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Platform makes home DVD watching social

The Couchers wants to turn home film watching into a social experience, by encouraging locals to invite others in the neighborhood round to join in.

Customized lipstick in 10 minutes

Canada’s BITE lipstick laboratory is enabling women to create their own bespoke cosmetics in just ten minutes.

Wise Words with Julien Artu

We caught up with the founder of France-based Hôpital Affinité to hear what inspired him to develop a social network that helps patients connect with each other during their hospital stays.

In Austria, beer bottle labels stop drink driving through free rides home

Design firm Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann has replaced the traditional label on bottles of Stiegl beer with a free public transportation ticket in an effort to curb drink driving.

Smart sock can help joggers run better and detect injuries

The Sensoria sock includes a sensor that can not only suggest exercise improvements, but also inform the wearer of bad running habits and track recovery from injury.

App provides real-time wait estimate for any queue

Waitbot wants to aggregate crowdsourced data to give consumers information about any waiting times for any business.