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Limited-edition art by yearly subscription

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers may recall The Thing, the unconventional magazine we covered back in 2007 in which each issue is literally a different work of art. Operating on much the same premise, California-based Alula offers a yearly subscription service that buys quarterly pieces of limited-edition textile art. Launched this summer with support […]

Kraft uses social media to tackle hunger

Add / Remove Major brands have a long history of promoting social causes, such as Method’s partnership with Goodwill to facilitate clothing donations. Kraft, however, recently launched an effort that taps multiple brands and multiple social media to involve consumers in fighting hunger. In what Kraft says is its largest multi-brand initiative to date, the […]

High-end calculators for rent to students

Add / Remove It’s a testament to the ubiquity of niche software that hand-held calculators are now a rarity in the enterprise and scientific worlds. They’re still used in college classes, however, which is why Canadian Renac has been able to build a business on renting them out to students. Rather than buy a graphic […]

Dine, dance, drink and play, 50 meters above ground

Add / Remove We’ve been watching Belgian Dinner in the Sky for years as it’s expanded to offer live entertainment, weddings and other special events. The company has now hosted more than 1,000 events 50 meters above cities in 40 countries around the world, but we couldn’t resist sharing news that just last week it […]

Retailer & Red Cross reward consumers for recycling clothes

Add / Remove Much the way UK retailer Marks & Spencer has been working with Oxfam to reward consumers for recycling their gently used clothes, so the New Zealand Red Cross recently launched a like-minded effort in partnership with clothing retailer Country Road. Typically, only a very small proportion of donated clothes are of high […]

Healthy meals for kids, now in the frozen aisle

Add / Remove It’s been a few years since we covered Kidfresh, the New York store that sells organic and natural prepared foods for kids. Just recently we got word, however, that Kidfresh has now begun selling frozen versions of its kids’ meals in US supermarkets. For kids who object to veggies, the meals contain […]

One tree planted for each wooden watch sold

Add / Remove We’ve already seen jewelry made from both reclaimed and sustainably mined materials. Guided by a similarly eco-minded philosophy, Los Angeles-based (and Florence-born) WeWood crafts wooden watches and plants a new tree for every watch it sells. WeWood timepieces offer Miyota movements in a variety of designs that are completely devoid of artificial […]

‘Elite’ crowdsourcing service taps an invitation-only crowd

Add / Remove We’ve seen crowdsourcing applied to graphic design, publishing and car development, to name just a few, but typically such efforts are wide open as to the crowd members who can be involved. Edge Amsterdam, on the other hand, bills itself as “elite sourcing,” whereby an invitation-only scheme determines who can be part […]

Five concepts combining fashion and technology

Add / Remove Fashion is all about the new, so it’s no surprise the clothing industry is a hotbed of innovation, as can be seen from the new ideas in our Fashion & Beauty database. And the fashionistas are no slouches when it comes to making use of new technology. Here are five examples of […]

Flexible travel search tool uses natural language

Add / Remove When searching for airfares online, travellers are typically required to know ahead of time exactly where they’re going and when, and they must input those details in a specified way. Not so on Adioso, a site that uses natural language and allows for open-ended exploration. Now in beta, Australian Adioso is “a […]

Captcha-style tool uses ads for user verification

Add / Remove It’s always inspiring to see an entrepreneur hit upon an idea that solves two problems at once. Case in point: New York-based Solve Media. Combining websites’ need for user authentication with advertisers’ ongoing need for consumer attention, the company has launched a captcha-style tool that addresses both ends. Rather than the nonsensical […]

Cleaning products by the refill packet, for dilution at home

Add / Remove More eco-friendly cleaning products! No sooner had we posted our recent story about Activeion than we learned of DropShot Cleaners, a Canadian brand of dilutable cleaning products much like the iQ line we covered earlier this year. As with the iQ line, consumers need only drop a packet of DropShot’s concentrated cleaning […]

Tool removes past flames from one’s social networks

Add / Remove Breaking up is hard to do, as the saying goes; what can be even more difficult, however, is removing all traces of an ex from one’s social network. That’s where Block Your Ex comes in, with a tool that’s specially designed to extract even the most stubborn evidence of past relationships gone […]

Medical comic books for kids explain serious diseases

Add / Remove Children affected by serious diseases and medical conditions either personally or in their families often don’t really understand those illnesses or the treatments required to fight them. New Zealand-based Kidzcomics aims to change all that with a series of comic books designed to explain medical information for children. The Medikidz series features […]

Solar-powered pest control

Add / Remove Pest control is a hotly contested topic, owing largely to the toxicity of the chemicals that are typically involved. So it’s hard not to take notice when an alternative emerges that’s not only chemical-free, but based on solar power as well. Developed by South Korean Eco Solatec, the Solar Trap uses a […]

For GBP 3.89, expert evaluation of an item’s worth

Add / Remove If Antiques Roadshow has taught the viewing public anything, it’s that there’s often no predicting which antique objects will turn out to possess the most value. Aiming to help consumers get some idea for themselves, UK-based Value My Stuff Now is a site that promises a valuation within 48 hours for any […]

Service for sports fans aims to rub in the team rivalry

Add / Remove For the die-hard sports fan, half the fun of supporting a favourite team is explaining to unenlightened friends and relations why the teams they’ve chosen aren’t the right ones. Toward that end, RivalGrams offer a new way to remind such ill-informed acquaintances of the fundamental superiority of one’s own pick. Using a […]

Fair-trade lemonade supports grassroots projects

Add / Remove Simplicity in packaged foods is a phenomenon we’ve looked at before, such as in the Häagen-Dazs Five brand of ice creams. Now adding a fair-trade twist to that clutter-minimizing concept is German LemonAid, which aims to use its bottled drinks to help effect social change. LemonAid is an organic drink made entirely […]

Phone support for seniors, by seniors

Add / Remove As the baby boom generation ages, there’s a growing need for support services among senior citizens. Just recently we profiled Florence Henderson’s FloH Club for remote computer support, and since then we came across Tree Rings, a company that provides telephone support for seniors — and by seniors — on a variety […]

Recyclable picnic box with compostable dishes & utensils

Add / Remove Picnics are a basic pleasure that’s all too rarely enjoyed these days — as, indeed, is the whole concept of the workday lunch hour, for most of us. Dallas-based Three Blind Ants is aiming to reverse both of those trends with the Boxsal, a new, eco-minded spin on the age-old picnic basket. […]