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Cane monitors users’ health as they walk

Add / Remove For many elderly people, leaving the house can become a challenge as their health deteriorates. Hoping to provide both physical support and emotional reassurance, we recently came across The Aid by Lithuanian designer Egle Ugintaite. As well as acting as an aid to walking, the cane, which recently won the grand prize […]

Berlin hotel re-creates the joy of camping, minus the rain and bugs

Add / Remove Camping vacations may summon nostalgic appeal for many consumers, but the logistics of making them happen can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve seen a company that orchestrates backyard camping events, for example, and it’s also presumably the thinking behind Berlin’s newly opened Hüttenpalast hotel, which offers caravan-style camping in the safety and […]

Platform uses personal connections to raise $10,000 in three hours

Add / Remove We’ve seen numerous efforts in the non-profit sector to re-think the way people donate, but it wasn’t until recently that we came across a method quite so personal as Taylor Conroy’s. Ten In Three is his initiative to persuade groups of friends to contribute USD 10,000 in just three hours, to be […]

Wifi light bulbs monitored, managed and controlled remotely

Add / Remove Lighting is a significant contributor towards home and business energy costs, but for most of us, switching to more efficient bulbs is the extent of what we’ve done to save energy. Dutch NXP Semiconductors, however, recently introduced technology that connects bulbs over wifi, allowing fine-tuned control from any internet-connected device. NXP’s GreenChip […]

Modular “living system” converts cars into motorhomes

Add / Remove As desirable as the idea of a motorhome may be, owning one can still pose many problems for holiday makers. As well as being expensive to buy, the vehicles are often cumbersome, slow, and bulky — and towing a caravan presents many of the same problems. Hoping to solve all of these […]

T-shirt monitors sleep patterns of the wearer

Add / Remove We’ve already seen several innovations geared toward helping consumers track their sleep patterns during the night — most recently, the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach system — but typically they all require that the user wear some sort of conspicuous additional monitoring device in order to accomplish that task. Not so the Somnus […]

Service aims to simplify consumer banking with dedicated tools and products

Add / Remove Hard on the heels of our story about Finnish banking service Holvi comes word of yet another contender that aims to shake up the financial world. Rather than group banking, though, BankSimple targets everyday consumers with a service that seeks to provide a “worry-free alternative” to traditional banking services. Now in beta, […]

Mobile app offers comprehensive parking assistance

Add / Remove Technology is increasingly being recruited to make parking easier, such as through in-ground sensors that alert drivers to vacant spots. Now, German design firm Wunderstadt’s new mobile app Parkbud, offers a suite of functions designed to take the stress out of the parking experience. Parkbud is “a high-end, immersive car locator and […]

Wise Words with Tom & James

One of the most popular Springwise features in recent weeks, by solving a simple, commonplace inconvenience the Softsign app managed 30,000 downloads in its first two months.

Restaurant projects food onto diners’ plates with interactive ordering system

Add / Remove When dining at new restaurants, trying to select a meal from an unfamiliar menu can often place patrons in a quandary. A new projection system in London’s Inamo restaurant, however, hopes to alleviate some of this uncertainty by displaying images of meals on diners’ tables as they browse the menu. The pan-Asian […]

In Prague, a new shopping mall caters for men

Add / Remove If men can have their own cupcakes, clothes irons, candles and in-home retail parties, isn’t it time they had their own shopping malls too? That, apparently, is essentially the thinking behind Pánská Pasáž — a brand-new upscale mall in Prague focusing primarily on male shoppers. Currently in the midst of a June […]

Unlocking doors and granting access via smartphone

Add / Remove As their features and functions grow, smartphones have increasingly begun to replace standalone devices such as music players and cameras. Now US-based service Lockitron, aims to remove the need to carry separate keys as well. By using a base hub which connects to a user’s internet router, and a specially designed deadbolt […]

Custom pizzas by mail with more than 70 possible toppings

Add / Remove With all the “design your own” stories we’ve written over the years, it hadn’t really occurred to us until just recently that pizza had never been among them. Then we came across Panamore and the situation was rectified. Sure enough, the German pizza maker allows customers to create and order the pizzas […]

Platform recommends footwear based on previous favorites

Add / Remove Finding a running shoe that fits perfectly can often be a time consuming task. All the more frustrating, then, when that favorite pair of shoes eventually wears out, particularly since 40 percent of the time, shoe sizes are not equivalent across different brands and models. Hoping to ease the burden of having […]

Minimalist 10-piece wardrobe designed to span a year

Add / Remove The fact that there’s growing demand for clothes rental services such as Closet Infinite speaks volumes about the “fast fashion” mindset that’s become so common today. Aiming squarely at the opposite end of the sustainability spectrum, the Malaysian ULTRA fashion label has launched an eco-minded 10-piece women’s wardrobe set that’s designed to […]

Site offers clarified banking for groups & small business teams

Add / Remove For groups of friends, shared expenses can be handled through sites such as PayDivvy. Small businesses and teams, however, tend to need a more structured approach. Billed as “a revolutionary netbanking service for creative projects and group activities,” Finnish Holvi aims to serve such users with a raft of business-oriented functions. New […]

Design school equips grads with entrepreneurial toolkits

Add / Remove During tough economic times, the academic challenges of college can pale next to the difficulty of finding a job afterwards. Aiming to help make its graduates’ lives easier in this respect, the Rhode Island School of Design has begun equipping them with a kit of business-oriented tools upon graduation. Now in their […]

In Mumbai, café offers a one-stop shop for wedding solutions

Add / Remove For couples planning a wedding, arranging all the details can be a full-time job. Wedding planners can offer a solution in some parts of the world for those with the means and the willingness to give up complete control, but now couples in Mumbai have a new alternative: The Wedding Café and […]

Marriott creates Facebook game for international recruitment

Add / Remove The gamification trend has been going strong in recent months, but until just recently we hadn’t seen it applied to recruiting. Sure enough, though, none other than hospitality giant Marriott International is now using a Facebook game to try to fill some 50,000 open jobs by the end of this year. At […]