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Restaurant guidebook links to online content for fresh reviews

Add / Remove Bringing the online and offline worlds together is a rich source of opportunity for publishers, combining the tangible benefits and convenience of physical ownership with the opportunity to deliver up-to-the-minute content. Bringing this concept to the restaurant guide, Italian has launched the SpagoGuida 2011, a physical directory of restaurants that links […]

Japanese appliance store stocks electric vehicle

Add / Remove The choice of electric vehicles continues to grow, while charging networks are popping up everywhere from McDonald’s to Austrian phone booths. Now, bringing innovation to the sale and distribution of electric vehicles, Mitsubishi has partnered with Japanese appliance chain Yamada Denki to sell its i-MiEV electric vehicle from 17 stores within the […]

In Denver, a pop-up store and support for local creatives

Add / Remove Much the way KiosKiosk offers free pop-up space to London’s creative startups, so YesPleaseMore does something similar for Denver’s local creative economy through a pop-up store, free co-working space, networking opportunities and grants for creative entrepreneurship. Working in partnership with the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, YesPleaseMore aims to provide an economic […]

Shake mix made from pure powdered fruits and vegetables

Add / Remove We may all know that eating our “five a day” is important for good health, but achieving that goal can be another matter. The Innocent smoothie brand has already offered one solution to that problem — namely, its pop-up 5 for 5 Café in London — but German Tomarni GmbH takes a […]

Instrument designed for kids with special needs

Add / Remove The benefits of music as a therapeutic tool are widely acknowledged, but actually creating music has traditionally required more dexterity and skill than many handicapped people have at their command. Not so the Skoog, a brand-new musical instrument that can be played by anyone. Designed specifically to empower those unable to play […]

For parents, a life caching service targeting young children

Add / Remove Back in 2007 we covered Life Trackers, a site that let consumers create an ongoing record of their lives by forwarding significant comments, photos and other content to a central email address. Now tapping similarly into the life-caching trend is Moment Garden, which aims to let parents securely save and share the […]

Meeting rooms on board high-speed trains in Europe

Add / Remove Thalys, the high-speed train that connects Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne, is targeting business travellers with a new seating option in first class. Starting next month, the rail company will offer a meeting room for four people located at the front of the train. The meeting space, dubbed ‘Le Salon’, is a […]

Buying & selling used and surplus cardboard boxes

Add / Remove Cardboard boxes have been the focus of numerous innovations already featured on our virtual pages, including eBay’s initiative to reuse them. Continuing the eco-friendly, reusable theme, Boxsmart offers a central place for companies to buy and sell used and surplus boxes. For companies with boxes to get rid of, Arizona-based Boxsmart will […]

On a bet, party people fill KLM flight to Miami using Twitter

Add / Remove DJs, promoters, label reps and ‘professional party people’ from the Netherlands have persuaded Dutch airline KLM to add an extra flight to its roster. In a new twist on crowd-buying, the initiators of Fly2Miami made a bet with KLM on Twitter to organize a non-stop flight from Amsterdam to Miami. If Fly2Miami […]

Instead of greeting cards, designer panties by mail

Add / Remove It seems safe to say that women’s panties never used to travel so far nor so wide. First, we saw Canadian Panty by Post, which offers panties by curated subscription. Now, we just recently came across KnickerMail, which sends luxury panties in place of greeting cards. Daring Christmas seasons-greeters, for example, begin […]

Personal device records and plays back life-saving instructions

Add / Remove For people suffering from conditions such as epilepsy, asthma and severe allergies, there is always the possibility that their lives will depend on the assistance of untrained strangers in the event of a seizure or incapacitating attack. We’ve already seen temporary tattoos for kids used to convey life-saving information in such events, […]

ID tag combines online and offline tools to help get lost pets home

Add / Remove We’ve seen a few different high-tech methods of keeping tabs on roaming pets–through GPS and RFID, in particular — but Canadian Blanket Online ID takes a different approach. Its BlanketID tag taps into the web to facilitate just about everything that could help a lost pet get home. Pet owners begin by […]

From a Swedish mountaintop, live reindeer photos in DIY holiday cards

Add / Remove Thanks to webcams and the power of the internet, consumers can already perform an increasing number of tasks remotely, including vegetable gardening and planning trips to the local health clinic. Our latest spotting? A Swedish effort that lets people snap live photos of real, mountaintop reindeer for inclusion on their very own […]

Online ‘grab bag’ lets Twitter users thank their followers with gifts

Add / Remove If consumers can give gifts to their Facebook friends, shouldn’t they be able to do something similar on Twitter? Such, indeed, is exactly the premise behind Wondertüte’s Gift a Follower, a site that gives Twitter users an easy, inexpensive way to thank their best followers. A sister site to Pay with a […]

Speed ‘dating’ events match MBA students with real-world projects

Add / Remove Business relationships are not all that different from romantic ones in many ways, which is why the concept behind MatchFounders is so intriguing. The same can be said, in fact, of Spain’s ESADE Business School, which now holds “speed dating”-style events with the aim of matching MBA students with real-world projects. Launched […]

Tours of London, led by the city’s homeless

Add / Remove It’s a well-known fact that tourists typically get a very different view of a city than locals do, but it’s a pretty safe bet that participants in Sock Mob Events tours get an even more different view than most. That’s because Sock Mob’s Unseen Tours of London are led by none other […]

Consultants offer $99 analysis of new business ideas

Add / Remove Finding quality feedback and advice on the feasibility of their ideas has always been a challenge for entrepreneurs. Traditional consulting firms remain out of reach, while free advice from friends and family can lack true objectivity. Hoping to fill this gap, Austrian offers quick, professional advice on new business ideas. The […]

Review site picks top products & tells consumers ‘Just buy this one’

Add / Remove Product comparison site Reevoo offers over 1 million reviews on a vast range of products, going up against similar services from the likes of Epinions and Amazon’s hosted reviews. However, consumers faced with such overwhelming choice can now turn to an alternative offering of curated product selections from Reevoo. Just buy this […]

Selling meat and grilling tools at BBQ parties for men

Add / Remove For many years, companies such as Tupperware and Avon have been demonstrating and selling their wares to groups of women in their own homes, while their male counterparts have had little by the way of in-home retail opportunities. In order to redress the balance, Minneapolis-based Man Cave is now offering a similar […]