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Membership plan covers traffic violation fines

Add / Remove Editor’s note: Ticketfree’s website is currently down. We haven’t yet been able to find out what happened—maybe the Canadian authorities issued a cease-and-desist? More than 41 million speeding tickets are issued to drivers in the United States each year, according to With an average cost of USD 150 each, that amounts […]

Organic cotton fabrics designed for crafting and quilting

Add / Remove Organic cotton fabrics are becoming increasingly common, but most are still used primarily for clothing. Aiming to bring eco-sensible supplies to the quilt and craft market, New Jersey-based Cloud9 Fabrics offers a line of organic cotton fabrics designed to give crafters modern style in a green-minded alternative. Cloud9 uses only 100 percent […]

Collaborative photo books help groups tell stories

Add / Remove Founded on the premise that a group can relate the story of a shared experience better than a single person can, Group Story is a new photo book service that allows groups of consumers who attended the same event to pool their photographs and collaborate online to merge their memories and create […]

Bicycle-powered stand serves up coffee hot and cold

Add / Remove OK, so pedal-powered coffee retailers aren’t entirely new—we saw one back in 2008 in the UK, after all—but we can’t resist sharing one more, spotted this time on the streets of New York City. Brooklyn-based Kickstand Coffee uses two bicycles, a fold-up stand and a hand-cranked grinder to serve up sustainable hot […]

Project marketplace connects businesses and MBA students

Add / Remove If businesses can benefit from the help of undergraduate students through UK-based Student Gems, it’s a safe bet that MBA students could be even more valuable. 31Projects is a new online platform that helps connect such graduate students with companies and organizations in need of business expertise. Now in closed beta, North […]

Online tool helps families begin planning a funeral

Add / Remove We’ve seen numerous twists and embellishments added to the traditional funeral in recent years, including branded caskets, motorcycle hearses and digitally enabled headstones. There’s still no getting around the fact, however, that planning a funeral can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task for the bereaved. Aiming to prepare families and make the […]

Paperless mobile ticketing, no scanners required

Add / Remove Mobile ticketing may offer myriad benefits for both event managers and consumers, but most options still require specialized scanning hardware to read the ticket from the user’s device. Not so Twicketer, a new service that delivers event tickets that can be verified and validated right on the smartphone. Now in beta, Wisconsin-based […]

With every box of dog food, a meal for a homeless pet

Add / Remove The “buy one, donate one” initiatives are coming fast and furious. Hard on the heels of our stories about two such efforts targeting children—namely, Happy Blankie and Whitten Grey’s Project Little Grey Dress—comes news of one designed to help homeless pets. Launched this spring, the Plus One Movement from Canadian pet food […]

Portland airport installs bike assembly station for travellers

Add / Remove Air travel may not be the most sustainable mode of transportation, but it’s becoming increasingly easy for consumers to choose a greener ride to and from the airport. Back in 2008 we saw the Seattle-Tacoma airport begin offering free electricity for plug-in cars, and now the Portland International Airport has set up […]

App lets consumers open and pay a bar tab by phone

Add / Remove The ability to pay for purchases by mobile phone may be common in some parts of the world, but it’s by no means ubiquitous. Similar to the way RideCharge lets consumers book a taxi and pay their fare by phone, TabbedOut lets them open a tab at their favourite bar and then […]

iPad app turns social content into personalized digital mag

Add / Remove There may now be myriad ways to take online content and repackage it attractively for offline presentation, such as through the News from YOUs Facebook application. Those reading online, however, are typically still stuck with the same, dispersed set of online feeds they always have been. Flipboard is a new iPad app […]

A fresh take on online memorials

Add / Remove It may now be possible to add digital data to a traditional cemetery marker, but that’s not necessarily the same as creating a full-fledged online memorial. Aiming to enable the latter, 1000Memories provides a place for friends and family to gather and remember deceased loved ones. To create an online memorial, users […]

‘Buy one, donate one’ effort lets kids direct the giving

Add / Remove “Buy one, give one” initiatives are increasingly common forms of corporate generosity, but it wasn’t until recently that we began seeing them involving children. Much the way Happy Blankie lets recipients of its animal blankets help decide where the donated ones get sent, so Texas-based clothing maker Whitten Grey aims to let […]

Green cleaning product sold in cartridges, diluted at home with tap water

Add / Remove Forward-thinking manufacturers are working to decrease the amount of packaging used for their products. Some offer concentrated formulas, others sell refills in bags instead of containers. Now, a Canadian startup has come up with an innovative solution we hadn’t yet spotted: refill cartridges that consumers dilute at home, with tap water. Developed […]

New fashion label only available to those who donate blood

Add / Remove Fashionistas love exclusivity, but usually it’s all about who you know, or how much you’re willing to spend. Creating a twist on limited editions is The Red Rail, a new Dutch fashion label that’s only available to blood donors. The first Red Rail collection was presented at the Amsterdam Fashion Week last […]

Internet service by the day for mobile warriors

Add / Remove Both mobile warriors and casual travellers are all too familiar with the difficulty and expense that can be associated with getting an internet connection while travelling. A couple of years ago we covered RovAir’s day-pass wireless mobile broadband service, and last month Finnish Zonga launched a like-minded alternative. Zonga’s mobile wifi rental […]

Porsche dealership drives customers to outlet mall for shopping while they wait

Add / Remove Enabling customers to make the most of their time while their car is being serviced, independent Porsche dealership Autofarm recently began offering a complimentary travel service to and from a nearby luxury outlet mall. Rather than waiting out the four-hour car service at the garage, Autofarm will arrange for customers to be […]

Buy one, donate one plush animal blankie

Add / Remove Stuffed animals and security blankets tend to be favourite sleeping companions among young children, but the Happy Blankie—one of the cutest innovations we’ve seen in some time—combines both into one. Not only that, but for each Happy Blankie sold another is donated, resulting in not just double but quadruple the comfort and […]

From 12 tons of trash, a pop-up hotel with a message

Add / Remove For St. Louis’s City Museum, salvaged garbage helps create a hyperlocal feel. For the Save the Beach Hotel, it’s not just a building material but also a warning about the current state of Europe’s beaches. Led by Mexican Corona Extra beer brand, the Save the Beach effort aims to recover at least […]

Market researcher taps social media for survey results

Add / Remove The failings of survey panels are nothing if not well-known to market-researchers and clients alike, but still they remain widely used—albeit expensive and slow—tools for collecting data. Aiming to provide higher-quality results at a lower price, Chicago-based Lab42 conducts its clients’ surveys not in artificially assembled panels but in the social networks […]