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In Japan, cardless ATMs will scan users’ palms

Japan’s Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will soon roll out a line of ATMs that scan users’ palms and require no external form of identification.

Hangover bus travels to those in need to provide cures

Las Vegas-based Hangover Heaven is now offering what is perhaps the first ‘cure’ that will actually travel to those who have partied too hard, with its mobile therapy service.

Product placement firm serves brands with an ethical agenda

Green Product Placement is a New York-based company that works on behalf of makers of eco-minded goods to ensure that their products become an integral part of the production design in a film, television program or web series.

Wise Words with Andrew Denham

Andrew Denham is the founder of The Bicycle Academy, an initiative offering bicycle-making workshops to participants, who then see their creations sent to African communities where transport links are scarce.

Australian beer brand crowdsources ideas for a new island getaway

XXXX Island is a crowdsourced initiative by Australian beer brand XXXX Gold to outfit a newly acquired island in the Southern Great Barrier Reef as “the ultimate destination for mates’ trips away.”

In Zimbabwe, retailers give shoppers airtime instead of change

Aiming to provide a new solution to the lack of currency in Zimbabwe, local startup Yo Time offers an internet platform that allows retailers to give change in the form of mobile airtime instead.

Robotic teddy bear helps teach diabetic kids to manage their condition

Jerry the Bear is a soft, cuddly teddy bear that features blinking eyes, insulin injection sites and a glucose-level display so that kids can learn about their condition by helping to monitor and maintain Jerry’s good health.

Canada launches a government-backed digital currency

A new initiative recently proposed by the Royal Canadian Mint proposes to create the MintChip, a digital currency that is backed by the Canadian government.