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Ping-pong paddles given a designer touch

A designer line of ping-pong paddles that has just reached its target amount on Kickstarter is intended to improve the sports’ image.

Eco art doubles as a working beehive

The Elevator B sculpture in Buffalo, New York, also provides a home for bees and aims to be part of an educational scheme to teach people about the importance of the ecosystem.

Shazam-style app shows who funded political TV ads

The Super PAC app gives voters extra information about the advertisements appearing on television during the presidential elections.

The World’s Most Valuable Social Network

The World’s Most Valuable Social Network launched in May and has reunited one missing child with her family. We got in touch to find out how the business is going behind the scenes.

Site offers fliers a heads up on airline food

InflightFeed is a customer review site for airline food, aiming to help fliers find a better culinary experience onboard.

QR codes on open source beer label link to its recipe

New Zealand-based brewer Yeastie Boys is offering its Digital IPA with a QR code on its label directing drinkers to instructions on how they can make their own version.

In-office manicures last 15 minutes

Offering nail care from its customers’ office desks, Manicube seeks to provide quality service within a 15-minute session.

Wall mural purifies the air around it

Italian artist Andreco’s Philosophical Tree mural installed in Bologna uses paint that helps to tackle smog in the city.

Platform tells brands when customers are talking about them

VenueSeen aims to offer brands notifications when people are talking about them or taking photos of their stores, enabling them to make timely interactions with fans and potential customers.