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In Dubai, restaurant diners pay by weight

Gramo is adopting a pay-by-weight business model to raise awareness of sustainability issues and promote moderation in the burgeoning emirate.

Wise Words with Pamela Yeo

Pamela Yeo, the founder of Saught – a startup that makes jewellery using the metal from deactivated landmines – shares her entrepreneurial insights.

Top 10 ideas from Fashion and Beauty over the last 12 months

We’ve picked out our top ten Fashion & Beauty articles from the last 12 months on Springwise, designed to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of fresh inspiration for the future.

PC math game responds to kids’ emotions as they learn

Canadian SMARTeacher has come up with a PC math game that not only recognizes children’s emotions as they learn, but also adapts the game accordingly.

Stock – uncovering the hidden costs

Startups selling a product often have to consider a number of factors when bringing their items to retail. We’ve explored a couple of these potential issues here.

Album that never sounds the same twice

UK musician Gwilym Gold’s Tender Metal is a downloadable piece that mutates each time the listener plays it.

Pop-up pharmacy aims to remedy anything

Help Remedies is offering visitors to its Help Shop in Washington DC relief for any kind of pain – whether it is a headache or heartache.