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Snap a photo of physical junk mail, become unsubscribed

Seattle-based Readabl’s PaperKarma mobile app lets users submit a photograph of each piece of junk mail they’d like to stop receiving, and then works to make that happen.

Wireless sensor broadcasts environmental data via Twitter

Tsubuyaku Sensor is a new wireless device from Japanese Ubiquitous Computing Technology that monitors conditions such as temperature, humidity and radiation levels and automatically tweets the resulting data via Twitter.

Smart inhaler teaches users how to improve their technique

Cambridge Consultants has developed the T-Haler, which uses wireless technology to gamify inhaler use and help those with asthma get the optimum dose of medication.

App connects consumers with discounts to reduce food waste

Zéro Gâchis aims to provide a platform for businesses to let consumers know in real-time when they have food reaching expiration, for sale at discounted rates.