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Beauty retailer finds a niche in 3 fluid ounces

Add / Remove Ever since transportation authorities placed rigorous limits on the amount of liquids allowed on flights, travellers have had to figure out how to both pack their favourite toiletries and comply with those regulations. Helping consumers avoid bag-check charges or confiscation of their non-compliant toiletries and cosmetics, New York-based 3floz is an online […]

Webcam tool shows which health clinics are crowded

Add / Remove Emergency rooms and health clinics are notorious for the long waits visits typically entail. That’s why InQuickER—which we covered last year—emerged to let patients reserve a spot ahead of time, and it’s also apparently why Singapore’s Ministry of Health has developed a service to give citizens a real-time view from home of […]

Pre-search helps shape visible results when you’re Googled

Add / Remove “Googling” oneself may be a common pastime for active participants of the wired world, but search is also used with increasing frequency by recruiters and others with more than just idle curiosity. Aiming to give individuals more control over the results that come up when someone Googles their name, Vizibility has created […]

Breakfast and a haircut at London salon

Add / Remove It’s not uncommon for spas and salons to offer their clients beverages and even snacks during the course of a treatment or service. London’s Percy and Reed, however, is taking that a step further by letting clients preorder the breakfast items of their choice for enjoyment during a morning appointment. Croissants, bagels, […]

Broker creates local groups for collective solar purchasing

Add / Remove When consumers band together, their collective ‘crowd clout‘ makes for hefty purchasing power. An example that recently came to our attention is San Francisco-based One Block Off the Grid, or 1BOG, which facilitates the group purchase of residential solar installations. How it works? 1BOG launches campaigns in various cities, each lasting a […]

Hotel equips concierges with iPads

Add / Remove Hotels are not uncommonly among the early adopters of new technologies, as we’ve already seen in Sheraton’s use of interactive tables, Mama Shelter’s installation of iMacs in every room, the Algonquin’s use of Kindles and the Townhouse Hotel’s emphasis on Twitter. Now continuing along that well-trodden technological path comes InterContinental Hotels & […]

Supporting bees by getting beekeepers online

Add / Remove Much has been written about declining honeybee populations and the danger this could have for the rest of our ecosystem, including food production. One solution is to support beekeepers, which is where Heimathonig comes in. Launched in Germany earlier this year, it’s a directory that helps consumers find and buy from local […]

Travel agents bid on consumers’ dream trips

Add / Remove We’ve seen myriad variations on the travel-planning theme, but when it comes right down to it, most options still fall into one of two categories: DIY options involving the web or purchased services from a paid planner. OfferMeaTrip, on the other hand, aims to combine the best of both worlds with a […]

Guerrilla gardeners use candy machines to sell seed bombs

Add / Remove It’s been almost seven years since we covered Art*o*mats, the retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to sell art. We still think back on that concept fondly, so we were delighted recently to come upon something similar: candy machines repurposed to vend garden seeds. The brainchild of Los Angeles-based Common […]

Dutch city launches iPhone app for lodging civic complaints

Add / Remove Potholes, stray garbage, broken street lamps? Citizens of Eindhoven can now report local issues by iPhone, using the BuitenBeter app that was launched today. After spotting something that needs to be fixed, residents can use the app to take a picture, select an appropriate category and send their complaint directly through to […]

Helping groups share expenses

Add / Remove Splitting costs among a group of people is frequently fraught with difficulty. WePay aims to make it easier for groups of any size to share expenses of any kind. Recently launched into public beta, California-based WePay is an online payment service that strives to make it easy for groups to collect, manage […]

Leanpub encourages authors to publish early & edit often

Add / Remove As a published author and startup founder, Peter Armstrong began to see similarities between (self) publishing a book and running a startup. Particularly a lean startup, which emphasizes rapid development and early, frequent iteration based on customer feedback. This prompted him to launch Leanpub, which helps bloggers put those lean practices to […]

Tech store brings innovation to developing nations

Add / Remove One of the most challenging aspects of humanitarian aid is connecting those who generate innovative solutions with those who need them. That’s where Kopernik comes in: a grassroots platform designed to help bring breakthrough technologies to developing nations. The process is straightforward and transparent: Kopernik showcases exciting tech products by inventors and […]

No-sweat online publishing of (amateur) sports tournaments

Add / Remove Last year we wrote about Fantastar, a website that helps amateur sports clubs attract financial support through fantasy sport leagues based on their own teams. Switching the focus from fantasy to reality, Konkuri allows sports and games enthusiasts to manage and publish real tournaments. Conceived by Bologna-based web agency Koinema, Konkuri (the […]

Local wines, professionally made from amateurs’ grapes

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers may recall City Winery, the winery-cum-wine bar in New York City that lets consumers crush, ferment, bottle and label their own bottles of wine. City Winery customers typically use grapes sourced by the company from vineyards around the world, but a UK contender focuses on making wine from grapes […]

Remote (grand)parents read bedtime stories by web video

Add / Remove While most will agree that bedtime stories are best delivered in person and as live performances, that isn’t always an option. Coming to the aid of remote parents and grandparents everywhere, technology-enabled web recordings offer an alternative; we previously highlighted Speakaboos and Readeo. Along similar lines, A Story Before Bed lets users […]

In-car ‘coach’ helps Ford drivers save fuel

Add / Remove When we wrote about Fiat’s ecoDrive software back in 2008, we noted that it would be even more helpful to offer fuel-efficiency feedback in real time, rather than on a PC after the fact. Now gearing up to offer just that is Ford, which has developed technology that helps “coach” drivers on […]

For twin babies & toddlers, outfits that don’t quite match

Add / Remove Matching outfits for twins aren’t new, but Spanish children’s clothing brand TOT-a-LOT adds a splash of innovation and individuality with clothes for twin babies and toddlers that are matching, yet different. Designed to respect twin attachment and at the same time cultivate individuality, TOT-a-LOT’s matching sets include two garments with individual designs […]

Branded kits for DIY probiotic yoghurt

Add / Remove The health benefits of probiotics have been recognized for years, but typically consumers seeking to enjoy them rely on packaged nutraceuticals on offer at their local supermarket or health food store. Progurt is a do-it-yourself yoghurt kit that aims to provide an alternative to those store-bought products. The brainchild of Australian Microbioflora, […]

iPad app delivers real-time trend forecasts

Add / Remove Where Trendstop’s Trendtracker delivers fashion forecasts to anyone with a mobile phone, UK-based Stylesignal just announced a like-minded app for its subscribers that’s delivered on the brand-new iPad. Stylesignal provides its customers with constantly updated fashion forecasts, trend information, news coverage and inspiration, all for prices starting at USD 99 per week. […]