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In Brazil, ad campaign brands fruit with special molds

As part of a marketing drive to show how natural the ingredients for Camp Nectar fruit juice are, ad agency AGE isobar came up with a novel way to make the actual fruit look like the brand’s cartons.

In France, an allergen-free restaurant

French restaurant Mon Histoire dans l’assiette has created a menu that is entirely free of 11 of the most common allergens, reducing worry for those unable to eat certain products.

Wise Words with Daniel Noonan

We catch up with Daniel Noonan who is the founder of Pikup, a web platform that allows artists to receive a fair cut of profits based on their fan’s listening habits.

Bulletproof vest features built-in cooling

Swiss company Empa has created a new bulletproof vest with built-in air conditioning, designed to make protective gear more comfortable.

Offshore boat nurtures non-US tech startups

Located close to Silicon Valley, Blueseed aims to be the first offshore floating startup community for firms whose employees do not have US work permits.

Pop-up office cubicles created from recycled cardboard

UK-based Duke Studios has created ten studio offices constructed out of Dufaylite’s Ultra Board, a building material that’s strong yet fully sustainable and recyclable.

Wifi-blocking wallpaper makes networks more secure

New wallpaper technology developed by Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble can block wifi signals being broadcast outside of the user’s vicinity.