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Colour ebook reader for kids

Add / Remove The world may be waiting in breathless anticipation for the arrival of Apple’s widely hyped iPad, but Taiwanese AIPTEK has come up with a device that may well be a better choice for children. Its Story Book inColor lets kids enjoy a variety of illustrated audio stories without the risks or distractions […]

Personal, reusable hand towels

Add / Remove The average person uses between 2,400 and 3,000 paper towels each year just at work, so it’s no real surprise that more than 3,000 tons of paper towel waste are produced every day in the U.S. alone. Hoping to tame that mountain of methane-producing trash, PeopleTowels has developed a very simple solution: […]

Paying offline for virtual online purchases

Add / Remove The latest example of the blending of offline and online worlds is Kwedit, a new payment service in the United States that enables consumers over the age of 13 to make cash payments for their online purchases at participating offline retail stores. (Despite being castigated by Stephen Colbert for getting kids hooked […]

Book-video hybrid delivers a new reading experience

Add / Remove The latest reinvention of traditional book publishing comes from California-based start-up Vook, which integrates text, video and social networking to deliver a new entertainment experience. Available both online and as a mobile application, “vooks” are book-video hybrids that feature short video clips—produced exclusively for each title—interspersed throughout the digital text. The videos […]

In Japan, Kit Kat launches 19 regional flavours

Add / Remove Taking a local approach to candy bars, Nestlé recently launched 19 new Kit Kat flavours in Japan that reflect food specialities of specific districts. Each flavour is sold exclusively in the region for which it was created, making the limited edition Kit Kats popular souvenirs for travellers. The uniquely Japanese Kit Kat […]

Wedding mag for same-sex couples

Add / Remove As same-sex marriages become increasingly common, so too do the opportunities to help make those weddings happen. Case in point: Equally Wed, a new online publication that gives gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples inspiration, ideas and trends for planning their engagements, weddings and honeymoons. Just launched this week, Equally Wed offers […]

Fund sells stakes in founders’ personal income

Add / Remove A truism among venture capitalists is that not only do they invest in promising business concepts; they also “invest in people.” Seeking to make that premise literally true, three social entrepreneurs recently united to form Thrust Fund, an online marketplace for personal investments. In an effort to generate growth capital for their […]

Analog instant film, brought back for Polaroid fans

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers may recall The Impossible Project, the Dutch / Austrian effort to bring back integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras. Now, just a little more than a year after we covered the project, its first films are ready for sale to enthusiastic Polaroid fans. To recap: Back in 2008 Impossible […]

Luxury women’s panties by curated subscription

Add / Remove The proverbial ink had barely dried on our story about Manpacks when one of our spotters alerted us to an equivalent for women: Panty by Post, a Canadian venture that offers—sure enough—women’s underwear by monthly subscription. Where Manpacks focuses on the practical and functional, however, Panty by Post has quite different aspirations. […]

Organic soups, delivered weekly by bicycle

Add / Remove We’ve seen bicycles used to deliver a variety of products in recent months, including groceries, farm produce and laundry. The latest spotting? Organic soup, made from locally grown produce and delivered each week to subscribers. Three soups are typically on the menu in any given week at SoupCycle. Consumers who live or […]

Limited-edition, gadget-friendly jeans

Add / Remove It’s no longer uncommon to see bags and even jackets with pockets for gadgets, but French WTFjeans are the first pants we’ve seen designed specifically with technology geeks in mind. iPods, iPhones, USB sticks and more can all be accommodated in these high-tech jeans, which feature “Twitter bloo” stitching and microfiber lining […]

Guided travel for photographers

Add / Remove Much the way Urban Gentry and Insider London offer specialized urban tours catering to people with particular interests, so Photours offers lengthier trips designed specifically for budding photographers. Founded by two professional photographers who were tired of tours that took them to wonderful places but hurried them through the sights, London-based Photours […]

Website encourages shoppers to preorder new gadgets

Add / Remove The delay in getting goods from production table to retail shelves is a frustrating hurdle for consumers with an ever-increasing lust for instant gratification. Doing their part to help tech-obsessed consumers be the first to get their hands on the latest electronic gadgets, Preorder.It is a new website based out of Saint […]

Copy paper made from wheat straw

Add / Remove Office paper may be virgin or recycled, but when it comes right down to it, most of it is still made from wood. Aiming to spare the tens of millions of trees felled each year for paper in Australia alone, Nature’s Paper offers an alternative that uses leftover wheat straw instead. When […]

Crowdsourced cycling trips

Add / Remove Joining the customer made revolution, Toronto-based bike tour company, Tour D’Afrique has set up a division called DreamTours which invites consumers to pitch their dream cycling tour concept and engage with fellow cyclists to bring the trip to fruition. Currently in beta, DreamTours allows cycling enthusiasts to design a tour and post […]

Masculine cupcakes for men

Add / Remove Just when we thought the cupcake craze was beginning to wind down, a New York City bakery has come up with a new twist that looks set to revive it: cupcakes for men. A far cry from the pink and fluffy affairs that are typically embellished with sprinkles and flowers, Butch Bakery‘s […]

iPhone app helps London commuters claim refunds for Tube delays

Add / Remove Just as EUclaim and Miss Refund help travellers claim refunds that are owed to them, so Tube Refund helps consumers get compensated for the 40 or so delays that occur each week on the London Underground. Each time a train is delayed by more than 15 minutes, riders are entitled to a […]

Design your own pet food

Add / Remove OK, so it might seem like the design-your-own customization trend has come to just about every product category under the sun, but there was one we hadn’t yet seen—until recently. Specifically, Canadian RedMoon Custom Pet Food lets its customers design the food they buy for their cats and dogs. Inspired by the […]

Custom notebooks feature your tweets or Facebook feed

Add / Remove Now that sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a major part of many consumers’ lives, there’s growing need to bridge the online and offline worlds, as we’ve noted before. Efforts like HotPrints, News from YOUs and Kodak’s new kiosk capabilities all get at that to some extent, and recently we came […]