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Urban bicycle basket designed for men

Add / Remove Last month we saw the launch of a shopping mall designed for men in Prague, and next to champion male-specific innovations are Danish designers MAIK who have created the Bike Crate, billed as the bicycle basket for men. MAIK do not wish to be labelled a company or a brand, but instead […]

On new Google site, users offer prizes for helpful ideas

Add / Remove The power of crowdsourcing knows no bounds, as recent years’ spottings have demonstrated, and neither does consumers’ interest in earning some extra cash. Tapping a bit into both trends, Google’s new Prizes site lets users offer a set cash reward for help solving a specific problem or getting a task done. Now […]

New online tryvertising platform for Indian consumers

Add / Remove Only two weeks ago we reported the imminent opening of the first European Sample Central store in Budapest. We’re now seeing tryvertising harnessed within the digital realm by the new Indian based platform Sample&Try, which aims to assist consumers in towns and cities across India with decisionmaking before they purchase a product. […]

Site uses gaming to reward healthy eating choices

Add / Remove No end in sight to the gamification trend! We’ve already seen an element of gaming brought to consumers’ daily chores, public transport and recruiting — to name just a few examples — and recently we came across a new one. The spotting this time? Foodzy, a site that turns healthy eating into […]

Add-on will let any tablet process credit card transactions

Add / Remove Since we covered Square back in 2009, the credit-card-processing service for mobile phones has gone on to handle as much as USD 4 million in payments every day. No great surprise, then, that VeriFone last month upped the ante with its PAYware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets, a combination of hardware and software […]

In Spain, weeklong bus tours for surfers seek out the best waves

Add / Remove If niche travel tours can be created for those interested in current affairs, photography and even just sleeping in, then why not surfers as well? That, indeed, is exactly the premise behind Spain’s Surf Road Experience, which offers weeklong expeditions in a sleeper bus to search out the best local waves. Surfing […]

Wise Words with Caine Ruckstuhl

In 2009, a moment of frustration led to the creation of TOLETTA. Less than two years later, over 40,000 of Caine’s premium toilet seat covers have been sold around the world.

Mobile app diagnoses malaria from a single drop of blood

Add / Remove The virtual ink had barely dried on our story about the Skin Scan app for diagnosing melanoma when we received word of another, equally compelling mobile diagnostic tool. Focusing this time on the millions of people at risk from malaria in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world, Lifelens is a […]

Madrid shopping center offers a hotel for plants

Add / Remove A couple of months ago we saw SNCF embracing the brand butler trend by offering creches for the children of daily commuters. Now the Isla Azul shopping center in Madrid have proved they understand “serving is the new selling” with their free full-board hotel service for plants, providing love and attention while […]

Video interviewing platform simplifies recruitment process

Add / Remove Recruitment processes can be long and inconvenient for both employer and candidate. Whether it’s trawling through piles of applications or organizing hectic diaries and travel arrangements to schedule interviews, California-based Ovia believe their video interviewing platform offers a solution. Ovia’s four stage recruitment process aims to save businesses time and money by […]

Comments are now live on Springwise!

Add / Remove From today, we’re thrilled to be able invite all our readers to get involved with Springwise by using the comment feature we have enabled for every article. We receive emails every day from our readers, offering fantastic insights about the innovations we feature. These range from tips for entrepreneurs taking their businesses […]

DNA testing lets communities clean up the problem of dog mess

Add / Remove Regular Springwise readers may have noticed a recent flurry of ideas aiming to create local communities of pet owners, using social media to share tips and advice and schemes to reduce pet care costs. Now Tennessee-based PooPrints have launched a dog DNA testing program to empower communities to keep shared spaces clean, […]

In Thailand, eco-vacations on an organic rice farm

Add / Remove Ecotourism is one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry today, and recently we came across a particularly interesting example. In Thailand, Tigerland Rice Farm offers families eco-vacation trips in which they can live and work on an organic rice farm. Available during the rice-planting season of June and July as […]

Educational iPad platform offers interactive field trip tasks and feedback

Add / Remove New technologies are being applied with increasing success in the world of education, and the latest generation of touch-screen devices offers a wealth of opportunities. Case in point? SquareCrumbs, a Singapore platform that focuses on the iPad in its efforts to improve education. Created by Staircase 2 Productions, SquareCrumbs is a learning […]

With RFID wristbands, park guests instantly share photos on Facebook

Add / Remove Opportunities abound for brands to help consumers bring their offline lives online — and vice versa — and we’ve seen numerous examples over the years. Recently, however, we came across one that’s slightly different. Namely, at the Great Wolf Lodge chain of waterpark resorts, visitors can use RFID-enabled wristbands to transmit photos […]

Travel agency for dogs seeks out luxury canine-friendly accommodation

Add / Remove It wasn’t long ago that we wrote about California-based Dining with Dogs and its directory of canine-centric restaurants; before that, it was the Sniff Dog Hotel. The latest dog-friendly spotting? Chien Bleu, a UK travel agency that specializes in arranging trips for people and their canine companions. Chien Bleu bills itself as […]

In Istanbul, daily deals site highlights Turkish goods and culture

Add / Remove Hard on the heels of our story about Kuponomi comes word of yet another Turkish site focusing on “deal a day” opportunities. Rather than helping consumers sell their unused coupons, however, Saklisehir focuses on offering up daily opportunities to enjoy goods and services specific to Turkish and Ottoman culture. A creation of […]

Personalized books handcrafted from individuals’ life stories

Add / Remove Regular readers of Springwise may remember our recent article on Social Memories, the book which transformed people’s social network activity into a glossy book. Now we’ve come across Velveteen, another project creating unique and personalized books, this time from their customers’ entire life stories. Those wishing to use the Velveteen service begin […]

Mobile app scans for melanoma and maps the results globally

Add / Remove We’ve seen mobile apps created for a variety of useful purposes, but it wasn’t until just recently that we came across one designed to help prevent cancer. Sure enough, Skin Scan is an iPhone app that can be used to analyze and monitor moles so that users can be alerted early on […]