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Greeting-card maker pays for top crowdsourced designs

Add / Remove Product design is increasingly being performed by consumers themselves, as we’ve already noted in our coverage of Exuve, Ryz, Infectious and others. The latest spotting? CardsInk, which brings the Threadless model to greeting cards. All cards sold by CardsInk are created by visitors to the site. In a special section for new […]

Sympvertising & samples help launch new Maxwell House brand in Dubai

Add / Remove If warm soup and a heated bus stop are the way to Chicago-area commuters’ hearts, then coffee, cupcakes and fun are probably a good choice for catching the attention of recession-beleaguered office workers. Such, indeed, proved to be the case earlier this year, when Kraft Foods’ Maxwell House launched its new Trio […]

Solar-powered community to include 500 homes

Add / Remove Solar energy may offer myriad compelling benefits, but its use in homes is still far from widespread. California developer Comstock Homes is now developing what it calls the nation’s first single-builder solar-powered community, however, just 10 miles from downtown LA. Comstock’s Villages at Heritage Springs will include more than 500 residences set […]

Buy an original painting, support the pictured cause

Add / Remove Back in 2007, a New York artist duo created Wants for Sale, a site where they offer up paintings they’ve made of things they want to buy. Whereas buyers of those paintings support the couple’s various purchase plans, visitors to their new Needs for Sale site are given the chance to support […]

Restaurant lets patrons make their own pancakes

Add / Remove When it comes to breakfast, consumers can already customize their own muesli and tea. For those in the mood for pancakes, however, there’s now a restaurant in Portland, Oregon, that lets patrons create and cook their own pancakes, right at the table. Slappy Cakes is a full-service breakfast and lunch restaurant that […]

Enlisting the crowds to turn Times Square into Art Square

Add / Remove Demonstrating Broadway-sized ambition, a group of (mostly Dutch) bloggers and designers aims to turn New York’s Times Square into a huge public art show. The goal of Times Square to Art Square / TS2AS is as straightforward as it is lofty: instead of broadcasting commercial messages, the Times Square billboards should beam […]

$99 laptop aims to bridge the digital divide

Add / Remove The proverbial $100 laptop has been held up as an ideal for years, but until recently, no actual machine has come even close to that price. Now, however, there’s the Cherrypal Africa, a 7-inch mini laptop that costs just USD 99. Designed with developing countries in mind, the Cherrypal Africa features at […]

Build your own bamboo bike in one weekend

Add / Remove Shoppers at Urban Outfitters can already design their own bikes in a rainbow of colours, but a new venture in Brooklyn takes that notion a step further. At Bamboo Bike Studio, customers actually build their own bamboo bicycles by hand through the company’s guided weekend workshops. Bamboo is “a renewable and performance-positive […]

Pepsi asks crowds which community projects to fund

Add / Remove When the Super Bowl rolls around in another few weeks, there will be no fabulous ad for Pepsi beverages. Instead, Pepsi—which was the largest advertiser during the event last year—will be focusing its efforts on the Pepsi Refresh Project, a crowdsourced marketing effort to revamp U.S. communities. Pepsi has reportedly set aside […]

Wine tasting packs feature four mini samples

Add / Remove Between the knowledge required and the not-unsubstantial investment, choosing a new bottle of wine can feel like a risky endeavour. That’s why it’s an ideal area for tryvertising, as we noted in our story last year about WineSide’s trial-sized tubes, and it’s also presumably why San Francisco-based Brixr recently launched a set […]

New low-impact marketing tool: glow-in-the-dark bacteria

Add / Remove Last time we featured CURB (the natural media agency) they were promoting the London Aquarium by stenciling its logo on city surfaces using seawater. Now, just in time for Christmas, CURB has launched its latest low-impact innovation. GlowFungi, also known as DiscoFungi, is a marketing tool that uses glow-in-the-dark bacteria. The harmless […]

Online marketplace fosters small-scale recycling programs

Add / Remove Recycling may be the right thing to do for the planet, but for those without free curbside pickup service, it doesn’t always happen. Ecycler is a new site that aims to make it easier to recycle by connecting those in need of service with those who are willing to do the recycling. […]

Gap Canada protects shoppers against future price drops

Add / Remove Murphy’s Law for shoppers states that as soon as one purchases a particular item, it inevitably goes on sale. Hoping to give customers some insurance against such eventualities, Gap Canada has launched a program that automatically refunds the difference when that happens. To take part in Gap’s free Sprize program, which is […]

Platform lets novices create and sell their own computer games

Add / Remove Enterprising consumers can already sell the photos they take, the vegetables they grow and the meals they cook as a way to earn a little extra cash. So why not the computer games they create for fun? UK-based YoYo Games lets them do just that, even if they don’t already have programming […]

Music site offers updated playlists in 22 genres

Add / Remove Most dedicated music fans have their favourite genres and playlists, but finding new music can be a challenge. Aiming to keep aficionados up on the latest tracks and trends comes 22tracks, a Dutch site that offers constantly updated playlists in 22 different genres. 22tracks is essentially a jukebox consisting of 22 playlists […]

To improve employee health, gadget tracks every move

Add / Remove Does exercise have to mean jogging, sweat and tears? Not according to Philips, whose DirectLife personal fitness programme aims to help people adopt a more active lifestyle by monitoring and motivating them in their daily activities. Like Fitbit which we covered in October, DirectLife is based around a wearable device that uses […]

Crowdsourced marketing ideas, 10 for $99

Add / Remove Small companies can already tap the power of the crowds for help with their graphic design, advertising and other business challenges. Whereas most such services reward the creator of just a single winning solution, however, FreshlyBranded pays its marketing creatives for the top 10 ideas. Buyers begin by signing up with Kansas-based […]

Mini web-to-print photo albums

Add / Remove Much the way HotPrints lets Facebook and Bebo users capture their social network photos in real-life books, so Memolio lets anyone on the web turn online images into a compact print album. Users of Dutch Memolio, which is now in beta, begin by uploading 24 images from their computer or from a […]

Tryvertising store expands in Spain

Add / Remove Given the popularity of tryvertising labs in Asia, it was only a matter of time before they popped up in other parts of the globe. We spotted one in San Diego earlier this year—not long after Tokyo-based Sample Lab kicked off its own global expansion—and recently we learned of Barcelona-based Esloúltimo, which […]