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Giving portfolio for donors aiming to make a big impact

Add / Remove Earlier this month we wrote about, a non-profit that allows donors to support all their favourite organisations from a single location and with a single monthly payment. Launched in January by, the Thousand Pound Club also facilitates one-stop giving, but is exclusively for donors willing to commit at least GBP […]

Crowdfunding platform for web and mobile startups

Add / Remove Much the way Kiva matches investors with entrepreneurs in the developing world, so Grow VC brings a crowdfunding platform to mobile and web startups around the globe. Launched earlier this month, Hong Kong-based Grow VC aims to bring the first truly transparent, global, community-based approach to early-stage funding. Focusing on startup funding […]

Coffee mug for moms that won’t scald tykes

Add / Remove Toddlers and young children are notorious for their desire to grab whatever might be dangerous for them, and hot beverages are no exception. In fact, some 100,000 children each year are scalded by hot drinks and foods in the United States alone, according to the American Burn Association. Enter the MummyMug, a […]

Men’s skincare by subscription, in two seasonal kits

Add / Remove It wasn’t long ago that we saw the launch of Growth Bridge’s subscription service for razor blades, and recently we came across a like-minded approach to men’s skin care. Aiming to simplify the purchase process as much as possible, Canadian Bread & Butter offers skincare by yearly subscription with everything most men’s […]

Local display ads, generated automatically

Add / Remove Much the way Spot Runner and Spotzer aim to make local television advertising easy and affordable, so PlaceLocal strives to deliver a similar result on the web. The PlaceLocal platform, from Connecticut-based advertising technology company PaperG, allows online publishers to automate local ad creation, sales and management. Aspiring advertisers need only type […]

Pedaled by two, a cargo bike for hauling furniture

Add / Remove As the popularity of bikes for transporting people and products grows, innovative pedal-powered designs continue to pop up. Our latest spotting? Vrachtfiets, a new concept by two students at the Delft University of Technology. Primarily created to help people move house without renting a van, the Vrachtfiets is a two-person vehicle. As […]

Florist confirms each bouquet with an e-photo

Add / Remove One of the keys to e-commerce success is to ensure that customers know exactly what they’re ordering. That has been an elusive goal for florists, thanks to fluctuations in flowers’ appearance and availability; the result is that customers must typically take it on faith that they’ll get something similar to what they […]

Voice transcription service for iPhone users

Add / Remove Back in 2007 we covered Jott, a voice-to-text dictation service available from any cell phone. Since then, Jott has expanded their service offerings to include Jott Voicemail, which allows users to receive their voicemail as email and text messages; Jott for Salesforce, which allows business managers to call and update their salesforce […]

No secret recipes at open source restaurant

Add / Remove Back in 2008 we wrote about Arne Hendriks’s plan to create a crowdsourced restaurant in Amsterdam. As of December, the resulting eatery—called by its founders “the world’s first open source restaurant”—has now opened. At the Instructables Restaurant, which launched as a pop-up event at the historic Theatrum Anatomicum of the Waag in […]

Chic camera bags for style-conscious photographers

Add / Remove There are few things we love more at Springwise than to see formerly drab and utilitarian products reborn with a splash of style. We’ve already seen that happen with fire protection kits, for example; now, another case in point is California-based *emera, which has targeted the practical (but often ungainly) camera bag. […]

Free products for bloggers at invitation-only events

Add / Remove Companies are catching on to the fact that bloggers can provide an effective way to create buzz about their brands. We’ve seen several efforts that explicitly recognise that fact, such as TasteCasting for restaurants and YokmoK‘s free travel giveaways. Bringing the notion into the world of new consumer products is Swagapalooza, an […]

Wearable patches feature scannable code

Add / Remove There are ever more connections being forged between the online and offline worlds, as we’ve been noting regularly for years. We’ve already seen T-shirts printed with scannable QR codes, and now a Pennsylvania startup is adding flexibility to the concept by putting the codes on patches that can be affixed practically anywhere. […]

Web developer focuses on farms

Add / Remove We’ve seen numerous web services aimed at small businesses, including an automated phone system, an online exchange and—most recently—a trove of marketing ideas. It wasn’t until earlier this week, however, that we came across one targeting farms. That’s just what Pittsburgh-based Small Farm Central does, though, with a service that helps farmers […]

Forging musical partnerships in inspiring locations

Add / Remove A recording project from the Netherlands has introduced a novel way to record music showcasing collaborations between new artists from different parts of the world. Every two months, In A Cabin With invites one or more Dutch musicians to travel to an inspiring location somewhere in the world—a farmhouse in Sweden, a […]

Jobs site estimates each candidate’s worth

Add / Remove There are job sites galore serving workers and employers around the world, but Spanish Jobsket offers an interesting twist. Specifically, in addition to hosting candidates’ CVs and connecting them with open positions, it also estimates their worth on the local market. With sites targeting both Spain and Ireland, Jobsket allows candidates to […]

Floating offices for two

Add / Remove If stand-alone offices can be set up in people’s gardens, then why not at the local marina? That, in fact, is exactly the concept behind WaterSpace, a Welsh company that offers self-contained floating office units designed to fit into a standard marina berth. The H2Office is a purpose-built floating office that can […]

Fitness device coaxes users into action

Add / Remove We’ve already covered a few wearable fitness devices that measure the physical activity of users throughout their day, but what separates Gruve from other monitors is the real-time feedback it supplies. The device has an indicator light that changes colour according to how much energy the wearer is burning over the course […]

Reusable connector turns trash into toys

Add / Remove As consumers see domestic refuse grow and their spending budgets shrink, making do with less becomes increasingly attractive. Aptly-named Make Do from Australia shows that this needn’t be doom and gloom: their product enables people of all ages to make fun stuff out of waste materials such as cardboard, plastic and fabric. […]

One-stop giving to a personal portfolio of charitable causes

Add / Remove The internet has made it easier for people to support their favourite causes, but with so many different organisations to choose from, the process of donating can be overwhelming. Texas-based non-profit aims to make charitable giving simpler by allowing donors to support all of their favourite organisations from a single location […]