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Jeans connect to social networks

Italian jeans brand Replay’s Social Denim range incorporates a device to enable wearers to instantly share their emotions or location.

Wise Words with Ben Greene

Industrial designer, Ben Greene, tells us how the process behind idea to business has been going for him so far.

Rowboat can be folded away

The Ar Vag by design student Thibault Penven is a DIY canoe that can be packed away after use.

Restaurant staff made up of deaf workers

Atfaluna, a new restaurant in the Gaza Strip, is hoping to break down barriers for deaf people in Palestinian society.

App translates languages during real-time phonecalls

Japan-based NTT DOCOMO’s Hanashite Hon’yaku app enables speakers of two different languages to carry out a phone conversation by translating their speech in real-time.

Wise Words with Jack Al-Kahwati

Jack Al-Kahwati is the man behind Velo-1 – a smartphone controlled electric bicycle that can control gears and suggest safe routes. Here he fills us in on how business is progressing since we first covered the startup.

Toy store stocks only cardboard boxes

Mr Imagine’s Toy Store in Chicago is hoping to tap into the creativity of kids, offering only cardboard boxes to play with.