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AR app brings kids’ drawings to life

When viewed through the colAR augmented reality app, children see their colorings turned into animated, 3D characters.

Through game, players aid gene research

GeneGame is a smartphone app that challenges users to form the best combinations of genes – aiding research in the area in the process.

iPad app enables homeowners to buy original art for USD 250

ARTtwo50 is a platform that sells original pieces for USD 250, with users able to see what it might look like in their home before buying.

Wise Words with David Ingram

We caught up with David Ingram – director and shareholder in Galvanic, the Ireland-based startup that created the PIP – to find out how he relaxes when he’s not helping others to do so.

Solar headphones also charge wearers’ smartphones

OnBeat Solar Headphones conveniently charge users’ devices at the same time as providing high quality sound.

Drones turn the crowds into mountain rescue rangers

The aeroSee project enables anyone to remotely help search and rescue missions by analyzing live images from a drone-mounted camera.

Attachment gives push bikes electric power

The UK’s Rubbee is a portable device that can be attached in under a minute to give regular push bikes electric power.

Album comes with free chopping board, available from pop-up shops

Irish band Bell X1 has encased its new Chop Chop album in a practical chopping board, as well as opening pop-up shops that sell nothing but the release.

Platform enables businesses to issue online product warranties

Serbia-based Warrantly is offering a platform for businesses to provide digital guarantees from the point of sale, and for customers to arrange repairs or replacements online.

Lunchbox doubles as portable oven

The HotLogic Mini is a portable food container that can be plugged in and used as a cooker.

UK t-shirt site offers refunds, with no return required

Online t-shirt store Dicky Ticker is enabling customers who aren’t happy with their purchase to receive a full refund and also keep the goods.

Wise Words with Kirill Gorynya

We caught up with Synqera CEO Kirill Gorynya to find out how he came up with the idea and the challenges involved in bringing it into existence.