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Outpatient recovery plans managed through app

Wellframe is an app that enables healthcare professionals to give patients with chronic conditions a program to follow once they leave hospital.

Wine storage goes digital

Seattle-based PHENOL55 is offering those interested in wine a place to store their collection off-site, as well as show it off to guests through the company’s iPad app.

Wise Words with Brynne Herbert

The founder of international relocation company, MOVE Guides, shares her experiences so far in getting a startup off the ground.

In Mexico, billboard houses the artist that designs it

The Scribe paper company has created the Scribe Billboard, a temporary home and advertisement hoarding for artists to live in while they design a commercial for the brand based on fans’ tweets.

Online child trust funds can be opened with USD 1

TrustEgg provides a way for anyone to instantly set up a fund for their child without a large investment, as well as source help from the people around them.

The race begins for vending machines in US cabs

It appears that vending machines for cabs may be the next frontier for the market, with both TaxiTreats and New Orleans Carriage Cab developing ways for passengers to buy products on the move.