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Rock musician uses EEG to control live music and visuals

Former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is now using an EEG headset to create thought-controlled visuals and music for concert dates on his band’s Superorganism tour.

Roving bike repair station can be found via GPS

In the state of Minnesota, the GPS Tune-up Bike is a roving service station that cyclists can find through their smartphone.

Audi’s AR users’ manual app can identify 300 car parts

The car manufacturer’s eKurzinfo app enables A1 and A3 owners to identify up to 300 different parts of their car, as well as receive augmented reality instructions on how to operate them.

Guide helps business owners to communicate with tourists

The Paris Regional Tourism Council has launched a new program called Do You Speak Touriste, which offers business owners advice on how to communicate with visitors of different world countries.

Wise Words with Dr Josh Landy

We spoke to the co-founder and CMO of Figure1 to find out how he juggles his role as an entrepreneur while still serving as an on-call hospital physician.

Beer glass designed for speciality drinks

The Pretentious Beer Company has created the Dual Beer Glass, a receptacle designed especially for a drink known as a ‘half and half’.

Hotel takes its kitchen to the streets

The Four Seasons Taste Truck is a roving restaurant that offers passersby a taste of the haute cuisine available to the hotel chain’s booking guests, as well as unique events.

App-based bank puts a social twist on finance

Russia’s Instabank is an entirely app-based bank that uses Facebook and Foursquare data to make money transfers and bill tracking easier.

Kids’ theme park educates them about finance

KidZania Mumbai has teamed up with India’s YES BANK to get visitors roleplaying as bank tellers in order to teach them about the finance skills they will need later in life.