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Amsterdam retailer targets urban gardeners

Add / Remove With the rise of urban gardening comes a need for suitable plants, pots and accessories. Interior designer Mark van der Geest recognized a gap in the market and recently opened Urban Green in Amsterdam. While regular garden centers have plenty to offer those with ‘real’ gardens, but not much for those of […]

Crowdsourcing & collaboration on audio production

Add / Remove If the global brain can bring fresh capabilities to industries as diverse as car design and publishing, then it stands to reason audio production could benefit too. That’s the premise behind Finnish AudioDraft, which recently launched a platform for collaboration and crowdsourcing of audio work. Now in beta, AudioDraft aims to help […]

Matching netbook donors with students in need, and forging personal connections

Add / Remove A sense of personal connection often plays a key role in motivating charitable donations, as nonprofits are increasingly recognizing. Much the way DonorsChoose lets philanthropists choose a particular school classroom to help with a donation of specific learning supplies, so Belgian YouBridge aims to create a more personally connected version of One […]

Clothing brand rewards fans for being kind online

Add / Remove No end in sight to the “random acts of kindness” trend, which has now apparently struck Spanish clothing brand Desigual. Rather than trying to inspire kindness through cards, umbrellas or t-shirts, however, Desigual has launched an effort to reward its fans for being kind to bloggers online. Desigual fans interested in participating […]

Visa donates $1M to Kiva for U.S. microloans

Add / Remove Kiva has appeared on our pages numerous times over the years, but we can’t resist sharing news that brought the microloan platform to our attention once more. Just last week, Visa announced that it is donating USD 1 million toward Kiva’s loans to U.S. small businesses. The Kiva-Visa partnership will focus on […]

From well-loved jeans, a one-of-a-kind smartphone case

Add / Remove When a well-loved pair of jeans shows the tell-tale signs of aging, one option is to call upon Denim Therapy for restoration. Alternatively, another route now available is to send in a back pocket from said ailing jeans and get a one-of-a-kind smartphone pocket in return. Dutch Deadjeans accepts the back pockets […]

Swedish kitchen cloths by yearly subscription

Add / Remove Another week, another subscription model spotted! This time, the virtual ink was still drying on our story about Bonbon’s lip balms by monthly subscription when we got word of a like-minded effort applied to the lowly kitchen cleaning cloth. Far from homely, however, UK-based Jangneus Design‘s eco-friendly cleaning cloths offer a heaping […]

Create trust to drive traffic and transactions on your website

Add / Remove Please note that VeriSign wrote and sponsored this post Are you trustworthy? Sure—your mom, your kids and your dog may trust you, but what about the people who visit your company’s website? Thanks to technology, transactions can be as easy as a simple click of a mouse. And so can identity theft. […]

Curated marketplace for indie wedding goods

Add / Remove Following in the footsteps of Etsy-like sites including Foodzie (artisanal food), IndieReader (indie books), Market Publique (vintage fashion) and Lushpad (mid-century furniture), Wedzu is a curated marketplace for independent and handmade wedding goods. Just launched last week, Texas-based Wedzu lets artists and other creatives set up a Wedzu store for free. They […]

Cadbury Cocoa Houses, now launching in the UK

Add / Remove It was back in 2004 that we first got whiff of an emerging cocoa trend, promising an alternative to the current Starbucks-induced coffee and tea madness. That was right about when British Cadbury was opening its Cadbury Cocoa House in Bath — a concept that apparently didn’t ultimately take hold — but […]

‘Inspiration engine’ suggests travel possibilities

Add / Remove The march of the travel sites continues! Much the way Adioso aims to open up travel search to broader possibilities through a natural-language interface, so Wanderfly seeks to offer “travel inspiration” by offering tailored recommendations in just a few clicks. Launched just last week, Wanderfly’s streamlined interface focuses on three simple variables: […]

Bespoke portable toilets for weddings & events

Add / Remove It’s been a few years since we’ve had occasion to write about upgraded alternatives to the lowly Porta-potty. Back in 2006 it was UK-based Luxury Portable Loos that caught our attention with its bespoke, multiuser restroom trailers, but recently we came across a like-minded initiative across the Atlantic that offers similarly beautified […]

Design portal for buyers and sellers of sustainable fabrics

Add / Remove Designers can already tap Material Short Stories for advice and suggestions on sustainable new materials. Aiming to provide a more comprehensive source of the ongoing possibilities, Source4Style offers a design portal that can connect sellers and buyers of sustainable fabrics and materials. Brooklyn-based Source4Style lets designers and others in charge of sourcing […]

Beaded and fabric bracelets hide a secret wallet inside

Add / Remove There are many occasions in life in which carrying a wallet or purse is inconvenient, and yet there are also very few alternatives. Rather than storing money and keys in a shoe or — heaven forbid — an undergarment, San Francisco-based Rogiu LLC has come up with a much more stylish solution: […]

London’s new bike lanes, branded with Barclays blue

Add / Remove Transport for London is investing a record GBP 111 million this year in initiatives designed to encourage and improve bicycling in London, and a sizable chunk of that money is going toward “cycle superhighways,” or dedicated cycle lanes into central London from the outer portions of the city. Other cities are taking […]

Blinking pebble teaches its users to take shorter showers

Add / Remove It’s one thing to encourage consumers to take shorter showers, but helping them do that is another matter entirely. Toward that end, the Waterpebble is a new innovation that tracks water usage in the shower and prompts users when it’s time to finish up. Created by UK design firm Priestmangoode, the Waterpebble […]

iPhone app turns your to-do list into a game

Add / Remove The traditional to-do list may be a necessity for making sure things get done, but it’s also a dreary task master to be ruled by day after day. Aiming to “put the adventure back into your life,” EpicWin is an iPhone app that converts that stern list into a mobile game in […]

Supermarkets offer increased food traceability, for info and safety

Add / Remove This is the second in a series of posts on traceability. Written by Springwise, and supported by IBM. Check out our previous post, or read more about building a smarter planet. _________ From bananas and spinach to coffee and chocolate, we’ve covered a variety of food tracking concepts that were mainly focused […]

Connecting owners and renters of solar-friendly rooftops

Add / Remove Solar power is not quite as straightforward in the United States as it is in many other countries, largely because there is no countrywide policy on solar encouragement. Nonetheless, rooftops and other sunny spaces remain a desirable asset for utility companies and independent power producers, and that’s where Seglet comes in. The […]