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Dutch brand creates social network to connect local users

Add / Remove There’s no denying that consumers like to talk about the brands and products that are part of their lives. That’s why there are sites such as RedesignMe, Hollrr and — most recently — The Chicken. It’s also why Dutch brand Weltevree just launched a social network of its own dedicated specifically to […]

New clothes brand will share product life stories via QR code

Add / Remove We’ve been writing about product life stories for several years already, covering everything from bananas to furniture to fashion accessories. The latest spotting? A brand-new clothing line based on fabrics hand-woven in India that will give consumers a way to track each item all the way back to the weaver. Eschewing mass-produced […]

Korean comment boards automatically linked to users’ social networks

Add / Remove Any reader of online discussions will be familiar with the heated debate that often ensues. Hoping to ensure that these debates don’t get out of hand, Korean LiveRe adds a degree of accountability by re-posting users’ comments on online discussion boards directly to their social networks. The service — created by Cizion […]

Personal brewing device makes beer in 7 days

Add / Remove Anyone who’s ever tried to brew their own beer at home knows that it can be a tricky and time-consuming process, often with variable results. Aiming to offer a simpler and more reliable alternative, New Zealand-based WilliamsWarn just launched a personal brewing machine that can produce customized, commercial-quality beer in as few […]

Website connects aspiring sports stars with professional agents

Add / Remove Although it’s not a side the public often sees, the sports world can often be just as demanding for a player off the field as it is on it. For professional players, securing a good agent is key to career success. Hoping to ease this burden on aspiring stars, we recently came […]

Roaming dining events sample four restaurants each night

Add / Remove Pop-up and roaming restaurants have both graced our virtual pages on numerous occasions before, but it wasn’t until recently that we came across anything quite like Dishcrawl. Whereas most of the ventures we’ve looked at before have focused on a single location and set of culinary experiences at each event, Dishcrawl targets […]

Flexible condos can be reconfigured and resized

Add / Remove It’s a fact of life that people’s needs change over time, and that’s as true in housing as any other industry. Aiming to create condominiums that are flexible enough to accommodate some of that change, Canadian architectural firm Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co. has created a new, modular design for living spaces […]

For USD 60 a year, magazine delivers monthly works of art

Add / Remove The subscription model continues to gain popularity among convenience-minded consumers. However, it’s rare that we see the concept applied to more high-minded goods. Now, however, Papirmasse is a venture from Canada that delivers 12 pieces of art throughout the year for just USD 60. Each month, Montreal-based Papirmasse chooses a new, emerging […]

Game creates a playable virtual world controlled by tweets

Add / Remove There’s no doubt that technology continues to provide ever-more immersive gaming environments, with the latest graphics and gameplay offering unparralled realism. A new game called Tweetland however, has plans to harness technology to build a gaming environment determined by social networking activity. The game — currently seeking funds on Kickstarter with an […]

A marketplace for redesigned notebook covers

Add / Remove As product customization becomes ever more popular with consumers, it is inevitable that items as personal as notebooks are also being altered to suit individual tastes. Rather than fighting this in an effort to preserve their classic black finish, Moleskine have recently launched a marketplace that embraces artists’ interpretations and redesigns of […]

Furniture units bring kitchens and showers to the great outdoors

Add / Remove Outdoor dining experiences have often graced our virtual pages, with recent examples including Buitengewoon In Het Land and Butler For Hire’s picnic service. But up until now we’ve never seen anything like WWOO’s outdoor kitchen units, which let the DIY diner create a unique outdoor eating experience. Created by interior designer Piet-Jan […]

Simple web page creator highlights businesses’ social networks

Add / Remove Companies offering personalized web page creation for small businesses and individuals are nothing new. However, the pages created by stand out from the crowd. With an emphasis on simplicity, the site creates image-based web pages that focus on linking to pre-existing social media channels. has been set up by Chris […]

App lets users visualize new building developments in situ

Add / Remove Whilst we may still be some way off apps that let us see into the future, UK-based Deliverance Software’s new app — Walkabout3d — aims to provide just that. The app’s 3D panoramas can give users a glimpse of how their surrounding may appear once planned building projects have reached their completion. […]

Online hosiery store offers subscription-based deliveries

Add / Remove We’ve already seen the subscription model applied to a wealth of various industries, from indie song playlists, limited edition art, lip balms, and even to Swedish kitchen cloths. More in the vein of Manpacks and Panty by Post however, we recently came across Hoseanna, a US-based service delivering hosiery to their subscribers. […]

Renault connect offline approval to online Facebook “liking”

Add / Remove Many brands have struggled when it comes to converting a popular offline presence into online recognition. Hoping to remove any practical barriers to this process, and encourage instant online appreciation, Renault were displaying their innovative Facebook share pillars at the recent AutoRAI Amsterdam Motorshow. The show is the largest automotive event in […]

Restaurants pitched against each other in online game

Add / Remove Is there anything that can’t be made into a game? Recently we saw Chromaroma gamifying London’s public transport system, and now we’ve discovered Tasty Duel. Through the website, the questions “where shall we eat tonight?”, or “which restaurant do you prefer” can now be answered through a series of online duels. Visitors […]

Homemade meals delivered directly to students’ doors

Add / Remove Having recently written about the gourmet dining available from Air France’s roving New York truck, we now turn our attention to the other end of the food quality scale: student dining. Not known for being high on nutritional value, University student meals often pale in comparison to those once cooked at home. […]

Reviews help ensure quality on crowdsourced translation site

Add / Remove Regular readers may remember myGengo, a Japanese site that taps the native-speaking crowds for online translation. Now operating on much the same principle is MyTranslation, which adds reviews to help ensure the quality of translated work. Only native speakers are allowed to serve as translators on French MyTranslation, and they must pass […]

App enables live video direction across multiple mobile devices

Add / Remove The ability to direct a live video shoot across multiple cameras in real-time has historically been a luxury reserved for professionally equipped directors. However, once again, app-based technology has turned a well-established norm on its head. Offering the same capability to anyone in possession of a smartphone or tablet, we recently came […]

Portraits created from Twitter users’ tweets

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise may remember Social Print Studio, the service that created posters from collections of Facebook friends or Twitter followers. In a similar vein, we recently came across Netherlands-based Kunst Buzz, who are upping the personalization ante by creating users’ images out of a Twitter user’s tweets. The canvas printed […]

In India, mobile water tracking system updates local residents

Add / Remove The reliability of water supply is a major issue for millions of households in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Although water is meant to be delivered to communities via a piped supply on a rotational schedule, the water often isn’t being piped when it should be — leaving families waiting indefinitely for […]