand start-up Your Pure Honey is offering customers the chance to own a share of a beehive in and enjoy the Manuka honey it produces. A basic share costs USD 285 per season (September–May) and yields 2kg of raw honey (delivery costs are included). Those who their own personal colony can […]

Urban shoes, made in Africa

Add / Remove Amid all the many charity-focused efforts to help the people of developing African nations, others strive to provide economic empowerment and help African entrepreneurs establish sustainable businesses. We’ve covered several of these—including some of the microfinance initiatives that have popped up—but Canadian shoe company Oliberté is taking a different approach by sourcing […]

À la carte service from CNN sells stories for $199

Add / Remove Traditionally, access to content on wire services such as Reuters and the Associated Press has required that publishers foot a hefty bill for a subscription. Aiming to open up its content to a wider audience, however, CNN has launched a new à la carte service that sells CNN Wire stories for single […]

Discreet rooftop wind turbines for homes

Add / Remove Just last week we covered SRS Energy’s Solé Power Tiles, which disguise solar panels as clay roof tiles. Now a similarly unobtrusive solution for cloudier climes is on the horizon. RidgeBlade is a wind-power system that can be fitted to buildings with minimum visual impact and maximum energy conversion potential. This micro-generation […]

Furniture with a story, crafted from salvaged sailing dhows

Add / Remove Dhows are boats of an ancient design that East Africans have long sailed on the Indian Ocean from Goa to Oman, following monsoon winds back and forth to Mozambique for fishing and cargo transport. Though such vessels typically get beached and abandoned when they can no longer weather the seas, Portuguese House […]

Folding electric two-wheeler offers new take on urban cycling

Add / Remove What’s the simplest way to get from A to B with the aid of a machine? That’s the question the New Zealand-based creators of recently launched YikeBike set out to tackle from scratch. The result is a super-lightweight folding electric bicycle, with eco-iconic looks. The YikeBike is the first production version of […]

Garlic extract cuts back on cows’ methane gas

Add / Remove Mention greenhouse gases, and most people think of cars. The reality, however, is that more than 20 percent of such gases around the globe come not from machines but from cows—specifically, the 500 billion liters of methane gas that get emitted by the world’s billion or so cows every day. That’s more […]

Indie booking system lets anyone screen a film for profit

Add / Remove Attempting to revolutionize the traditional movie screening business, IndieScreenings lets anyone hire a film, show it and keep the cash. The venture’s online booking process calculates a licence fee based on where someone plans to screen, how many people will watch and various other factors. A few days after ordering a license, […]