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News site highlights analysis by academic and research experts

Add / Remove As the news industry has struggled to redefine itself in recent years, it seems fair to say that the majority of the new approaches we’ve seen tested out have focused on incorporating the work and views of citizen reporters. A new online publication recently launched in Australia, however, takes quite a different […]

Norwegian band releases USB single inside a toy figurine

Add / Remove As bands and labels continue to fight against the current downturn in the music industry, we recently found an example of a band really upping the ante. Norweigan dance rockers DATAROCK have just released their new “single”, which comes in the form of a designer toy loaded with a wealth of extra […]

Helping home chicken farmers manage & share their eggs

Add / Remove Urban chicken farming has been featured on our virtual pages on several occasions already, including Rentachook’s “try before you buy” approach and Just Us Hens’ chicken-sitting service. The latest spotting? Eggzy, a Philadelphia-based site that aims to help promote home-based and small-scale egg farming in the United States. Now in beta, Eggzy […]

Denmark’s new digital postage stamps

Add / Remove The inevitable replacement of ‘snail mail’ by free, instant online communication has seen postal operators around the world struggling to maintain relevance. However, in Denmark at least, the post office is not giving up without a fight, with hopes that digitizing their stamp system and enabling mobile payment will modernize the service. […]

Pop-up store helps launch new software platform

Add / Remove Pop-up retail is a trend we’ve been covering for years, but it wasn’t until recently that we had seen it put to work for software. Sure enough though, part of Danish software firm Podio’s strategy for publicly launching its online work platform last week was a pop-up store on the streets of […]

Butler rental service provides catered picnics in Amsterdam

Add / Remove We’ve covered numerous innovations designed to enliven and re-imagine the picnic experience, from balloon delivered pizza picnics to picnics on snow covered mountain slopes. Now, however, Butler For Hire is aiming to make the traditional picnic altogether less stressful. Netherlands-based Butler For Hire’s service runs from April to August in the Vondelpark […]

Butterflies raised sustainably for release at special events

Add / Remove Celebrants at outdoor events can already enjoy Sky Orbs as a relatively eco-friendly demonstration of exuberance, but recently we came across another — and perhaps even eco-friendlier — alternative: Butterflies, raised sustainably by Spanish Mariposeando specifically to add an element of natural beauty to special occasions large and small. At prices ranging […]

Designer lets users create their own dresses from scratch

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise may remember our article on Typeface, the personalized font creator designed by Mary Huang. Now we’ve discovered Huang’s latest efforts have lead her away from typography and into the world of fashion, though still with an emphasis on personalization. Continuum is her new fashion label of “computational couture”, […]

Online platform helps couples with relationship management

Add / Remove Couples in troubled relationships can already turn to the crowds for help resolving their disputes, as we noted a few years ago. A newer option, however, is to use technology to help prevent such disagreements from ever arising. That’s the premise behind Tokii, which bills itself as the world’s first relationship management […]

New building block design serves multiple purposes

Add / Remove Sustainable and reclaimed building materials have been featured on our virtual pages numerous times in recent years, but never before have we had occasion to write about something so seemingly esoteric from the architectural world as a “space truss geometry.” Until now, that is. Israeli designer Dror Benshetrit recently unveiled a new […]

Yale Law Library loans therapy dog to stressed students

Add / Remove Student care has been a high priority for many Universities for some time now, with increasing importance placed upon personal tutors and campus counselors to care for overall well-being. It goes without saying that traditionally such services have been provided by humans. That is, until now. Yale Law School’s library will today […]

Free mobile banking network launched in South Africa

Add / Remove In South Africa, an estimated 13 million people — 27% of the population — are currently without bank accounts. Simultaneously, 94% of the adult population possess a cell phone. Just as M-PESA realized the potential for mobile technology to bring banking to the masses at low costs, the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship […]

Mobile app enables in-seat concession ordering at sports events

Add / Remove It’s not unheard of for sports fans to be able to order concessions from the comfort of their seats for delivery during a game — those in special seating areas at San Francisco Giants games, for example, can reportedly do so using a paper-based ordering system. A new mobile app just rolled […]

Online marketplace showcases African artists and their stories

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers are already well-acquainted with the power of a good product. Many of the street artists to be found in South Africa are refugees and others from different parts of the continent who are struggling to make a living, such as by selling their creations at busy intersections. Cape Town-based […]

Bracelet features built-in GPS and security alarm system

Add / Remove As we saw with Hollaback, the mobile app blowing the whistle on street harassment, technology is increasingly coming to the aid of women’s wellbeing and security. In a similar vein, we recently came across PFO, a new line of bracelets with built-in GPS defense systems. Designed by Oscar Magnuson and Efva Attling, […]

App facilitates communication for users unable to speak

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise may remember our article on the LookTel Money Reader app, which can announce the value of paper currency to blind users. In another example of app-based technology coming to the aid of disabled users, we recently came across Verbally, an iPad app which speaks typed sentences and words […]

Image tagging service pays users to connect with brands

Add / Remove Having enough cut-through to get brands noticed by the masses can be tough, which means it’s all the more important to make a brand clearly identifiable when it’s on show. Enter EmmaActive, an image tagging service that pays users to act as advertisers for brands and products. Registering as a member of […]

Airport perfumes capture cities’ scents as travel mementos

Add / Remove For many travelers, sharing the memory of their trip is as pleasurable as the experience itself. However, while photos, food, music and art can give a flavor of foreign climes, capturing the smell of a city has remained somewhat more problematic. Enter Scent of Departure, a new perfume sold in airport duty-free […]

Tesco recruits children for new advisory board

Add / Remove It was less than a year ago that we featured Tesco’s experiments with drive-through delivery, but recently we came across a reason to feature the UK grocery retailer again. The innovation this time? The Tesco for Schools & Clubs program, which is now recruiting UK kids to serve on a brand-new advisory […]

Pop-up dining takes residency atop major European landmarks

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise will already be familiar with many of the recent innovations taking place in the world of pop-up dining, from the beautiful such as Buitengewoon In Het Land, to the unusual such as the Roving Mammoth. But a recent collaboration between household appliance specialists Electrolux and architectural designers Park […]

CNN ‘Open Stories’ combine citizen journalism and professional reporting

Add / Remove Citizen journalism has been shaking up the news industry for years already, and CNN’s iReport section is one of many efforts by traditional news outlets to include citizen voices. Earlier this month, however, CNN launched a new effort, dubbed “Open Stories”, that aims to take that concept a step further by crowdsourcing […]

In Florida, Dell laptop designed specifically for Spanish-speaking users

Add / Remove It’s one thing for a US manufacturer to package, label and offer instructions for its products in Spanish as well as English. It’s quite another, however, to offer fully Spanish versions of those products, particularly when they’re relatively big-ticket items such as computers. Sure enough though, that’s just what Dell is doing […]