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Wise Words with Ricardo Fonseca

Ricardo Fonseca tells us about his new app Weddar, which has quickly achieved popularity with its unique crowdsourced weather reporting.

Ride-sharing network reduces costs of flights on private jets

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise will already be familiar with the concept of ride-sharing, and initiatives such as Ridekicks and go520 have previously applied the concept to road travel to great effect. Now taking the same model and applying it to private aviation, we’ve recently discovered Social Flights. The US-based platform enables a […]

Drink designed for air travelers, sold in customized quantities

Add / Remove Dehydration is a common problem for those traveling by air, and its effects can lead to more serious health issues. Aiming to prevent such situations altogether, 1Above bills itself as “the world’s first aerotonic flight beverage” designed specifically for airline passengers. Lightly flavored and low calorie, 1Above delivers quick, electrolyte-enhanced hypotonic hydration […]

Vodafone branded taxis offer mobile payment & charging

Add / Remove It’s been a couple of years since we featured RideCharge’s mobile-enabled taxi booking service. Now, aiming to offer even more integration with mobile technology, Vodafone UK is sponsoring a fleet of branded cabs in London, enabling passengers to pay by text message and charge their devices on the move. Mobile provider Vodafone’s […]

Hedge fund invests based on the mood of the Twittersphere

Add / Remove Successfully predicting the patterns of a financial market has always been a job for skilled fund managers relying on their own knowledge and experience. Now, Derwent Capital Markets have just launched a hedge fund that uses Twitter to monitor the mood of the market — giving their fund manager an added resource […]

Videoconferencing games help dispersed families stay connected

Add / Remove Much the way Readeo helps long-distance families connect through online storytelling, so Let’s Play Please helps them interact remotely via videoconferencing-enabled games. To use Chicago-based Let’s Play Please, family members need only have high-speed internet access and a webcam. Then, once they register with the site and join each other’s contact lists, […]

13-year-old launches range of ‘manly candles’

Add / Remove It’s not every day that we come across a entrepreneur as precocious as Hart Main. This 13 year old from Ohio has launched his own range of “manly” smelling candles. Designed for those who, like himself, harbor a strong dislike for the “girly” scents given off by other candles — such as […]

In France, railway sets up in-station daycare centers

Add / Remove For most working parents, childcare is a necessity that involves extra travel time at the beginning and end of the day for pickups and dropoffs. Aiming to restore a few more all-too-precious minutes to such time-strapped families, French railway company SNCF has been experimenting with daycare services right at the train station, […]

Online personal shopper delivers handpicked clothes for shop-averse men

Add / Remove We’ve seen panties, boxer shorts, and hosiery all delivered to customers using a subscription model. US-based Trunk Club, however, are making their subscription service both more personal and more surprising, by selecting garments to deliver to their subscribers based on their individual tastes. Customers begin by calling up or emailing a Tunk […]

PepsiCo launches ‘Possibilities’ mobile app for recruitment

Add / Remove There’s no doubt recruitment has had to adapt to new trends and technologies over the years, and we’ve already looked at examples including social recruiting and peer-to-peer recruiting, to name just two. One that recently caught our eye, however, is a mobile app dedicated specifically to recruiting for global giant PepsiCo. Much […]

Bicycle and sewing machine produce caps with a story

Add / Remove Product life stories are a familiar concept by now to regular readers of these pages, but recently we came across an example that’s a little bit off the beaten path. Created through a collaboration between Spanish fabric brand peSeta and the New Museum of New York, The Bicycle Cap is a hat […]

Live virtual attendance and shopping at Asian fashion events

Add / Remove Major fashion shows have traditionally been the exclusive domain of fashion buyers, editors and personally invited guests, but aims to change all that. Simply by signing up, members of the Singapore-based site get virtual front-row seats at fashion events held locally and around Asia. The creative brainchild of EVVO Media Pte […]

In Argentina, pop-up recreational spaces transform closed streets

Add / Remove Most city-dwellers are aware of the benefits of having a communal urban space to relax, unwind and socialize in. However, for many, such spaces simply don’t exist in their local vicinity. For those in Buenos Aires, innovations such as Designo Patagonia’s Plaza Movil will soon be providing a pop-up alternative. The Plaza […]

Backyard camping experiences, outdoor movies optional

Add / Remove In lean times, camping offers an increasingly attractive alternative to more expensive getaways. However, for those that are discouraged by the effort involved, New Jersey-based Suburban Camping is a company that sets up complete backyard camping experiences — all consumers need do is enjoy them. Covering everything from cots and tents to […]

In Brazil, service rewards consumers for using less water

Add / Remove Water conservation and management is becoming increasingly imperative around the world, and we’ve already seen numerous initiatives trying to address the issue. Recently, however, we came across Banco Cyan — a novel approach in Brazil modeled after a bank account, which monitors consumers’ water usage and rewards them when they manage to […]

Free calling app integrates with users’ existing contacts

Add / Remove VoIP services such as Skype already offer mobile applications, but typically users must create an account, build a contact list and then launch the app each time they want to make a free call. Not so with Voxtrot, a free mobile app that seamlessly integrates into the phone’s standard calling function and […]

Social e-cigarettes vibrate when near other e-smokers

Add / Remove E-cigarettes may have been introduced to be less damaging for a smoker’s health, but by removing the need for smokers to extricate themselves before lighting up, they were also designed to make smoking sociable again. Feeling that their social credentials can still be taken a step further however, US-based Blu Cigs are […]

Wise Words with Linden Tibbets

We’re speaking with Linden Tibbets, whose startup has the potential to change the way we interact with online services.

Ring enhances user experience of touchscreen devices

Add / Remove Tablet devices and smartphones have made the touchscreen a common sight in the hands of consumers. However, feeling that finger-controlled touchscreen navigation is yet to realize it’s full potential, we recently came across Ringbow. Ringbow is a device that hopes to streamline a number of functions performed when using touchscreen navigation. By […]

App matches up singles based on their online activity

Add / Remove If literary and musical tastes can be used as the basis for matchmaking, then why not a person’s overall social networking activity? That, indeed, is precisely the premise behind StreetSpark, a mobile app that connects singles based on the likes and interests they exhibit through sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Users […]

Website invites homeowners to rent out their gardens as campsites

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise may remember our article on Park Circa, which enabled drivers to rent out their parking facilities when they weren’t in use. Now, taking that same concept to gardens, we’ve recently discovered UK-based Launched in April, the website invites homeowners to list their gardens as potential campsites for […]