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Platform gamifies IT recruitment in the Philippines

Codetoki is helping companies find the right IT specialists by getting them to complete challenges based on the role.

Android smartphone app triangulates gunfire

Researchers at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville have developed a smartphone app that can detect the origin of gunfire.

Eco confetti turns into wildflowers

Netherlands-based gift store niko niko’s Throw & Grow event confetti grows into wildflowers after it’s been used.

Springwise Updates

Innovations and updates from businesses previously featured on Springwise.

Points-based supermarket tackles unemployment in Italy

The Portobello supermarket prices its items with points, offered to families through the Social Services of Modena to tackle unemployment and poverty in an area struck by the credit crisis.

Cashless fashion boutique only accepts organ donor pledges

The Exchange is a new pop-up fashion store in South Africa that enables customers to take home items as long as they register as an organ donor.