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We caught up with Leor Grebler, co-founder of the Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation, to discover why the startup behind the Ubi is taking its time to get the product right.

Recipe book also improves cooks’ knife skills

The Slice A Recipe cookbook enables kitchen amateurs to practice their knife skills, as it needs to be carefully sliced open in order to be read.

Coach offers urban sightseeing and gourmet meals in one

Spain-based Gourmet Bus combines both food and sightseeing, offering haute cuisine at the same time as a trip around some of Barcelona’s landmarks.

Color-coded system helps autistic people learn to cook

Match is a color-coded cooking prep system that provides a way to guide autistic people of any age through the preparation of a meal.

Cargo train is turned into travelling art gallery

Station to Station is a cargo train that will house collaborative works from a curated list of artists as it travels from coast to coast.

Edible QR codes bring transparency to sushi

Aiming to raise awareness about its sustainable fishing practices, the Harney Sushi restaurant includes edible QR codes on its meals.

Springwise Updates

Innovations and updates from businesses previously featured on Springwise.

Electronic licence plates can be invalidated remotely

South Carolina may introduce electronic licence plates that use electronic ink to signal when a car is stolen, suspended or uninsured.