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Customized lip balms, mixed while you wait

Add / Remove With the many items that can be customized today—from muesli to fabrics—the trend is still going strong. Case in point: Lip Balm Labz, a Canadian startup that lets consumers design their own lip balms. At the Lip Balm Labz store in Toronto’s Dufferin Mall, customers can pick and choose from more than […]

Real-time flight reviews via Android and iPhone

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers may remember Lufthansa’s MySkyStatus service, which lets air travellers get flight status updates posted automatically to their Facebook or Twitter profiles. Offering a variation on the same theme, mobile application EezeeRator now gives users a simplified way to share real-time flight information and reviews via Android and iPhone. EezeeRator […]

Personalized jewelry marks a specific moment or place

Add / Remove We’ve seen one-of-a-kind jewelry created to replicate a wearer’s scar, as well as bracelets featuring a map of the New York City subway. Borrowing a bit of both concepts, Etsy designer triggerhappy offers two necklace designs that can be personalized to reflect the wearer’s story. Triggerhappy’s Narrative Cartography series features a tag […]

Online hub helps people pack & sell their know-how

Add / Remove Since free information is abundant, finding a way to sell knowledge or monetize content can be a challenge. Los Angeles start-up Knowledge Genie aims to offer a solution, allowing users to centralize their knowledge on a particular topic and present it in a customizable, tutorial-style package—a ‘Knowledge Genie’—that can be shared for […]

Beer-loving crowd aims to buy Pabst Brewing Co. for $300 mln

Add / Remove presents the most ambitious crowdsourcing effort yet: USD 300,000,000 for the Pabst Brewing Co. The 165-year-old firm, third-largest beer company in the US (going by 2008 sales), was originally sent to market by the IRS in 2000 as tax laws would not permit ownership by the non-profit Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation. Failure […]

Water bottle’s plunger-style filter purifies instantly

Add / Remove The list of reasons to avoid bottled water seems to grow longer every day. While much of the controversy so far has focused on plastic waste and BPA, Australian Half a Teaspoon wants the world to realize another simple fact: namely, that it takes at least 3 litres of water to make […]

Business model book follows its own advice

Add / Remove Business models are at the core of what we write about every day here at Springwise, so we were naturally interested to see a new book launch on the topic recently. What’s particularly compelling about “Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers,” however, is that it was co-authored […]

Colour-changing sleep suit signals baby’s fever

Add / Remove For parents of young children, pediatric fevers are often the first harbinger of the next childhood illness to be endured. Aiming to make such fevers more obvious sooner, UK-based Babyglow offers an infant sleep suit that changes colour as the baby’s temperature rises. Babyglow’s registered products are designed and calibrated to change […]

Meeting notes drawn up by graphic artists

Add / Remove There’s little doubt that taking minutes at a meeting can satisfy the barest demands of posterity. Whether the resulting document can inspire any but the driest of subsequent conversations, however, is another matter entirely. Bigger Picture is a Danish company that aims to help make meetings, workshops and conferences more effective by […]

Gyroscopic bicycle wheel teaches kids to ride

Add / Remove It may be true that once you learn how to ride a bicycle, you’ll never forget; the thing, of course, is learning that first time. Training wheels have long been a staple of the childhood learning process, but now a San Francisco company has designed an alternative it says will get kids […]

Crowdsourcing business documents

Add / Remove Like other crowdsourcing websites we’ve covered, Canadian startup Spudaroo aims to connect businesses with talented ‘crowds’ of creatives. This time, the focus is on the written word rather than graphic design. Launched in October, Spudaroo allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to tap into a growing community of freelance copywriters, authors and […]

Eco-iconic license plates for green vehicles

Add / Remove Electric and hybrid vehicles are typically eco-iconic in their own right, but a new program from Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation aims to give them additional recognition via special license plates as well. The Canadian province hopes to have one out of every 20 vehicles driven in Ontario electrically powered by 2020. As […]

Manchester sells holiday gift wrap designed for the city

Add / Remove It’s no secret that cities love to promote Christmas shopping as a festive way to boost the local economy. What we hadn’t yet spotted, however, was a city selling its very own holiday gift wrap, which is what Manchester is doing this season. Created by graphic designer Peter Saville—whose work has graced […]

Bank’s free tools help clients pay down their debt

Add / Remove Credit card debt is an all-too-familiar topic for all too many consumers. While the US government is working on its own solutions to that problem, Chase Card Services recently rolled out a new set of tools designed to help its customers manage their debt better. Chase Blueprint offers free tools consumers can […]

Wine by numbers, with a digital content twist

Add / Remove We’ve seen several innovations at the intersection of wine and technology, including Aromicon’s “virtual taste search engine,” which we featured just last week. Dutch startup 94wines is now bringing a new technological twist to the table, so to speak, by offering a line of numbered and colour-coded wines that can be personalized […]

Water bottle with integrated filter purifies as you drink

Add / Remove While over a billion people live without clean water, the world is drowning in the waste of millions of water bottles. The Hydros Bottle could provide a simple solution. Available for the US market by the end of the year, the 700 ml bottle features an integrated filter that cleans water as […]

Female-friendly taxis arrive in Mexico

Add / Remove Puebla, Mexico, is the latest city to offer a taxi service exclusively for women. Intended as a safe means of transport, the thirty-five strong fleet of bright pink Chevys are driven by women only and will not stop for men. For further female appeal, the cabs are equipped with beauty kits, GPS […]