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Online novel is written in real-time

Through her Naked Writer project Silvia Hartmann aims to complete a novel in front of an online audience using Google Drive.

Project aims to make inexpensive prosthetics open source

The Coming Up Short Handed project hopes to develop open source prosthetics, enabling access for those who can’t afford commercial products.

Wise Words with Zahra Aljabri

Zahra Aljabri, the founder of women’s fashion label Mode-sty, which focuses on conservative yet stylish items shares her entrepreneurial words of wisdom.

App aims to document endangered language

The Ma! Iwaidja app hopes to boost knowledge of Iwaidja in order to keep the at-risk language thriving.

Clinic specializes in weight loss for pets

The Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals in Massachusetts is offering a tailored weight loss program for flabby dogs and cats.