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Design your own rooms with customized fabrics

Add / Remove Much the way DesignYourDorm gives college students 3D modelling tools to customize and shop for their dorm rooms, so RoomsByYou aims to bring such capabilities to the rest of us. The California-based company goes well beyond simply allowing consumers to mix and match existing products, however; instead, it offers a combination of […]

Marketplace for consumers willing to wrap their cars in ads for cash

Add / Remove Carvertising has been around for years—both the kind focused on rental cars, which we’ve covered several times, and the kind that lets sellsumers earn a little extra cash wrapping their own cars in ads. Setting its sights on the latter, cashURwheels is an Australian firm that serves as an online marketplace connecting […]

Folding camper reborn as stylish pop-up lodging

Add / Remove Once popular in Europe, folding campers have come to struggle with a bit of an image problem. They’re practical and make for cheap travel, but have as much sex appeal as an orthopedic shoe. Aiming to change that is Opera, a foldout trailer that’s as eyecatching and luxurious as it is convenient. […]

Home-repair bidding site prescreens contractors

Add / Remove Anyone who’s ever owned a home has probably either heard or experienced their own horror stories involving less-than-entirely-honest building contractors and the havoc they can wreak. Aiming to put an end to the uncertainty involved in such situations, Florida-based BidABuilder now offers a way for homeowners to solicit bids from only the […]

Online yoga classes, real fellow students included

Add / Remove Along with yoga’s rise in popularity has come a raft of DVD and online classes offering a potentially less expensive and more convenient alternative to live, scheduled instruction. Such prerecorded offerings often focus on the fittest and most photogenic yogis, however—without the real-world masses—which may be good for education, but can be […]

Roaming eyewear store visits customers at work

Add / Remove Rather than wait for customers to come to her, Wink Eyewear‘s Michele Bayle takes her entire eyewear ‘store’ to their workplace. Toting a collection of four hundred frames, Bayle offers personal consultations to find a flattering fit. The visits aren’t just about convenience; they also allow customers to get feedback from friends […]

Wheelchair redesigned for better form & function

Add / Remove Much like Club Bounce, which we just wrote about, Nomad Wheelchairs grew out of an entrepreneur’s personal need. After spending over a decade in a variety of wheelchairs, director Mark Owen decided it was time to create a product he’d actually be proud to use. Launched just six months ago, the company’s […]

Club Bounce caters to the big & beautiful set

Add / Remove Located in Long Beach, California, Club Bounce is a nightclub for plus-size men and women. Or, as Bounce puts it, for “BBW (big beautiful women), BHM (big handsome men) and those who admire us”. Fat or skinny, everyone is welcome, but its nightly revellers are definitely of a larger size than those […]

Crowdfunding an Irish startup via Twitter

Add / Remove Ireland has been particularly hard-hit by the current economic recession, spurring initiatives like the recent iQ Prize, whereby Dublin internet consultancy iQ Content awarded EUR 10,000 to a promising young Irish startup as a way to help kick-start the country’s recovery. Proving once again that there are few things as contagious as […]

Ticket price forecasting for live events

Add / Remove Seat Geek is a free service that helps users find tickets when they’re cheapest. Currently focused on Major League Baseball games and select concerts in the US, Seat Geek employs a sophisticated algorithm to predict whether the price of a queried ticket is set to rise or fall—similar to what Bing Travel […]

Spillproof cooking coach: a touchpad made for kitchens

Add / Remove While tech fiends are anxiously awaiting web tablets made by Apple and TechCrunch, a recently-launched French touchpad device could become the darling of culinary geeks. Made specifically for kitchen use, QOOQ is a touchscreen tablet that aims to coach and assist both beginning and experienced cooks. For EUR 349, the device comes […]

Computer tasks for workers in the developing world

Add / Remove Earlier this year we covered txteagle, a service that aims to fight unemployment in the developing world by enabling mobile phone subscribers there to complete quick jobs via SMS. Operating on much the same principle, Samasource is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that connects workers in the developing world with computer-based tasks. Samasource […]

Nationwide network of pop-up marketing spaces

Add / Remove BrandNew Stores aims to turn fleeting pop-up shops into a chain concept, creating fixed spaces where brands can temporarily present themselves in a regular retail environment. Its first branch opened in the Dutch town of Amstelveen last month, where Alfa Romeo used the shopping mall space to present its new Alfa Mito […]

Web app for managing employees’ time off

Add / Remove There are numerous tools out there for managing HR functions like time sheets and accounting, but employees’ paid leave has been all but overlooked. That’s according to strategic design firm Matter, which recently launched its answer to that need in the form of Perq. Employee leave management is a complex task with […]

Mobile app connects volunteers with opportunities

Add / Remove Despite the best efforts of companies like Disney and Sage Hospitality to reward those who donate their time to charity, the fact remains that volunteerism in the US has declined by 27 percent since 2001, according to app developer Catalista. Hoping to combat that trend, the San Francisco company has created mobile […]

Lufthansa auto-tweets passengers’ midair location

Add / Remove German airline Lufthansa is relaunching its FlyNet in-flight broadband service. Lufthansa was the first to launch in-flight broadband in 2004, then powered by Boeing’s Connexion system, which Boeing phased out in 2006. Now, in partnership with Panasonic Avionics, Lufthansa has announced that it will bring back FlyNet mid next year. In the […]

New Clue board game incorporates text messaging

Add / Remove There’s no shortage of real-world games that use technology to add a virtual element, as we’ve already seen in such examples as Treasure World, The Hidden Park, LocoMatrix and Swinxs. What’s less common is to see classic board games add technological features to their game play, yet that’s just what Hasbro has […]

Sanitary pad franchise creates jobs & improves lives

Add / Remove According to research carried out by SHE — Sustainable Health Enterprises, around 50 days of school or work are missed by girls and women who don’t have access to sanitary pads, or can’t afford them. Mud, bark and rags are often used instead of mass-produced pads; alternatives that are mostly ineffective, unhygienic […]

Travel company gives bloggers free trips

Add / Remove Earlier this year we covered YokmoK, the Spanish travel company that invites its clients to help create new trips. Now, taking a page from TasteCasting‘s play book—by which restaurants give bloggers free food in exchange for social-media exposure—YokmoK is now offering popular bloggers free trips. Owners of popular blogs—which YokmoK defines as […]