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Free fantasy sports site awards real prizes for winning picks

Add / Remove Sports fans face no shortage of opportunities to bet on their favorite teams and players, but that can be an expensive and risky pastime. Mojingo is a new site that lets fans exchange tips and information and participate for free in fantasy contests with real, cash prizes. Now in beta, New York-based […]

Roving van collects stock for online gift shop

Add / Remove Product life stories are a familiar concept by now to regular Springwise readers. Sometimes those stories derive from a product’s source materials, such as Diana Eng’s fortune cookie purses. Other times, however, those stories are more a matter of the history and acquisition of the product itself. Creating product stories of the […]

Text notifications warn customers away from restaurants at risk

Add / Remove The NYC Big Apps competition is now in its second year, offering USD 20,000 of prizes encouraging developers to produce applications that “Help New York City become more transparent, accessible, and accountable.” One recent entry caught our eye for its innovative concept and integration with Foursquare. aims to warn users when […]

More donations to charity via rounded-up credit card purchases

Add / Remove The virtual ink had barely dried on our story about SwipeGood when we received word of Pennies, a like-minded UK contender. Billed as “the electronic charity box,” Pennies aims to provide an “easy, affordable, private and secure way for people to donate between 1 penny and 99 pence to UK charities, big […]

Designer wall stickers with an eco-minded message

Add / Remove Wall stickers are nothing new to our virtual pages, but it wasn’t until just recently that we came across wall stickers with a message. UK-based HU2 makes a variety of wall decals that remind users to turn off, shut down and unplug. In addition to its considerable selection of whimsical wall stickers, […]

Dutch solar cycle path generates electricity

Add / Remove The drive for sustainable energy has seen solar panels embedded in everything from phones to window panes to insect traps. However, the government of North Holland is now planning to install solar panels on a cycle path near the town of Krommenie, near Amsterdam. The Solaroad project has been developed by the […]

App turns desktop wallpaper into a changing photo collage

Add / Remove If variety is the spice of life, then most of us live a fairly bland existence on our desktop computers, whose background wallpaper we tend to leave the same, day after day. Enter Wallcast, a new application that transforms desktop wallpaper into a dynamic photo collage featuring a rotating selection of the […]

Simplified mobile phone just makes & receives calls

Add / Remove Back in 2006 we thought the Jitterbug looked like a simple phone. Then we saw John’s Phone, which just launched last year. Billed as “the world’s most simple phone,” John’s Phone may indeed be just that, with features that focus exclusively — really exclusively — on making and receiving calls. Designed by […]

From Australia, a new take on men’s underwear

Add / Remove While there’s virtually no end to the variety that can be found in the world of women’s panties, men’s underwear has traditionally stayed within the same, limited range. Aiming to encourage fashionable males to begin thinking “outside the jocks,” Australian Sly Underwear has rethought the undergarment with a fresh take on youthfulness […]

Daily tips for startups, distilled from books old & new

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers already have access to multiple business ideas each day, but a new site takes a different approach to delivering daily inspiration of its own. Drawing from books on entrepreneurship, business, marketing and management is The Startup Daily, a Connecticut-based site that serves up tips, ideas and advice every day […]

In Chicago, upscale café offers play space for kids

Add / Remove For parents of young children, dining out has been a perennial challenge. Last summer we saw Les 400 Coups step up to that challenge in Paris with a restaurant that aims to keep kids entertained; now, for families in Chicago, there’s the Little Beans Café. Parents in North America have long had […]

Bands offered a unique website for every song

Add / Remove Musical bands can benefit in myriad ways from the online world, whether through analytics tools, fan recruitment or crowdfunding help. Now, Canadian Viinyl is a site that offers bands a unique URL for every song. Currently in private beta, Montreal-based Viinyl gives musical bands an attractive landing page for each song they […]

Keeping surfboards out of landfills with recycling and reuse

Add / Remove We’ve seen efforts focusing to varying extents on each of the “3Rs” of waste management — reduce, reuse and recycle — but we couldn’t resist mentioning one more that recently caught our eye. It isn’t brand new, but California-based Rerip is a site that aims to help surfers resell, exchange and recycle […]

Your voice, transformed into a work of art

Add / Remove There’s nothing like a lasting representation of one’s life to create a sense of immortality, which is why we’ve seen gravanity services such as You Look Like a Million Dollars and Requiem for You for the very rich, and life-caching offerings such as Sentemental for everyone else. The latest spotting? VoicePrints, which […]

Crowdfunding investment for social enterprises

Add / Remove We’ve featured many crowdfunding efforts in recent years, from software projects to breweries. Meanwhile, online lending platform Kiva has sourced millions of dollars in small loans to developing countries. Now, combining elements of both, we’ve spotted a new platform that will enable small to medium sized social enterprises to raise funds from […]

German food store offers recipe kits for individual meals

Add / Remove Rather than stocking everything a consumer might need at any given time, German Kochhaus — or “Cooking House” — focuses on a set number of meals each day. The store displays a series of packages that include a recipe and just the right quantities of all the necessary ingredients. Launched in September […]

A place to preserve and share mementos online

Add / Remove Consumers may be able to store their digitized memories along with their DNA at high-security Swiss DNA Bank, but UK-based Sentemental now offers a somewhat more accessible approach to preserving life’s most treasured moments. Through Sentemental, consumers can upload all the kids’ drawings, Christmas cards, photographs, personal notes and other mementos they’ve […]

Compost service for businesses, with collection via pedal power

Add / Remove What’s even greener than a service like Eco Scraps, which collects compostable goods for local Utah businesses? Why, that would be one that performs a similar service using pedal power instead. Now serving downtown businesses in the greater Victoria, British Columbia, area, reCYCLISTS collects food waste in 48-liter bins for conversion into […]

Crowdsourced photography through camera club competitions

Add / Remove We’ve already seen the crowdsourcing approach brought to commercial photography through customAdArt, but recently we came across an Irish effort that adds a slightly different twist. Picturk is an online photography site that aims to gather its images through local camera club competitions. Picturk bills itself as a “community-driven platform where digital […]