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Books & pizza served up side by side in new Madrid store

Add / Remove The combination of books and coffee is a familiar one to patrons of bookstores the world over, but books and pizza is a distinctly less common pairing. Enter Spanish La Pizzateca, a new shop in Madrid’s Barrio de las Letras where patrons can satisfy the hunger of both body and mind. The […]

Pre-worn jeans repaired and resold to create ‘broken in’ look

Add / Remove Faced with an increasingly crowded market, fashion brands jostling for recognition can always rely on sky-high prices to create demand for their wares. However, French label A.P.C is taking a different approach. Although their regular collections are well respected amongst fashion aficionados, a new range of customized pre-worn jeans is blurring the […]

Finnish library uses games to crowdsource indexing

Add / Remove Most internet users have probably come across reCAPTCHA at some point or other in their online travels, notable because it not only helps distinguish human website visitors from computerized bots, but it also taps the human ones to help digitize books, newspapers and old radio shows. Operating on a similar principle, Finnish […]

Eco-flooring saves wood by following trees’ natural curves

Add / Remove Eco-conscious alternatives to traditional wooden flooring typically rely upon cork or other non-hardwood materials for their sustainability. A new Dutch innovation, however, earns its green credentials by cutting floorboards in such a way as to follow the hardwood’s natural curves. Aiming to bring to the mass market what it says has long […]

Multi-touch digital books for iPhone and iPad

Add / Remove Digital books continue to thrive thanks to Amazon’s Kindle and other such devices. However, whereas most e-books still adhere to many of the conventions of reading online, Push Pop Press is a startup that aims to do away with much of that and put multi-touch manipulation at the forefront. Based in San […]

Medical provider adds virtual house calls to its services

Add / Remove Much the way Hello Health uses technology to deliver medical services in new ways — such as video-enabled “house calls” where the patient can stay at home — so too has Seattle-based medical services provider Carena expanded its offerings beyond just in-person house calls to include virtual visits via webcam or phone. […]

Social network aggregator switches between personal and business profiles

Add / Remove In recent years social networking has become so ingrained in online culture that many users will own several different social networking profiles, sometimes with two or more profiles on the same social network designed for both business or personal use. Whoopaa is a new social network aggregator designed to bring both business […]

Custom mobile app offers guide to Mardi Gras events

Add / Remove Back in 2009 we covered Zehnder Communications’ augmented reality mobile app for Louisiana’s Voodoo Experience music festival, and now it looks like the New Orleans ad firm has taken its efforts to an even larger scale. Developed in partnership with local station WWL-TV, its new Experience Mardi Gras mobile app aims to […]

User-generated site adds historical layer to Google Maps

Add / Remove We’ve seen many mashups with Google Maps, from virtual jogging apps to online story telling — but new website WhatWasThere aims to add a new layer of historical context to the virtual atlas. The WhatWasThere map appears, at first glance, to be no different from any ordinary Google Map. However, closer inspection […]

New Hindi website supports and connects young Indian entrepreneurs

Add / Remove It’s no secret the amount of hard work and planning that it takes to transform a creative idea into a successful business, and while entrepreneurs have long been supported in countries such as the US, such assistance is not so forthcoming in developing economies. Aiming to tackle the problem, FledgeWing has just […]

Hotel ‘minibar’ offers up food for the mind

Add / Remove After years of catering more or less exclusively to the physical comfort of their guests, hotels have now begun to pay attention to patrons’ social and intellectual needs as well. That’s why we’ve seen efforts to help guests connect with each other — such as at New York City’s Pod Hotel — […]

For remote employees, on-site robot serves as physical ‘avatar’

Add / Remove Most people would agree that a certain amount of “face time” is critical to the smooth functioning of any group or team, but making it happen can be a challenge, particularly for telecommuters. Enter Anybots, a Californian company that now sells what it calls a “personal avatar” that enables people to participate […]

Curated recommendations help customers choose the perfect gift

Add / Remove With a vast selection of products to choose from online, it’s no wonder gift-givers can sometimes feel overwhelmed. As we saw last year, Just the Right Book uses hand-picked customization to tackle the problem for literary gifts, but UK-based 15gifts now uses a proprietary search engine to help users choose from among […]

Mobile meet-up service connects commuters in New Delhi

Add / Remove The spread of mobile internet has enabled online dating and networking services to step outside of the home and onto the streets, giving users the ability to connect in the real-world, in real-time, via their mobile device. There are plenty of examples of this mass mingling trend, and we’ve already spotted StreetSpark […]

Creating posters, stickers and books from online photo albums

Add / Remove The ongoing boom in social networking means most of us are far more connected than ever before, and a brief browse of online photo albums can offer a cheerful reminder of this newfound popularity. But when the computer is off, Social Print Studio can provide the analogue equivalent to the online album. […]

Eco-friendly footwear that can be buried after use

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise will be aware of various eco-innovations that have sought to create new fashion products from discarded waste. However, Dutch OAT Shoes plans to launch a range of footwear this March focusing on a green end to their product’s life, rather than a green creation. The concept is simple: […]

A crowdfunding site to support Brazilian projects and ideas

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers are already well-acquainted with the crowdfunding concept, by which multiple fans, customers or other supporters contribute funds to help ensure the realization of a particular project or idea. Movere is a soon-to-be-launched crowdfunding site that will use the concept to enable the realization of a variety of new ideas […]

Platform connects bands and brands for sponsorship deals

Add / Remove Music fans have already been playing an increasingly significant role in the funding and management of the bands they love, but a new site aims to give brands a chance to get involved as well. Toward that end, is a music sponsorship platform where brands and bands can find each other. […]

B2B social network connects small businesses online

Add / Remove We’ve seen plenty of social networks appearing over the last few years, from sites helping commuters meet others on the go, sites for sharing fitness activity, and even sites for dogs to connect. Now there’s Bitsy, a new B2B online network that offers an online marketplace and social features. Bitsy serves as […]

Crowdfunding app rewards donors with space on a digital wall

Add / Remove Back in 2006 UK university student Alex Tew raised more than USD 1 million by selling 100-pixel blocks of space on the Million Dollar Homepage. Inspired to bring such capabilities to everyone, Supporter Wall is a site that lets anyone put a like-minded app on their own web page to raise funds […]

Group buying and curated local deals for pet owners

Add / Remove Group buying is a trend we’ve been tracking for years, but it was only recently that we came across an application of the concept to pet care products. Sure enough, that’s the premise behind Coupawz, a soon-to-launch group buying site for pet owners. Gearing up to launch next month, Coupawz aims to […]